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  1. I am once again totally flat, My wife and my children have me today at noon so annoyed that I went into the garden, I barely realized how terrible the garden after a long period of rain looked. I grabbed the lawn mower to mow the lawn areas. Then I took the brush cutter to cut the slope in front of the pool and the weeds in front of the hedges.Went to shower and now lying on the couch and drinking a Chai Tea. The week begins as the old has ended, always in the move, always something to do. A never-ending cycle.
  2. keep me updated please, I consider something similar for my RF7 Evo Tecs
  3. Remember this ? Remember the future by NEKTAR , 1973 / Passport Records / Printed in USA
  4. be carefull Dave
  5. more than 40 Years ago that I listened to Kate Bush ´s " The Kick inside " / !978 / EMI Electrola Records / Printed in Germany
  6. Yes , checked that out allready 30 € plus shipment cost
  7. so beautiful , could be a production from Pink Floyd as well, consider to buy it on vinyl
  8. Dire Straits " Dire Straits " 1978 / Vertico Label / Printed in Holland
  9. continuing with MMEB " Watch " 1977 / Bronze Records / Printed in Germany
  10. lunchbreak , see you later ...
  11. exactly this one, but not as a half speed mastered
  12. thanx Paul but I got it somewhere in my collection .....
  13. Some more Jazzfunk from UK , Level 42 with " Level 42 " 1981 / Polydor Label/ Printed in Germany
  14. While I have the ADC XLM MK III and the AT V7 mounted on the tonearms I bought a " Pick Up Garage " for the others , but it´s not completet right now as I´m still waiting for the Stanton 681 EEE for which I´ve got a mint Micro Seiki Headshell 303 L allready and want to keep the ADC MK IV in it´s box for a while .
  15. another rcm washed jazz funk treasure " MFSB " mysteries of the world " 1980 / Motown Label / Printed in USA
  16. indeed André , somehow they came back to my mind ....
  17. long time ago that I listened to Aldi Meola Project´s " soaring through a dream " . Last time I spun this was with the old AT 20SLA Shibata stylus , washed the vinyl as well , spinning with the ADC XLM MK III , it´s a dreamlike pickup as well as this record , beeing so greatfull to @Full Range whose recommended this album to us , it´so deep touching ...
  18. installed some underwater led´s in our pool some days ago , not finished yet ,as it´s a trail but it works and looks quite pretty
  19. get it delivered next week as vinyl , just have a 45 Maxi with Living in the jungle only
  20. on which record is it ?
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