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  1. No, i mean without feet, the bass bin side placed directly on the ground (in my case on a carpet).
  2. Won't the floor and the weight of top section help to mitigate the thin panels vibrations? Even a little bit…
  3. Ok, sorry now i see LOL And that even had the infamous braces! Any opinion on this solution to the resonating issue?
  4. Not 'sideway', but 90 degree like this: (sorry for the awful photoshopping)
  5. What's this mod about? I've never heard of that before.
  6. Now this sounds really smart. Do you guys think rotating the bass bin by 90 degrees will 'degrade' the sound in any way? (i have the split industrial version, so that's quite easy to do…)
  7. Sure, i agree. Maybe i didn't express my point clearly. Forget the 'expensive'. My point is, it seems to me (BUT i may be wrong!) that some very knowledgeable forum members put the utmost care in choosing and configuring their speakers while at the same time they're not much interested in all the rest of the chain. So, i'm wondering if that's actually true. And if it is, why?
  8. Btw, thread title is obviously provocative. 😎 Please don't take it literally. I see there's people on here which has so much knowledge on the audio matter that's kinda scary. (scary because it just makes me understand how little i do know and how much there is to be aware of) And THAT's also what raises my 'question'. I mean, the same people which are so deeply in the known about frequencies, phase and all that audio world, seem to be useing 'cheap' gear. Apart from the speakers, of course. That puzzles me.
  9. This is what i suspect and what i'm genuinely curious about. I mean, i find it weird to see 10k+ speakers connected to 'cheap' amps, also because i see that in threads where all single audio frequencies are dissected with utmost precision. 🤔
  10. I'm definitely not an experienced audiophile (i'm mostly a music lover that is trying to improve his listening experience), but i think i've noticed a curious difference between this forum and the few others i've been visiting. On other audiophile forums they all talk about famous amps, high end DACs, huge cables… i mean, all that expensive stuff. And speakers, of course. I'm well aware this is, let me call it, a 'speakers forum', but i'm quite surprised anyway because i don't see any trace of all those expensive devices. Speaking of amps, for example, i've only seen mentioned Crown amps. A brand i wasn't even aware of. I'm not even sure if they are considered hi-fi…? Btw, i've been reading several threads on biamping, where those Crown amps pop up here and there. And they're used to pilot quite expensive Klipsch speaker systems. What are your thoughts on that? Please mind that i'm not trying to be polemic at all. I just find all this a little ironic. Speaking of irony, this makes me guess that if i visit a McIntosh forum, for example, i'll probably find people talking the hell out of McIntosh amps, most of which connected to 'cheap' speakers, because amps are what it's all about. 😅
  11. Sent you a pm two days ago but haven't got any answer yet.
  12. What differences have you experienced with ALK crossovers?
  13. Mark, I understand your point and that's probably the wisest way to go, but I don't like the idea of spending too much money just to try and confront different crossover on the same speakers. I would probably do that 'journey' only if I was sure to keep those speakers for a VERY long time. And i think that in any case, I'd prefer to confront different speakers altogether. 😅 But your point is definitely, let me say, on point.
  14. The more i'm reading around the forum, the more Deang crossovers seem like what i'd considered as my first choice. Too bad i just came at the wrong time… 😢
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