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  1. What!?!?!?!?! According to the official Klipsch blog, one MUST put your gear on the floor for the best sound quality!!! Just look at this screenshot! Just joking, of course. This blog entry has spiked my interest, because I own the gear in the picture. The Tubecube 3.5wpc amp, the RP160M speakers, and of course a turntable. Maybe I should set it up tonight. Gonna use my Zen Phono Pre.
  2. That movie got me interested in yoga. 😁
  3. I'm a fan and I watched the whole series of Alien movies in a week during this summer. James Cameron's Aliens shows the Marines in a very similar way to how the are in his two Avatar movies, while there is 35 years in between, or more... Even the female marines in both movies are copies, it seems! No offence intented, because I'm a fan, like I said!
  4. I listened to this Joe Jackson album, Look Sharp, with the hit Is she really going out with him? The music is great, and JJ was 22 back then, which is amazing if you ask me. This must be among the most stylish album covers out there... The mixing is very punk like and 'in your face'..
  5. The Heresies are in the livingroom, of course. With the Leben CS300. That is my main listening area!
  6. I've been moving some of my gear around in the house and this is what is in my writer's den is now: my vintage, original state Harman/Kardon 430 'twin powered', a vintage Onkyo turntable and Onkyo speakers (from the 1980s), my Pro-ject George Harrison special edition turntable. I'm still on the fence about whether or not to hook on my Klipsch RP160M speakerset as well (which are now in the bedroom). I know they work fantastic with the H/K!
  7. It really depends on how 'beat up' they are. A picture would help to assess that... I own 1972 Heresies, and when I bought them, they looked beat up too (flowerpot rings and beer glass rings on their top sides, some minor scratches etc.) I invested in some oxalic acid (to remove the rings), walnut oil and beewax, and replaced the caps myself, I guess I invested maybe $25 in that, and I've enjoyed them ever since. Sure, the IVs will sound slightly better, but you say you're happy with them as they are, so why not stick with them (and perhaps fall in love with them, like I did?).
  8. I was in Ghent, Belgium, the other day and of course I visited a 'used record' store. I'm always amazed about how they set their prices. One was an original Making Movies (Dire Straights) album, from the 80s, for €12, while some other 'original' album, was €35, while it was worthless music. Of course, all this is very subjective, and I didn't inspect the vinyl's quality of both albums. Yesterday we moved the camping gear to the attic (probably to stay there for many years...), and I finally had the courage to go through all the boxes that are there since 2008, when we moved, looking for my two Rough Guides books that had been missing since 2008 and, yes, I found them! Haleluya! The Rough Guides, to Classical music and Jazz date from 1994 and 1995, and to some would be hopelessly dated, but I like them a lot, and especially the Jazz guide is a great source of reference for classic albums. I used them when I started collecting CDs back then, and I will enjoy reading about my present viny collection! PS Some may have noticed my absence in the past weeks. This was in part due to the summer holidays. It is also due to the fact that both my mother and mother-in-law, both in their eighties, are having very serious health issues. I kept listening to music, but there was little time for anything else, while important decisions needed to be made.
  9. I also got an update last night in the inbox. Things finally are with the printer now, so once it's printed, distribution will start. Yes!
  10. It's spinning and it is a record, so I guess I can post it here... Visiting Ghent, my wife's hometown. In the Belfry, there's a carillon, one of the oldest in the world, and it has a carillon drum that can be programmed by hammering plugs in the right holes (there are 17,000 holes in the drum). The plugs trigger the ropes which connect to hammers that hit the clocks. The musicbox principle, on a massive scale. I'll add a picture of the belfry as well.
  11. I got to know him with the song 'somewhere down the crazy river'. Must have been the 80s or early 90s. By then, he already had a whole career behind him... I also used to own a solo album of his, with native American music on it. I once lent it to a friend and never got it back...
  12. RIP Robbie Robertson, age 80. 9 August 2023
  13. Trivial Persuit Time! This is not a needle in a grove, but a WW2 monument in Normandy. Where was the picture taken?
  14. Picture taken at one of the many WW2 museums at Omaha Beach.
  15. Holiday greetings from Omaha Beach, Normandy.
  16. RIP Randy Meisner (77), 28 August 2023 founding member and bass player of The Eagles.
  17. RIP 26 JULY 2023 age 56 Sinead O'Connor
  18. I kind of like John Coltrane, but my wife, a trained musician, hates his music. Until I saw this clip about Giant Steps, I didn't realize it is that JC's music complexity drives musicians crazy: https://www.facebook.com/reel/652690813418391?s=yWDuG2&fs=e
  19. I'm always amazed Jan Hammer actually played keyboard in the avantgarde Mahavishnu Orchestra... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jan_Hammer?wprov=sfla1
  20. Enjoy your spa while you can... Here in Belgium today 32 degrees Celsius, tomorrow only 23. Which, for me, is a good thing actually...
  21. To protect my mental health, I've given up on A/B-ING Spotify and vinyl records...
  22. That Bela Bleck music actually is very fitting with the goddess statue. Synchronicity!
  23. So I was wrong... Again! 😁
  24. Correct me if l'm wrong, but Australians don't have a 'bread culture' like we do in Europe. Not being judgmental. I know a fellow Belgian who migrated to Australia to start a bakery chain and it was an instant success.
  25. You got me fooled a bit... 😂 There aren't many albums with bread in the cover art, are there?
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