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  1. 1 hour ago, Heaterman said:

    Just curious how you know they sold for the asking price of $3k?

    I see lots of crazy prices right now, nice Belles listed for $4800, nice Cornwall’ 1’s for $3000, fair La Scalas for $2500… but are they getting these prices?  I don’t know, not from me!  


    I'm kind of in the market, and I'd been talking to the guy--I always make an early offer of what I can afford, in case they'd be interested in taking me up on it. These had been on the market for a while, and I'd check in with the seller occasionally. So when he sold them, I was curious what he got for them so I could better gauge the market. So I asked. He answered. 

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  2. 38 minutes ago, geezin' said:

    No expert here but items of that nature go for whatever you can get someone to pay for them. However according to this about half the asking price.

    Is that your spreadsheet, geezin? Because that’s handy. 


  3. 14 hours ago, Westcoastdrums said:

    He's been known to lowball the hell out of everyone and buy nothing, just so you know. Proceed with knowing that that.  Whatever number he offers you, I would offer him 50% of that number. Ask me how I know (happened multiple times on dealsci posted that I ended up selling for the exact dollar amount that I  posted asking for). 

    Did he have pics up? 

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