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  1. Get Better Dave and Micro- Happy Halloween to All
  2. Birth, School, Work, Death
  3. and: Bill Gates Will Have to Wait a While to Block the Sun- Scientists have postponed the billionaire-Bill Gates Sun Blocking Study Postponed | Solar Geoengineering (popularmechanics.com)backed study of the controversial technology called solar geoengineering.
  4. NASA spacecraft to crash into asteroid as part of space mission (pix11.com)
  5. Why Yes! Take On Me by A-Ha, North Korean Style
  6. International Day of Brunettes https://tl.everaoh.com/international-day-of-brunettes / volume optional
  7. George Harrison talks about his Fender Stratocaster
  8. Killing In The Name Performed By The North Korean Military Chorus (Rare Footage)
  9. Fender launches George Harrison Rocky Stratocaster, a replica of the Beatle’s iconic hand-painted Day-Glo Strat | Guitar World
  10. What's the cover on bridge? Partial ash tray looking thing?
  11. Nice Catch on "Can" ! Kraft vs Can
  12. "However if you have a '59 top loader only it makes a good excuse to buy another guitar. " Another great point!!
  13. Cool Album Cover !! Is that the Super Tramp Breakfast Lady?
  14. "now you need the Mirrored version. IIRC it is American made so you can give us the skinny on MIM v AM."- Good idea! Found it interesting the Mascis neck is nitro and body poly (same as Dragon Tele). With Dragon you have the choice of top or through body load.
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