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  1. I've been looking online and noticed a lot of speaker packages come with 2 sets of RP-502S as both the rear surrounds and rear speakers.



    I'm wondering is that just a cheaper bulk package or does it actually help create a wider sound field for the rears instead of the directional RP600M's. For example if you have a wider room would it be better with the 502's ...




  2. @wvu80


    Nice setup! How are you using the, is it bipole or dipole speakers, above your Front L & R? 


    Thats really awesome to hear about how RP-600M are performing!


    Looking more at the SW115 I noticed on the back I'll need a male to 2male cable. I'll have to go hear that at like best buy or something if I can :) 


  3. @willland @wvu80 @teaman @MetropolisLakeOutfitters @Cor


    Thank you so much for the in-depth reply's, thoughts and ideas. You guys really gave me some stuff to think about, which is what I was hoping for! @wvu80 by the way if thats you in the middle of your pic, thank you for your service. 


    I'm definitely looking at going a 7.1.4 min, but probly a 7.2.4 setup in the end with an external amp. My goal is to have a well balanced, but powerful, audio setup that isn't bass overkill. I've been over to friends houses that setup a HT and it seems like they just put speakers in the correct spots and hooked up an AV unit, but didn't tweak anything. So when we are watching a movie its just like the bass drowns everything out and you get ear fatigue fast. Hopefully that make sense. There are many youtube videos for Denon explaining the setup config process for the different speaker combos so thats how I've been learning about that AV and amp combo because you are right @MetropolisLakeOutfitters, the docs are not that good.


    Couch: It seems like the general consensus is that I need to move the couch forward for many reasons, ideally where the coffee table is located. I don't know if the wife will let me move it that far up but I will try ;) I definitely need to move it up though.


    Subs: I'm not opposed to dual subs - I just am getting tight on space in the front. Basically I don't have room for one in the front because the R7-III are so big. Are there other alternative spots to place a sub, like off to one side? The volume of my room is 2800 cubic ft - I think using 2 twelves would be ok for that size right? I will look up the new sub that @MetropolisLakeOutfitters mentioned. I didn't think the sub I listed was the ideal model, but its all I had written down at the time.


    Rear Speakers: Good call @MetropolisLakeOutfitters - RP-500M added.


    Amps: I guess my biggest question for @teaman is about how exactly the Emotive amp works. What does the Emotiva XPA-5 do/offer in terms of features that the A-500 doesn't do or the outlaw for that matter? Does the XPA-5 or 3 just output more power and thats why they are better/more expensive? Seems like a lot of youtube reviewers have a Parasound Halo I think its called as well, but I've had a hard time finding that available online. Emotiva has a better website that I could order from.


    Fireplace: It works, but its gas and we don't use it. Its got a smell to it that just isn't natural I think.


    TV: Its a 55 inch non-4k. I agree want to upgrade but I don't think I can get the wife on board until we move again, or it "accidentally breaks" lol. We are hoping to move in 3 years, so still a little bit of time to kill. 


    Saving Money: In terms of my AV or amp - I'm all about looking at refurbs or last years models/discontinued items as long as they at least come with a 1y warranty of some kind. Since this is my first real go around, if I break something or need to upgrade it will be less painful. Have either of you bought anything from Accessories4less.com - how was your experience?


    Overall we do listen to music, not as much as movies though. Of course with a nice system I could see that evening out a bit more.


    Anyways thanks again everyone for all the help. Once I get everything purchased, rewire the walls / attic :(  and installed later this year (Aug) I'll update with some final images and probly have more questions along the way and when tweaking the installed setup.





  4. Hello everyone!


    I'm new to this forum, but love all the shared info - I'm learning a TON! In the next couple of months I'm gonna get serious about a real HT setup and currently in the planning stages. I wanted to run my potential setup and speaker placement by this community and see if there is anything I'm missing to setup a Dolby Atmost 7.1.4 configuration. I've attached 2 drawings of my room layout to help visualize what I'm working with. Any and all feedback is welcome to help improve and optimize my setup. My grid was every two boxes equals 1 ft approx. Thank you!



    • RF-7 III


    • RC-64 III


    • R-51-M


    • RP-502S

    • both Rear speakers and Rear surrounds mounted on 30 inch speaker stands.

    Atmos front mounted above front left and right speakers:

    • RP-500SA

    Atmos mounted above the couch area 10ft off the ground.

    • RP-500SA

    Sub: considering hiding it in the rear corner of the room instead of in the front: (the front speakers I've heard punches good bass + lack of space)

    • SPL-120


    • Denon AVR-X4400H or X4500 depending on whats cheapest and available.
    • Paired with a XPA-3 Gen3 AMP or Outlaw 5000 powering the front stage. ( I must admit I'm not 100% clear on the difference between that emotive 3 channel vs. the outlaw besides the obvious fact that the outlaw has 2 additional channels. The Emotive seems like it has a lot of power for those 3 channels comparatively.)



    Thanks again for any advice,




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