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  1. MicroMara

    The Other Discs

    I was quiet suprised by the Al Di Meola Project " Kiss my Axe "
  2. another B***S**T weather day so I spun a few more records mainly french music the french singer songwriter and actress Lizzy Mercier Descloux followed by Boulevard of broken dreams " it´s the talk of the town and other sad songs " than the french singer Anne Pigall than the french singer Isabell Antena I´m going to watch a movie now ......
  3. because our weather was really B***s**t today I had time to spin some music during the evening as they were ... Gina X Performance OMD Soft Cell ABC Visage and ENIGMA was fun .......now it´s 11.20 pm and i´m going to sleep 😁
  4. @JohnJ made a quick drawing , I would place the sofa at the backwall area ( blue line ) the F III´s into direction to the sofa and the sub in between ...that´s the way I should try first .
  5. I´m back @home since half an hour , it´s 10 10 .pm here , the weather at the german north sea beaches wasn´t that good , 39 F and strong rough winds, was rainig the hole time during the ride, so it took close to 4 hours till we arrived in the city called NORDEN ( North ) We made a city sightseeing first and saw beautiful old buildings from the middle ages in the city centre than we discovered a nice looking restaurant , we went in and had lunch together , it was excellent in quality,service and price than we drove to the beaches , it was low tide finally we ate some fresh fish from the north sea and I took some back home We left at approx 4.30 pm and arrived at 9. 30 pm back in our hometown , the ride back was a trip trough rain and darkness, it was a quiet exhausting way back home ...I´m tired now ....see you
  6. Have fun with them , sure your living room is big enough to be changed into a soundwaves high pressure compression chamber 🤣 Because my listening room isn´t that big as the old one I had to rethink about my RF7 Evos , 4 active parallel switched 10" woofer were to much , the mids , hights and brilliance weren´t that clear as before because of too much bassvolume, I made an experiment with 2 active 10" and 2 passive 10" ( they only resonate in the low frequency level due to the air mass flow of the active 10" ) and I closed the above rear fire port and kept the second open. Man I can tell you , now the bassvolume is under control , very cleanly staggered and the above soundstage is as good as it was in my old bigger listening room , sometimes.....less is more 😁 Will be a long day for me , at 9.am , so in 2 hours and 18 minutes , I´m driving to the german north sea beaches with my car for eating some fresh fish there 😂I´m not kidding ....will be a three and a half hour drive and I will be guided by two female friends ....we´ll return late evinging ..sure it will be a nice day , will take some pics as will and gonna show you tomorrow
  7. She´s so great , @Dave1291 was the first one in the KC who knew her and introduced us
  8. If I´m under stress it happens sometimes that I have a high frequency noise in my left ear , when I come down it disappears . In any case it´s better to have a tinnitus from time to time instead of have a gost voice talking to you the hole day through , if this is the case .....it becomes dangerous 😂
  9. JaJa, I do remember the annual christmas procedere in you listening room...😂
  10. Now you´re driving an ACURA and a 45 minute drive is too far for you ? Remember how many miles you´ve driven w/in the last few month , I suppose a couple of thousands....Where I´m living right now it´s absolute quiet as well , even it´s a side road and the city center is just less 15 Minutes by car.
  11. MicroMara

    The Other Discs

    Indeed Indeed JJ . Collins Live Album was mastered perfectly and it´s easy listening pop , the Sting Live Album sound excellent as well and has a lot of Rock & Jazz Influence , you have to listen to it once.
  12. MicroMara

    The Other Discs

    I listened today to and this one
  13. Nothing special here , wheather is S**T , went to the house today and picked up my last private belongings, approx 400 Vinyl Record included , was good to see my son today , glad that I don´ have to see the ex wife till date of divorce which is scheduled for october 2024. Drinking my third glass of Bourbon now and relaxin with some music in the background , so far so good 🙂
  14. I see that you had fun with the stronger one
  15. Got it since january 17th. 1979
  16. Sittin in the kitchen and have some bread rolls in the stove for breakfast . Dry coldness outside 23 F only , but no clouds . Consider to do a walk to our ruhr river after breakfast as it´s sunny outside , this evening I'm making duck breast with cranberries, red cabbage and dumplings in orange sauce...gonna see what happens next today ..no idea so far
  17. Well Dave , ...better than nothing or ? 😂
  18. I spun yesterday afternoon till early evening these albums Maze Lifelines ( Greatest Hits ) than Shakatak Live in Japan after dinner Gilmours Debut from 1978 , still his best solo imo followed by Avalon from Roxy Music and finally Steve Winwood´s " Arc of diver "
  19. MicroMara

    The Other Discs

    My digital spin today were and
  20. The snow is gone , so pity , now it´s cold, wet and misty again, 34 F , no real daylight , no sunny period ...all we see is grey , not so nice . But I´m in a good mood , had a meeting with my lawyer yesterday , things will get difficult but we´re working on a mutual based solution for both parties. This is important in the interest of my children, they should have as little damage as possible under the divorce.
  21. didn´t knew that you once had visited the german alps 😂
  22. MicroMara

    The Other Discs

    Hope that you gear is in good working condition....
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