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  1. I have experience with every type of wood finish currently available and I could not disagree more strenuously with the advice given in this thread.  Even with my experience, I would not attempt to "repair" this almost undetectable flaw.  For the purpose of this discussion, it would be reasonable to equate the lacquer finish on one's speakers to the clear coat on an automobile.  I would not use any product or technique that would not be appropriate to subject your Mercedes to.  If I was to do anything it would be to apply a quality carnuba wax.  This may result in an acceptable improvement and is least likely to do harm in the hands of an amateur.


    Having said that, it is up to the OP which internet stranger he is willing to trust with potentially damaging his sizable investment.

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  2. 10 hours ago, babadono said:

    Is it a lacquer finish? If so I would try some pure tung oil wetted on some 0000 steel wool. Rub it judiciously and remove excess tung oil almost immediately.

    Have you actually done this yourself?  Have you attempted to repair a lacquer finish with tung oil?

  3. I have moved Khorns in the bed of a truck and in an enclosed trailer.  I definitely recommend the trailer and do this...


     "...leave the tops on and wrap them up with blankets and plastic wrap, stand them up and strap them together as a single unit and then wrap more blankets and plastic wrap around them...


    They will not move inside the trailer, unless you drive like an idiot or something tragic occurs.  I use styrofoam sheets (insulation) between the speakers and strap them together face to face.





  4. Aaron, I have a deal you may be inclined to ponder.  If you will come to Plant City in a few weeks, you can take my Quicksilver KT88 monoblocks and Quicksilver line stage preamp.  Try these out for a month or so and if they appeal to you, they will be a bit less than your budget.  If not, bring them back and try something else.

    I have had this gear for 20 years and have paired this setup with dozens of speakers from Magnepans to Klipshorns.  I am not actively selling but I know you and these no longer get much use.  I use vintage McIntosh for the Klipshorns and a Heresy in 3 channel stereo (magical) and use a Powernode with my Zu speakers.  I think I am going to settle on these two systems for a while.  That leaves a lot of electron manipulators I have managed to accumulate over the years lying around unused.

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  5. On most screens of the Roon remote interface, there is a speaker icon bottom right.  Select that to bring up a menu.  There, you will see a pair of arrows icon.  Select that to transfer the signal to any device you have enabled.  It defaulted to the Realtek device even after you had everything else connected properly.

    If you are satusfied with the sound, you can then experiment with running it via wifi to see if the sound is better, worse or the same.  Different people report different results.

  6. I am sorry if this is me raining on your Audiolab parade but you should listen to this podcast by John Darko. 




    He essentially says it is a great amp but the functionality of the streamer makes it a complete waste of money.  Perhaps you could return it for the simple integrated version, as he recommends and pocket the difference or put it toward a streamer that actually works.

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  7. Since I only have one FW, I can only compare it to other amps I have.  I find that digital music has more stereo separation than analog and I do not get a good center image.  My J2 very slightly brings the image in the center back into focus.  But it is subtle.  Other amps are VRD (tubes), McIntosh (solid state), Quicksilver(tubes).

  8. Don't give up now!  You have already done the most important step by identifying the finish.  Most people just skip this and proceed right to whatever someone on the internet told them to do.

    If you want, I can walk you through the process of learning how to work with shellac.  It is the easiest finish to repair, once you practice a little.  If you try it out on a scrap piece of wood and decide you are not up to it, you will be out less than $30 and a few hours messing around in the garage.  And your speakers will look no worse than they do now.

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