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  1. Bump with a new lowered price... $1200.
  2. For an extra $50, I can deliver since you're only about 50 miles away. I work in the medical supply field, so I'm either only at home or only at work. I literally have zero contact with anyone, and luckily my girlfriend is a germophobe, so not only is she extra careful when she goes shopping (mask, gloves, hand sanitizer), she also goes at times where there's the least amount of people.
  3. SOLD Up for sale are a near mint pair of Heresy III's in Walnut. Purchased second hand from someone who only had them about a year, and I've only had them about 6 months if that. Excellent speakers but I'm taking my system in a different direction that takes up less space in my small room. I have the original boxes and packing material, as well as the risers and grills. I would strongly prefer NOT shipping these in fear of any type of damage as well as the extra cost to the buyer. So local-ish pick-up is desired and I am willing to meet halfway (within reason) in needed. PayPal is the preferred method of payment and the selling price is $1300. Well worth the price. Also, no trades... Thanks!
  4. I haven't been on here in a few days because I have been dealing with more important, pressing matters in life. You know, like life itself. Anyway... As is the case with most of the other simpletons on this forum, you FAIL to read my posts properly, or understand them for that matter. Not ONCE did I say anything about the ported IV not being much different than the sealed III or hyped up. Not once. And I'm sure as heck not going to sit here and re-write everything for a third time just so you and your simple minded creep followers can skim over it and not see or understand what I'm saying... Again. IF you actually took the time to read my posts properly and possibly comprehend it, then you would have realized what I said and that I am in fact correct and have been all along. I don't care if you're an engineer, a doctor or a scientist. If you're you're not going to read things properly, you're the one failing and looking stupid in the process. Honestly, I feel sorry for PWK, that his legacy somehow ended up in the soggy little mitts of a clueless man. All you're doing is reaping the rewards from his success. And that doesn't even include a lot of these long time members on here who honestly believe that Klipsch speakers are the best thing out there since sliced bread and they are better than anything else. LOL Sure, Klipsch's Heritage line is good stuff, but it's definitely not the best. Not by a long shot. Far from it. But all you simpletons will go about your little lives truly believing it is, and that's fine... For you. Now of course, I know you and all of your clown followers are going to join in a big ole gang bang blasting me to pieces, and I really don't care. It doesn't bother me one bit at all... Because this is my last time coming to this lousy forum anyway and I will never see your silly, useless comments. And yes, you simpletons may think that I'm angry and/or upset, but I'm really not. Just letting you all know where I stand on the situation and exactly how you all show yourselves to the world on the ole' internet. It's sad to say, but I was actually warned about joining this forum, because of all of the snobby, "think they know it all" members on here who back each other up and gang up on new members like a group of zombies at a feeding frenzy, even though you know you're most likely wrong... In more ways than one! LOL Warned by members on other forums, warned by what's written on websites about this forum. Heck, even actual reviewers that have mentioned how dysfunctional this forum is, and I STILL gave you guys a chance. That's pretty dang sad that a forum such as this one has such a horrible reputation, and none of you seem to care. That's why it took me several months after purchasing these speakers before I decided to try joining here. It all started to go downhill only after a few posts when people starting questioning and cracking jokes as to why I spend money on cables. And then one simpleton attempting to preach to me about why I shouldn't spend money on cables. I swear, you people are impossible. Don't get me wrong, not all of you are bad. There's a few (and I do mean a few) of you on here that know what they are talking about and don't fall into the constant BS on this forum, and I put you few above all others here, including the simpleton I quoted in this post. With that said, I wish you all a safe and healthy future as times are getting rough around the world for everyone, and this is only the beginning. So in short, grow up and start being nice to people. You never know what tomorrow will bring. Bye.
  5. "Be nice, be respectful"... Those rules should apply to everyone, including Chief... Referring of course to his response to me, quoted above. No, I didn't. How would I? There's no mention whatsoever of who he is, even in his profile. And since it is Roy, then he of all people should know that what I said is correct, that putting an identical driver in a marginally larger enclosure that's ported, then sealing that port off, making it a sealed enclosure again, for the very small amount of extra air space is NOT going to make much (if any) difference for bass extension. As long as a port is plugged, it does nothing more than take up air space in the enclosure, nothing else. Which THAT is my argument here. Not drivers that are designed specifically for ported applications vs drivers designed specifically for sealed applications in the wrong enclosures. Nobody that does this as a hobby for themselves needs "proven credentials". That's why there have been books out there forever about loudspeaker design, so anyone who is interested can study up on the subject. Heck, even Radioshack had a couple of those books, both of which I have somewhere along with a few others. And you Dave, who apparently deals a lot with loudspeaker design and such should also know what I am talking about and know that I am correct. You Klipsch guys need to seriously take a step back and stop being so darn aggressive, combative, ganging up on and being so quick to attack new members. Just because a member is new does NOT mean that they are dummies or naive... Or wrong. No you're not. Neither is Chief since there's no option for it for him. With all of that being said, there are far more pressing matters at the moment in this world to be worrying about. For some of us, in our own town, or worse, in our very own families. So with that, let's stop the unnecessary hostility and focus that energy towards things that truly matter.
  6. I have no need or desire to prove anything to you. Go read some books on the subject. And yet, another joins my ignore list...
  7. Yeah, it's called designing and building loudspeakers and subwoofers for the past 30 years.
  8. Let's not start this preaching nonsense again... In my thread.
  9. You must have a very large room. Just remember, larger the driver, larger the enclosure/horn that will be required. If you have amplifiers with adjustable gain, then the efficiency differences between your K-Horn's, Scala's and horn subs won't matter.
  10. I agree with his wife though. Way too much "gushing". And that he keeps saying that you no longer need subwoofers with them. That's just nonsense. ALL loudspeakers of any size and design will still benefit from properly placed and dialed in subwoofers.
  11. That only applies in an extreme case. The woofer in question is not optimized for the IV's ported enclosure as it is the exact same driver used in the III. The Heresy IV is only about 0.09 cubic feet larger in size than the III. When dealing with sealed enclosures, you can go as far as about half a cubic foot increase with hardly any difference at all in overall bass performance or driver control/power handling. This is why sealed enclosures are the easiest and most forgiving designs to build. It's near impossible to get them wrong. The reason the IV is just slightly larger (0.09 cf larger) is for two things... To help compensate for the air space the port now occupies in the enclosure, and to also help reduce the length of the port for the cramped space of the enclosure where it is facing the back of the woofer at the bottom of the enclosure (as to not come into contact with the basket/magnet structure of the woofer)... At the bottom of the enclosure where it gets its most gain from close boundary reinforcement with the floor. Yes, Klipsch could have put the port at the top of the enclosure behind the tweeter and not change the dimensions of the Heresy at all (no fear of the rear of the port interfering with the rear of the tweeter horn/driver) . But placing the port up high would defeat the boundary reinforcement of it being near the floor. Not much at all had to be done to the IV to get it to play down an extra 10 Hz, hence the same driver and near identical enclosure size. Now if Klipsch wanted to extend the bass an extra 20 Hz, they could probably achieve it with the same woofer still, but a considerably larger enclosure, probably 1 cf larger (roughly another 10 to 11 inches taller and a longer port, but then you would end up with a healthy hump (peak) around the port tuning frequency. Even then, plugging the port would not do much to the overall performance over a standard III other than a slightly (and I do mean slightly) lower and gradual bass roll-off on the bottom end and possibly a little less power handling. Upper bass performance would again be unchanged. So in other words, plugging the port on the Heresy IV will net you near identical results as the stock Heresy III as far as bass performance and power handling are concerned. You will NOT get any major bass roll off nor will you get any crazy shelving, again, compared to a stock Heresy III.
  12. I used to carry my camera bag around with me everywhere I went, even to work (manager at a hardware store). Why in heck would I need my camera gear there?! LOL Once the cameras in phones started getting pretty good, I found myself shooting with my phone more than with my DSLR's. And now with my current phone, a Samsung Galaxy Note 10+, it's smallest, weakest camera is still 12mp, larger than the E3's 10.1mp. Granted, much much smaller sensors, but with the much more advanced sensor technology and associated software, extended dynamic range, , noise filters, low light performance, and now even with optical zoom, depth of field effects and both mechanical and digital image stabilization, all of which this phone has, it's really putting up a challenge to DSLR's in some regards. The main thing is the compactness and convenience since your phone is always on you.
  13. This is all very true. I used to do photography a while back, semi-professionally, using an old Olympus Evolt E-300 and a newer E-3. Shot both in fully manual mode and custom white balance, and people couldn't understand how I got such good shots. I had actual professionals tell me that I had a natural eye for composition, which I suppose is true. All I used these days is my phone to take pictures, usually in full manual mode, and people can't believe I'm taking these pics with a phone. When it comes to audio, it's all about synergy, choosing the right gear, proper speaker positioning, and if you use them, properly positioning and dialing subwoofers. Lots of research, planning, trial and error go a long way. This is also the reason why I am on the hunt for possible driver/crossover upgrades for my Heresy III's, as everyone claims that Heresy IV's are so much better. Mainly in the midrange and treble as I'm not concerned with the bass response of the new IV's.
  14. To a point, yes, it is redundant. But the Recovery is the first line of defense of cleaning up , isolating and re-clocking the signal before it gets to the DAC, which there's absolutely nothing wrong with that. And when you think about it, the Wireworld Ultraviolet USB cable does something similar as it physically separates the power and signal wires as well, helping to further isolate. It's less work the DAC has to deal with. And to answer your other question... Yes, you can clearly hear a difference with the Wyred Recovery in the signal chain. Even though the system is completely silent and clean with the Pi 4 directly connected to the DAC, when the Recovery is added, there's a bit more depth and space between instruments and singers. There's more sense of the volume of the venue in which the recording was made. Percussions such as drums and piano, have a sharper, cleaner leading edge to them. These aren't huge "in your face" differences, but they are clearly noticeable when quickly comparing with and without the Recovery in the system, even when in use with the awesome Unison USB in the Schiit Bifrost 2 DAC. And honestly, I don't really think it matters how good and/or expensive a source or DAC is, they can all benefit to a certain extent on the signal being cleaned up a bit more after it leaves the source and before it hits the DAC. As a side note, when I was using the Bluesound Node 2, I always used an ifi Audio iPurifier via the coax. It does the same thing as the Recovery, only with coax and Toslink which resulted in similar improvements, but nowhere near as drastic and noticeable as with the Recovery.
  15. They can explain it better than I can... https://wyred4sound.com/products/digital-converters/recovery As for the Ragnarok 2, I have no idea. For the price, I would imagine it's around the same as the older Bifrost Multibit as there's not mention of it having the Unison USB, which is the big improvement.
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