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  1. Yes, I waited for the Forte IV. I haven't demoed them yet. But my budget may have changed a bit. and I may get a more budget friendly speaker such as: Elac Carnia 247.4 floors, Wharfedale EVO 4.4 floors, JBL Sudio 580, or maybe even the Elac Navis active speakers. Not really sure. Financially I can swing the IVs but I need to sacrifice adding some active speaker setups in a few rooms of the house - which is kind of a big deal because I currently do not have one speaker active or passive in the house, and I do want to have something elsewhere. Also, if I get the IV's, I am going to have to sacrifice a complete upgrade of my front end gear. If I go for a less expensive speaker, I can upgrade my front end without a problem....and at least when I am ready to upgrade for a better speaker like the IVs, I'll have a better front end that I could pair with the IV's at a later time. Stay well
  2. Your friend has the JBL Studio 590's? I am almost in the same boat: I have some cash to spend on a speaker, I also have a vintage Mitsubishi DAA15DC and DP10 amp/pre combo, and no music source yet. I like to have my cake and eat it too: new speakers like the Forte IV's, a new integrated tube or hybrid, and a music source, but I can't dish out $4K+ at this time. So I am looking at the JBL Studio line, in my room size the 580's would be better, and then get either a Schiit tube preamp and a streamer like Cambridge or NAD, and use my vintage amp, or upgrade my front gear with the speakers. Have you heard the JBL Studio models? I have always been a fan of JBL, but that was back in the 70's and 80's when they were perhaps doing things much differently and Better than Today. But still, their sound always put a smile on my face. I heard the Forte III's last year and I got that same smile, and so there is the rub: Forte IV's vs. JBL Studio 580? I can afford the Forte IVs, but I'll have to go less for a music source, additionally, if I get the IV's I can not get some other speakers I would like to have in the other rooms of the house. On the other end of the speaker spectrum are the Elac Carnia 247.4 floors or the Wharfedale EVO 4.4.
  3. To avoid excessive writing, I am going to be general/basic concerning the title. There are plenty of literature "out there" regarding what I ask herein. I am just trying to get an understanding. I don't have much experience with any music listening b/c I don't have a system yet. I had plenty back in the day when all info. was purely analog. The closest I came to digital was w/ CD's. Back then, who knew the difference? Compared to today's tech, and audiophile standards. I just simply turned on my system, fumbled around the dial and tuned into my fav. FM station, and played numerous LPs. All was good, hell, I even got down licks on the acoustic and electric guitar that way, and they were note for note, even when I listen to the same songs today in the digital realm, the notes and phrases are identical. I didn't know better, or my ears didn't know better. I just enjoyed the music. But... Today is different. Until I get a system I will not have experience w/ streaming, w/ DACs, w/ digital PCM or DSD or whatever else there is. For now, it all seems too confusing: the pursuit of listening to digital and getting it to "sound" or "feel" like analog, driving speakers with tubes yet having a music source that is digital just seems contradictory. I see the benefits of streaming, such as having a clutter free home/apt. void of "x' amount of CDs or LPs, and verily, this is probably the Only thing I see appealing about it. (But I am not prejudice toward it b/c I Do want to try it. If I like it perhaps I'll continue, but if I don't I'll drop it like an old rag without a second thought). To each their own. Nothing wrong there. It's just confusing is all I am saying: there are so, so many options to choose from to listen and obtain music, which in and of itself is a product of "analog" execution. What I mean is, when someone is playing an instrument the thing they play isn't binary by any means whatsoever, albeit synths. I guess. If one wishes to hear what the artist intended to play/record, the learning of an instrument is what one should do for that is the only way to really feel the sound, feel the instrument, experience the sensations. I don't mean that to be an insult, it's just "Nature rules; not my rules Daniel-Son". DSP/MiniDSP: Check out their website, they explain what they do much better than I, but here is the quarry: DSP proclaims that you can EQ on 32 or 64 bandwidths, change slopes, crossovers, etc. So, does this mean if the design of your speaker has a suck out in the mid band Hz at high volume, you are able to essentially correct this abnormality even though it is a result of the poorly constructed internal workings of the crossover design? Has anyone ever done this? And is the effect noticeable in reality, not on a graph or on paper, but in reality, in your perception of the sound? If so, how does it sound?: "digital" or fake, or "analog" or real?....Taking this example one step further in the domain of amplification and system matching: I am going to take as an example any of the top of the line Yamaha AS models. It has been reviewed that they are colored, in that the designers and engineers bumped up the bass and midrange while slightly resolving the treble. So is it possible to get the same effect as a MiniDSP by pairing a Klipsch w/ a Yamaha AS amp thereby correcting a mid range suck out of the speaker, because the amp already has a boosted bass and midrange? and to further the result, perhaps incorporate a graphic EQ to even more approach a neutrality in sound? I only ask b/c I accidently heard a Klipsch paired with a Yamaha AS2100, can you say midrange? OMG the mids just shined! DSD: How many of you listen to DSD vs PCM? From what I understand, DSD yields a high S/N ratio especially at 64/2, and the act of processing Always yields noise artifacts that are just bumped way up into the high frequency ranges above human hearing. I think depending on the DSD processing the noise can be shed off around 30kHz, 40kHz, 50kHz and perhaps higher. I am curious what effects this has on a tweeter? Especially a tweeter with a frequency range of 20kHz? If a speaker has a tweeter in 20kHz and one listens to DSD, shouldn't one perhaps install a ultrasonic tweeter to handle the higher noise, even though it is not perceptible? And what if someone does have a speaker with a frequency range of: 30Hz to 50kHz what happens to the speaker? to the front end gear? to the person themselves? I ask about the effects on the person b/c there is some interesting scientific research on the effects of ultrasonic and infrasonic soundwaves and I am curious if DSD is even worth it. Reason being, and you are going to have to take my word on this b/c this topic is getting way too long, and I don't want to loose you (unless of course I already did, and if I did then you haven't read this sentence anyway, but for the rest of you that are still with me...): I am one of those handful of people who are affected by the extremes in these sonic waveforms (ultrasonic and infrasonic). I have had epileptic seizures back in the day and during my blackouts there was always the presence of two tones: one infrasonic, and one ultrasonic. The infrasonic always "hits" me in the gut and pins me to the ground, while the ultrasonic always "hit" me in the neck along the main artery and vein branches, up into the facial regions, jaw and ears and even hair, this sound usually makes my eyes roll back and causes me to flex my muscles. I think by far the ultrasonic sucks. On a day to day basis I seldom come across the ultrasonic Hz. But the low infrasonic soundwaves I do experience from time to time, like the sound of a heating or AC unit electrical noise. Thank God it's got to be a very large and old machine like the kind powering a large building, and when I hear this, if it continues for too long I do get "dizzy" and off balance. So I ask: Is it worth it for me to even consider DSD, given if there is empirical data on the subject that it does have some biological effects? Will it be worth it to you? Thanks for reading and please note that if I offended anyone that was not my intention
  4. Hi I am somewhat new to stereo/home theater stuff too, but this is what I have been learning so far: I ultimately just want a two channel for music, and myself, I was trying to find a way to use it in conjunction with my TV, but not use an AVR or processor. I also didn't want to run a lot of cables here and there. I enjoy a good movie and don't want to use a sound bar. You can do better than a sound bar. But still, some people like them. I have been getting into the idea of using WISA. A new wireless technology with apparently very good time lag response. Check it out. Type WISA compatible speakers and you will see several companies, including Klipsch, and a really nice High End company, Buchardt Audio. You still have to plug the speakers into an outlet but no AVR, no amp (because the speakers are self powering). Many of the speakers come with, or have to purchase a device that connects them wirelessly to each other and to the TV. Many of these companies also have subs. So you could actually have a 5.1 system and your 2.1 you can devote to music listening! That's where I am headed I think. The Buchardt Audio are a thousand light years ahead of the game, even thought the other companies have been around longer, but the technology behind this companies gear is next world. Oh, BTW: If you own a LG TV no later than 2019, and of a certain model, you won't need to purchase the separate device that links all your speakers up to the TV because LG has a contract with WISA products.
  5. Dude, you actually ordered Forte IV??? So they are being manufactured? So it wasn't rumor? This is so cool. Where did you order? I got to check w/ my dealer. Thanks. This makes me happy.
  6. I am not sure what you mean: "the list from 2 to 3..." I guess you are referring to the list of gear you posted? Or are you referring to the speaker? If the speaker: I like to see a removing of the rear radiator, increasing the height to a nice 42 to 43 inches perhaps, maybe little less, but increased height nonetheless, better wood cabinet, better crossover components perhaps as well, and front ported: single, dual, triple. I guess with the front ports it'll be like the Corns and Chorus'. But that's what I like to see.
  7. Hello. This is a Yaqin amp you refer? I may be interested but I don't have the speakers yet. I am waiting to see if the rumors are correct and Klipsch issues new Forte IV this month or next. If they don't I'll get the III's. If they don't I sure hope the dealer that is giving me a great deal on Forte III, cables, interconnects, source, power conditioner for 4500 will still have that offer. I am in PA. You? What is your music source. For starters I was just going w/ BlueSound Volt or Node to see if I like streaming. If not I am going old school: FM, Phono, maybe internet radio. If I like streaming then I am looking as a permanent unit: Innous ZenMini. '
  8. Hey Rooster42. I am here paging through some tube talk to see what people are using on their Klipsch. I can get the Forte III now but I am holding off until later this month or Feb. to see if the Forte IV will be issued as I heard Klipsch may be putting the F IV's out. Now some of the stuff you said went over my head: like cap off 2&3 to prevent unwanted noise and change out the power cord (you can do that, or do I get an electrician to do that). I never played with tubes and I am not sure if I should dive right into owning a tube amp. I have a vintage Mitsubishi DAA15DC dual mono block amp that is pretty sweat and was thinking of first adding a tube pre with it to ease my way into the tube life. What do you think? I am looking at several hundred, it seems brands for tubes from across the pond to here at home in the US. Some I am considering are: Quicksilver (their pre Or their integrated), Raven, Schiit, Rogue, DecWare, Pathos, PrimaLuna, Bob Calver, Consonance...Any advice? I tell you that Quicksilver integrated amp looks nice. It's 20 watts of tube power...and I am still confused how this can stand up by itself against a 150 W SS like my Mitsubishi. I am just not experienced as you see. Help? Peace and stay healthy.
  9. Thanks Dude! Hey don't knock the White Russian drink man...they're great....as long as you aren't lactose intolerant! "Imagination is more important than knowledge" sorry, this is the only quote that came to mind at this moment....BUT: I do plan on saying this line later tonight: "Careful man, there's a beverage here" Happy, Safe, Healthy New Year Dude
  10. Ah!!! Thank You. There have been various replies on this subject. Perhaps I will wait before getting the awesome III's now. If accurate, I like the new changes. Peace.
  11. Your the man Ran! Thanks. I think it looks cool. I beat ya that's the give away, when products start coming down in price: there's the potential of a new product on the horizon. Have you ever upgraded your Klipsch speakers yourself? They seem easy to upgrade: like new crossovers, bracing, no res, etc. That's part of the appeal of them to me too, easy upgrades. When you want a new speaker just upgrade its design? Peace
  12. LOL. Oh. OK. I do like the design anyway. And the sound, man those mids, just everything is sweet. I have a vintage AB amp that I would like to pair w/ a tube pre and I bet it'll be nice. But I am curious how a class A amp would be alone? Would pairing a class A with a tube pre be too warm? I mean especially if the amp already oozing that quality?
  13. Mumps horn mids? That's the "dip" I see many reviews say they measured yes? Yet, why did it sound so damn good...Especially at low to low medium volume levels. And I "think" that's the kicker: they are amazing at low listening to mid listening levels, but just fall apart the louder you go.(?) I am debating to perhaps hold off on the Forte III's and perhaps get the JBL Studio 590s and put the money I would have spent on the Forte's toward improving my front end gear, or at least expanding on it in preparation for getting the Klipsch when I get more info. Man this is a hard decision! Plus if I did this I could probably even get a small bedroom unit or a WISA 5.1 system. I heard the H IV's it was weird to hear sound coming from the floor. I am tempted to get them anyway and put them up high in the corners of the room and angle them facing down to the listening area...that's what movie theaters do anyway. (Remember Movies? LOL) Those Cornwalls won't fit my space in the man cave, but upstairs they will. I am so curious if Klipsch would pair well with either Vincent Audio, Schiit Audio, or Raven or Quicksilver Audio. There is a really nice Sony TAA1ES class A amp that I beat would be nice with a tube pre with Klipsch. I think some Eastern Hifi companies paired with Klipsch are pretty darn good.
  14. Epic. Although I am really considering the Forte III's I am a bit torn with trying out the JBL Studio 590's as I hear great things about them too, but man that mid range on the Forte's..Mmm. For powering: right now I have a vintage Mitusbishi DAA15DC dual mono block and it's separate preamp, but I was going to perhaps upgrade the pre with maybe a Schiit Freya plus tube, or maybe a Vincent tube. I also have a nice deal on a relatively new Sony TAA1ES amp: it is fully class A with 80W/8Ohm, my Mitsubishi is rated at 180 W/8Ohm, both have more than enough power. I am pretty new to all this stuff so I want to hold off going full tube amp, plus I heard tubes on preamps tend to last longer. I also been eyeballing either a Vincent SV237MK and SV500 integrated amps and a Luxman entry level model...I heard Yamaha with Klipsch and I was pretty surprised with the results, it was like East meets West and it was nice, but still I like the other options...
  15. I find those Palladiums sexy looking. I would imagine they sound much different than any Heritage line, I mean just look at the design of the cabinet. I wish they were still available. Do you know if Klipsch is coming out with new Forte's in 2021? I heard they were but don't know if it's true. I ask b/c I have a GREAT deal on a Forte III with streamer, power conditioner, cables, interconnects for 4500. It works out to be like 30% off the Forte or you can look at it another way and think, it the price of the Forte plus speaker cables and everything else is free. But if the company is coming out with a new model perhaps I will wait.
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