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  1. It's snowing here this morning! 🌨️
  2. Here is another album with people with an amazing hair do! The Miracle of Love is yet another song awarded the epic 'melomaniac' label! Annie Lennox's voice is amazing, and DAVE Stewart's guitar solo too!
  3. I own 1972 Heresies. I drive them with a Leben Hifi CS300, which is 12wpc and they sound amazing. My other fav amp, solid state, is the 30 wpc vintage Harman Kardon 430. This one is twin engine! With our efficient Heritage speakers, it is not the amount of watt, but the quality of the (first) watts that is important!
  4. Welcome to the forum! Nice vintage gear! Here's my 2 cents: save a little bit longer and buy some pre-loved Heritage speaker set, depending on your budget and room size.
  5. Good morning! Side B of this album, starting with The Odyssey, will get you loaded with energy and good vibes for the day to come! Another album that truly deserves the melomaniac label!
  6. Hope you get better now. I got covid myself in July 2022. Around the year end, I was very sick again, for 2 weeks: the double test was negative for covid, and positive for the 'common flu'! Those germs are still around too, and seem to come with a vengeance! Take care!
  7. Welcome back! Hope everything is fine!
  8. I've enjoyed all weekend listening to this 1974 Neil Diamond best-of album. It dates from before he became a global star, and is without the bombastic o'er the top arrangements. Let's just say it qualifies as true 'melomaniac' album! Ps Don't you love that hair?!
  9. Love the cover of that Brubeck album!
  10. Tonight, my wife, a cellist, is giving a concert: The Italian Sun. She 's part of baroque ensemble Respiro. She's always a bit nervous, but now she' s sending obscene messages to my friends.... What should I do?
  11. Saturday is laundry day!
  12. When I was in Morocco recently, this scene caught my eye and I quickly snapped a picture of it with my Fujifilm X100s camera. I used an in-camera hdr toning filter. I don't do post-work on my pictures (makes me feel I'm cheating). Believe it or not, but when I took the picture, I was thinking of the similarity with the 2012 Mark Knopfler album Privateering, of which the cover shows a very similar van. Wikipedia: The photograph used for the album cover was taken by Johnnie Pilkington, and shows a battered van amidst old tires and wheel rims beneath a bleak sky, with a small dog walking away from the van. The photograph is an HDR type image. In the album's title, Knopfler used the idea of a "privateer"—a privately owned ship or its captain authorized by a government during wartime to capture enemy vessels[11]—as an analogy for modern rock-and-roll musicians who make their way in the world in a spirit of independence and adventure. I really get a buzz out of having this little group of people that sallies forth across the world. I enjoy being in command of it, the band, the crew, travelling through this ever-changing landscape and playing in all these different places. You get where you get without any kind of assistance, really, making your own way in the world. There are no government grants to play this music. You're a privateer. And that's the way I like it.[12] Knopfler recalled the early days of his music career, when "if you had a van you could get into a group, so band wagons have always had a special place in my heart."[12]
  13. I'm not sure if this kind of product is available here in Europe. When I google for it, I even get links to 'superglue', which would not work at all, I think! In what section of the department store should I look for this? In this Dutch video, they're using 'wood glue'.
  14. When I was in the Freak Out used record shop the other day, I held 'Going for the One', a 1977 Yes album, in my hand. I'm no Yes-expert, so I didn't know it. Also, the price tag was missing. The cover was in a rather dismall state also... The only Yes song I'm familiar with is 'Owner of a lonely heart'. That's about it. So I put it back. Now you are probably going to kill me over this... I did listen to it on Spotify when I got home. I didn't know any of the songs. 😳
  15. Is it rock or reggae? Look Sharp! is Joe Jackson's 1979 debut. He was 22 back then. Two tracks became arguably his best known songs: Is she really going out with him? and Fools In Love. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Look_Sharp!_(Joe_Jackson_album)?wprov=sfla1 The record has excellent Sq. I think it's a first pressing...
  16. I received a mail today requesting shipping address! Don't forget to provide this info!
  17. More is the first PF album after Syd Barrett was ousted from the band and David Gilmore does all the singing. He's very confident IMHO. The movie's story is situated on the isle of Ibiza, and drug use is one of the main themes. It only took PF two weeks to record and they had a rough cut of the movie in order to match the song length to the movie scenes, for which they used a stop watch. Some tracks are like soundscapes, while other tracks are finished 'songs'. I actually like it better than Obscured by Clouds, their other soundtrack, because More forms a concept, while OBC is like a collection of separate songs. Just my 2 cents... My fav track is More Blues.
  18. Right next door to the school where I teach, there's a 'Freak Out!' pre-owned vinyl record and book shop. It's small, but the shopkeeper knows his business. Today, I think I really hit the jackpot: Original pressings (=no bar codes) of Joe Jackson's 1979 Look Sharp! with the hit 'Is she really going out with him' and Pink Floyd's 1969 Soundtrack from the film MORE, a French 1978 reissue.
  19. Seems like luck is coming my way again... That camel ride was a good thing after all! Diana Krall in concert 29km from my doorstep! https://www.ticketmaster.fr/fr/manifestation/diana-krall-billet/idmanif/537198
  20. I blame all you guys for this! This thread is so inspiring... And draining my wallet! Now I found out Blue Note has an official website and store in France, which is 6km from where I live.... The classic series is mastered from analogue sources, btw...
  21. Yippie! Woke up this morning with Another Brick In the Wall on Belgian national radio! Does that count as 'spinning vinyl'?
  22. I have the original Tubular Bells on CD. Do you guys know that Oldfield re-recorded the album for some reason in 2003? The Caveman song, on side b of the re-recording, is completely ridiculous! It's a professional singer copying the original and it is like a fraud. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tubular_Bells_2003?wprov=sfla1 (from 11:40 in Pt. 2)
  23. They were married too, weren't they? Dave Steward and Annie Lennox. I have a cd of hers, Diva.
  24. With this one, I'm officially closing the kidney stone chapter of this thread!
  25. One student saw a camel tick, which is huge compared to ordinary ticks. Maybe one of these invaded my body!?!?!
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