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  1. I now follow your tradition in this thread with the illumination of the record on the turntable and integration with cover. It's nicer than just showing the cover of the record you just heard.

    I now have a few days to finally be able to listen to music in peace. I still have vacation entitlement from 2019. In Germany you have to take your remaining vacation until the end of March of the following year, which is legally required.Tangerine Dream ... my favorite album is "FORCE MAJEURE". I even have the Clear Cut version

    Tangerine Dreamkleiner.jpg

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  2. 1 minute ago, JohnJ said:

    If he can cover Nat King Cole well I would dig it too!

    It's a shame we can't drink your wiskey together and Gergory Porter can't hear them together........cheers ....🥃

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  3. On 2/17/2020 at 1:28 AM, cincymat said:

    Wow! Lots of descriptive words. Any before and after O scope test results? 

    Glad you think it's soooooo much better. Maybe Klipsch needs your help?

    I am only a small amateur against the engineers at Klipsch, but in the past few days I have tried with a "mini dsp Umik 1, an Omni-Directional USB Measurement Calibrated Microphone measurements at a distance of 39,3701 inch ( = 1 meter ) . The microphone was at a height between Horn and the first bass woofer.


    For comparison I have 3 diagrams here.


    The first diagram is from the original RF7 MK II. This measurement diagram was published by the German Hi-Fi Magazine "Audio". First axial, the 10 degrees high, 30 degrees, 60 degrees and 90 degrees.




    The second diagram shows the measurement of my modified Queen RF7 MKII,  axial only.




    The third diagram shows the measurement diagram of an RF7 MK III. It was published by the English HiFI magazine Henley Audio UK.




    Of course, I don't have the opportunity to carry out really professional measurements at home, because I lack the equipment and soundproof rooms. Nevertheless, I believe that my measurements at least give indications. THD = 0,290 % ! 


    When I bought the RF7 MK II 4 years ago I was in love with her, after the Moddy phases 1 - 5  I loved her ... now I adore her .


    Best regards MicroMara


    Now it´s your turn .........;)



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  4. This evening I had some live sessions with Joe Bonamassa " Radio City " NY and Beth Hart " Live at the Royal Albert Hall " in London UK.

    ..........it was a nice evening.......

    Joe Bonamassa.jpg

    Beth Hart.jpg

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  5. On 2/22/2020 at 1:06 AM, oldtimer said:

    good night.  bon nuit.


    On 2/22/2020 at 1:06 AM, oldtimer said:

    good night.  bon nuit.

    Good Morning  in german language " Guten morgen " , Good Day in german " Guten Tag " and Good Night " Gute Nacht " 😎

  6. 2 hours ago, JohnJ said:

    Guten Abend bro!

    Yes they are, got the first one and it surprised me. Also the treble is really cranked up in the mastering of my cd. I mean like tweeter blowing loud including distortion, can not crank it up... I like my speakers!


    cheers my friend, enjoy your wiskey . On my RF7 MK II with the new crossovers, Greta van Fleet sound supple soft in the heights, the mid-tone as with the melt of golden honey colors, the basses rich and dry with the energy of a volcano. The voice of the frontman like that of Jimmy Page. The boys are incredibly good.You also need the 2018 album.


    Buy for now, still 01.a.m here.



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  7. I'm listening to the American rock group "Greta van Fleet". The albums " from the fires " and anthem of the peaceful army ".  I also have everything from "Led Zeppelin" as records. Greta van Fleet are really the reincarnation of Led Zeppelin ". I am thrilled.


    Best regards MicroMara




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  8. Just heard these two groups Kenny Burell's "Midnight Blue" recorded in 1967 with the musicians Stanley Turrentine, Major Holly Jr. Bill English, and Ray Barretto.

    Then came the album "CONCERTIO" by Jim Hall from 1975. With the musicians Chat Baker, Paul Desmond, Roland Hanna, Ron Carter and Steve Gadd.

    Great Stuff .....


    Regards MicroMara

    Kenny Burell.jpg

    Jim Hall.jpg

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  9. On 2/13/2020 at 1:43 PM, JJkizak said:

    I always wondered why Buddy Guy adjusted his guitar with those stringy buzzed high pitch aftereffect tonal qualities.


    Yes, this is really a unique effect in blues music with a high recognition value

  10. On 2/17/2020 at 1:24 PM, glens said:


    No middle ground?


    I like you fine, but in this I categorize you as "over the top."


    I like your power distribution yard analogy.  I made a ton of money working in them.  Where's the hollow aluminum tubes?  ;)

    Yes, I know "the golden middle" is mostly the right way. Me ? too extreme? I think spontaneously of Youthman, who has produced a new video on youtube with only "50 pairs" of Klipsch boxes that he owns. I only have 2 speakers ! At least something that Youthman doesn´t have.   Good Idea...the hollow alu tubes :wink:

  11. 4 hours ago, MechEngVic said:

    Gorgeous set-up!  I love those crossover boxes. I love what you've done.


    I love listening to music, I really do; I am a fiend for accurate sound reproduction. But I am also a gizmo-gadget loving guy. I don't just want a Timex, I want a hand-built, hand-polished, Swiss-made timepiece that is as beautiful as it is functional. You, my friend, do it good. I get you.

    I'm looking forward to it. :emotion-21:

  12. 16 minutes ago, polizzio said:

    You can take anything to an extreme level. No doubt your speakers cables look exquisite, but its serious overkill. PWK advocated ordinary zip wire which some peeps here gasp at. No doubt technology has improved in a big way, but simple physics do not change. My McIntosh amp users manual indicates 16AWG is suitable for 300 watts for a < 50' single run, 8 ohm load. I make up my own using quality 12 AWG and banana plugs, < 15' single run........overkill.


    Same with your crossover mods. Taken to an extreme level, and an external passive XO. Hey whatever floats your boat. RF-7s are pretty impressive when they leave the Klipsch factory, what level of improvement do you expect from your crossover extensive mods?


    For some it seems to be almost a sickness, an obsession.

    If you read my first posting, you will find that I always liked the original Rf 7 MK II, otherwise I had not bought it. When the MK III came onto the German market, I wanted to buy it first. But she didn't blow me away. That's why I preferred to start this project and build my own MK II. I only did that for myself. It was worth every penny. And yes, I value perfection when others overkill, okay, so I can live with that.


    Best regards MicroMara

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  13. 9 minutes ago, cincymat said:

    Wow! Lots of descriptive words. Any before and after O scope test results? 

    Glad you think it's soooooo much better. Maybe Klipsch needs your help?

    The measurements and diagrams of the measurements will come. This entire project has now taken a good 14 weeks. I am exhausted, need a little rest for now and actually just want to listen to music at the moment. In about 14 days I will then again deal with the technology and carry out the measurements mentioned above. I just can't anymore ... at least for the moment. Such a project costs a lot of energy. It would be my dream to be invited by Klipsch ...


    Best regards MicroMara

  14. 14 minutes ago, JohnJ said:

    Bright & clean looking listening area with that fascinating stereo rig front and center.

    With the ten point bucks above looking on... mine are in the yard although it's just been the does and young ones the past week.

    Too bad Paul. W. Klipsch can no longer see it. I think he would say, like Mr. Spok from the TV series "Spaceship Enterprise" .... fascinating ......german engineering ;)


    Best regards MicroMara

  15. .. and this is how it looks in my music room, it has the name "Little red cathedral" now connected with my RF7 MK II Queen.


    For over two hours now my queen has been controlled by these nine external crossovers. The impulse speed, the jump response of the chassis, the "timely" and plasticity and depth gradation of the stage, voices, instruments, location, dynamics, fine resolution, coarse dynamics, fine dynamics, precision, spatial resolution, from the brilliance of the high tone to the depth gradation of the bass has improved so much that I am currently missing more words. I still cannot grasp and understand all of this. These are RF 7 MK II against which an MK III, I had it here in my music room for listening, did not have the slightest chance. At least that's my personal assessment. And the entire system has just been born and will continue to develop. I am looking forward to what will come next.


    Now I have to enjoy "Kingfish & Buddy Guy's" - FRESHOUT- See you later















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  16. The small wiring errors I caused on the new external crossover itself have been eliminated. It went faster than I thought because I had support from a good friend who had helped me to fix it today. It was done in two hours and the external crossovers are now working propNow you see the first pictures of the new crossover. A conventional crossover has a circuit board on which the resistors, coils and capacitors are installed. With a freehand wired crossover, the components are usually attached to a base plate and connected to the inputs / outputs a conventional cable wiring to the speakers.


    My crossover is, let's call it "negative replica" of a switch, the solution is another. All components are installed in a housing on the base plate. There are 4 OFC copper power lines above the components. These are directly connected to the inputs / outputsAll coils, resistors and capacitors are directly connected to these "live cables". This is the shortest and most direct way imaginable. It works like a "power substation". On the ground, the customers are in the air hanging the lines. The potential of all components is thus fully exploited.. All coils, resistors and capacitors are directly connected to these "live cables". This is the shortest and most direct way imaginable. It works like a "power substation". On the ground, the customers are in the air hanging the lines. That is my basic idea for the development of the new crossover. Therefore the large housing. The potential of all components is thus fully exploited.At least that is my opinion........






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  17. just a quick update. I'm about to finish my project with the external crossover for my RF7 MK II Queen. I  have already carried out a first test setup. I have to make some internal crossover wireing changes before the whole concept can be completed. You will find out more details in two or three days.This is a picture of the first test setup, the crossovers are located on the left under the tape machine and on the right under the turntable.Further details coming a.s.a.p.


    Best regards MicroMara

    Little Red cathedral7kleiner.jpg

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