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  1. Count me in too!!! I have only seen the pic from Indyfan, for some reason I can't view link. Klipsch should post specs/photos in the news section for us Klipschophiles.
  2. I would like to hear/see more on the reference premier series that I saw a pic of from CES in Vegas!
  3. Thanks guys, that is more info than I can digest in a year. By then new models will be out. I think you may have cured me!
  4. My Pioneer Elite VSX36 is currently in the shop, if you can call it that! I drove 42 miles one way to drop it off at the Authorized repair center. Turns out the Authorized service center is some guy out in the middle of nowhere(Decatur,TN)working out of his garage. I have serious doubts about whether my receiver will ever work again. The guy had no idea what DTS was or DD for that matter. To make matters worse I have continuously tried to call and get nothing but the machine. I wonder if I will ever get it back! Pioneer is going to hear it real soon if something doesn't happen soon. Oh yeah, his wife was one crazy foulmouthed B!tch!!
  5. Hey everyone, I think I got upgradeitis! I know there is alot of experience on this board, so I am going to solicit opinions on amps. The Sherbourn 7/2100A to be specific. I would also appreciate reccomendations in this price range.
  6. I purchased a vsx36tx receiver almost 2 years ago and it laid down on me 2 weeks ago. I am now happy that I bought it from an authorized dealer. I also got a great price $630.00 The amp's MSRP was in the $1400.00 range. I guess what I am trying to tell you is shop around some more. You can probably find the kind of deal you are looking for with some more work.
  7. Well said mdeneen, I would personally love to attend the Pilchuck school of glass in WA.
  8. Oh My, You have Pagans in your neighborhood? The reason you don't see them is they are in the public school where they belong! Just kidding, my sister is Pagan and is raising my nephew as such. He is just as quick to participate in Dragon slaying as the Christian kids around the corner. I just read a DVR review and I'm confused as a possum in headlights!
  9. Ban Fruit loops NO WAY! I would have to turn to a life of crime to satisfy my addiction to red dye #5!
  10. Ban Fruit loops NO WAY! I would have to turn to a life of crime to satisfy my addiction to red dye #5!
  11. mdeneen, I have met plenty of people who would not jump in and help, if you are truly honest with yourself so have you. Most peoples' sense of self preservation will not permit them to jump in and help. I have seen men I thought were made of the strongest stuff freeze in the door of a helicopter. I have heard their voices crack with fear on the radio. If these men can have moments like this then I promise MOST people could NOT help at the point of decision. Gunman45 probably knows of what I speak and there may be others out there as well. Every last one of us would like to believe that we would step in. Be the Hero. Save the Day. How many such crimes are committed each day and witnessed by others? How many tolerate the bully in the park before someone picks up a stick. We will never know. It is not just an American fantasy to be the Hero, the Victorious, the Cowboy. This fantasy goes deeper, hidden in the mists of time if you will. MAN is wild at heart. Sitting in his office cubicle and being nice and good and proper goes against his very nature. He should and would be out having some great adventure. Slaying the DRAGON, rescueing the Damsel in distress. This is what HE longs for. I cannot imagine life with out great struggle. Whether it be the elements,, or the Hunt or conquering the New World. It goes to the core in a man, if you are male then you know of what I speak. In your last post you take responsibility for Foreign Policy in the Middle East. I am assuming that you are American, we have already established that you are of voting age. Perhaps you don't particpate in politics since that would put you in the turret of a tank. Please accept my apology now,that was quite flippant, I couldn't resist.
  12. mdeneen, I am sorry I didn't get it right the first time. Mitigating your risks is always a good idea, in the military we call that "risk assessment", but your "avoidance strategy" does not account for the knife wielding maniac bearing down on you. It also does not account for a bunch of Arabs with flight training bearing down on 3,000 innocent Americans. If you are an American then there are rough men doing violence on your behalf right now. Don't mean to give you nightmares. Just stating the facts. In one of your previous posts you say,"We love it, we crave it, we will do damn near anything to get some of it every few years. We will even place ourselves in the middle of danger to provoke it." Who loves it? I have an extensive military background, fired and am familiar with nearly every device of destruction including laser designators for said Spectre gunships. I can honestly say that I do not love it. I have seen first hand what these "tools" do. While your utopian society does not exist, I must defend my genetic offspring from the chainsaw wielding maniac that lives up the street or the explosive laden Arab around the corner. To not do so would be shirking my responsibility as a father. Please answer my previous question, do you stand by and watch as the poor old man is beat and robbed?
  13. Yeah, room size is an issue. My room is 21x28 so I feel your pain. It took 2 RF7's RC7, RSW 15 and my Heresy's pulling duty as L/R surrounds to even get close to what I expected. I am currently thinking about adding another RSW15 to see if I can get where I want to be. Everything is currently driven with vsx36 elite receiver.
  14. I tire of Deen's argument, To suggest that if I were mature (grown up) spiritually, I would not need firearms is ludicrous. The need to conquer,vanquish,defeat and or otherwise win is programmed into your genetic code. All the evidence I need to prove this is to watch my 8 year old son chew a graham cracker into the shape of a handgun and commence to conquering the dinner table. Such behavior does not end there, the stick becomes the club,sword or staff the moment he lays hands upon it. Hollywood does not bear the responsibility for this behavior genetic code does. Passive is just as much a means of defense as a firearm. It can be more effective than a gun when faced with the right opponent(US ARMY). Insuring your survival is the outcome. The problem with passive is the post about the bully in the park. nothing is done so he is empowered to continue. Many have sacrificed so that Deen can take a stand against this madness. Someone must eventually take a stand. What would you do if you saw injustice on the street of you hometown. Lets say, a thief robbing an old man. Would your principles demand that you stop him? perhaps you would observe as the thief beat and possibly killed the old man and then call the police. I know what I would do! You may noy be one of "the guys" and that is fine, but you need the guys. "You sleep peaceably in your bed while rough men do violence on your behalf." H.G. Wells
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