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  1. I’m trying to identify the possible cause of the hum, given that one day there was none, and the following day, there was. What commonly produces that sort of problem, Short of a change in devices in my house, of which there are none. 

    Everything is plugged into a Belkin Pure AV PF-60 power conditioner. And that’s the real head scratcher.

  2. 37 minutes ago, babadono said:

    So you don't have a problem? This is double plus good.

    You had a bad ground(shield) connection, you shook or wiggled something, broke through the dirt/corrosion or whatever and now all is good.

    No, I attached a ground lifter to the AC plug. Not entirely crazy about that. 

  3. Now here’s interesting issue I can’t figure out.


    I bought a never-used, still in the box, original Hsu Research VTF-2 Mk 1. I’d used one for fifteen years and loved it. Picked this one up for $100. It even still smelled new.


    Anyway, plugged it in, everything was kosher. 

    Until today. Turned on my receiver, which activated the sub, and there was a hum coming from it. Turned the receiver off, sub remained on, And kept humming.


    Unplugged the rca cable (connecting the sub to the receiver), hum stopped. Tried a different rca cable, still had a hum.

    Tried a different three-prong power cable, still had a hum.




    Tried a ground lifter. 


    Hum gone. 

    I’ve heard using a ground lifter Is a bad idea...but the previous sub used a two prong power cable....


    Loose ground cable in the sub amp? 

    Welcome to the boundaries of my knowledge.


    Theories? Ideas?





  4. Sitting here listening, this soundstage is CRAZY.


     Hey he improvement is quite noticeable. Maybe a 15-20% increase in clarity in all three drivers, deeper, wider soundstage...not fatiguing or distorted...


    Now here’s the thing: I actually ordered a uF meter to see if I NEEDED to replace the original caps, but it hadn’t arrived on time, so I just went ahead and replaced them, thinking I could re-install if necessary. 

    Well the meter arrived today and I tested them, none of them were more tha 1uF out of spec.


    So HOW IS IT that they sound SO MUCH better?

  5. 11 hours ago, pbphoto said:

    It's one of those "it depends" answers.  How important is 2-channel to you and what are your sources?  If you are just streaming background music like you say, then your setup is probably great.  You are taking advantage of the Onkyo's internal DACs and room correction, and Klipsch speakers are relatively easy to drive.


    The next step up would be an AVR with multi-channel pre-outs.  This tends to put you in a higher class of AVR, with better guts and processors, across all the major manufacturers' product lineups.  And you can add a multi-channel amp to offload the front/center channels for more oomph.  


    The next step up would be to add a 2-channel pre-amp with home-theater bypass.  If you had a turntable or specialized DAC, and you didn't want to send these signals thru an AVR, the HT bypass feature would allow you to share the same speakers and amp, but keep your 2-channel and HT audio separated.

    I’m drooling over a few integrated amps with home theater bypass...but I can’t seem to figure out how everything is connected. Front speakers to integrated amp, with AVR frint preouts feeding that?

  6. I’m wondering the EXACT SAME THING.


    Have an Onkyo tx-nr676 running my new Cornwalls and my family room theater, which actually sounds really good.


    But would say, a Marantz SR6015 sound better?


  7. I know there's a "search" function on the forum, because I've spent half the day looking for this info. And the other half of the day looking for 18 threadcount linen online. 

    Here's the deal: just bought a pair of '84 Cornwalls and really, really want to put in new grills with the same sort of linen material they put on the Cornwall III Special Editions: https://www.klipsch.com/products/cornwall-iii-special-edition

    Does anyone know where I can get a couple of yards of this? Thanks in advance. 

  8. 35 minutes ago, Emile said:

    Horrible :(  Hook up a decent source and amp and you will be very surprised :D  I have a set of these (now used as rears) and they are awesome. Bought new xovers for them ... but never noticed any difference.  Try them out first!


    Cheers, Emile

    Have to modify the listening area a bit first so they'll fit. I'm in no hurry. 


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  9. Just got home with them yesterday. First BLO oiling today. They sound awesome, and I've only listened with a crappy 20 year old boombox receiver with my iphone plugged into it via analog connection so far. Should I still update the capacitors?

    And planning to replace the stock grills with Beige linen, with the classic Klipsch badge in the upper right-hand corners.

    Took a look inside: K77, K57, K33, B3. All the goodies. Original owner said he'd never taken the backs off.








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