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  1. Got Mine from a seller wanting the newer klipsch lascala 🤷🏻‍♂️ Got them 40% off and they are incredible sounding and mint . Someone grab those . The prices and demand seem to be going up . And if you haven’t listened to a pair of the Cornwall iv . Make it a priority that you do . Someone is going to happy with those . I know I am with mine
  2. Have a nice pair you want to sell . My zip is 14487! Closer the better
  3. How far upstate from Rochester
  4. No one ships anymore 🤷🏻‍♂️ This hinders a lot of buying on this end . Almost never anything worth chasing where I’m located .
  5. How does one go about buying ? Yes I’ve read the replies but no updates have been made . I imagine others are also interested . But for me I was about to pull the trigger elsewhere for a pair of the iv . Now I may wait if it’s indeed an auction type sale .
  6. Speakers are still available . Have taken some woofer shots also but can’t attach them ? The woofers are from a collector Pete Razollie . From east Rochester NY .Not sure if he lurks here or not . But has several sets of klipsch speakers .the woofers are genuine KLF-30 . For those interested I’ve been working 6 days a week 12-14 hr days . These are worth a demo . Things have slowed down and I’m now working M-F . Come and listen !!!
  7. No offense taken . I. Sure they’re original . Just commenting in how I was presented what they were going to be used for . I’ll post pictures when time allows .
  8. Interesting .. these are the same as the ones I pulled from the klf -30 look the same spec the same . Nice speakers .
  9. Actually these were meant for heresy twos rebuilds , never used
  10. New old stock k31 from reputable klipsch collector here in Rochester NY . These are original .
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