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  1. You too George, get well soon! Gute Besserung!
  2. Everyone´s a bonehead sometimes... Get well soon!
  3. Almost done, another coat of wax and the 1218 can move in.
  4. Get well, George! Maybe things will look brighter in the evening already. Plus, most of the others will be awake then too.
  5. George, You´re right, from our vantage point it´s a joke. But if You don´t know much about TTs and just want to take a peek? Ok, I think. Not everybody will spend several 100 bucks if they don´t know if they like it. I certainly would not exchange my Dual, with it´s all metall mechanics, with that ikea lightweight.
  6. That´s what I thought too, the TT being not that sophisticated like George said.
  7. Like one of the guys over in the Dual Forum said: "Vinyl is now officially hip again: https://www.ikea.com/de/de/p/obegraensad-schallplattenspieler-schwarz-70526339/ A TT and maching furniture on IKEA soon.
  8. At the moment it´s a M95G, with an original Shure stylus.
  9. By the way George, yesterday I ordered a Shure M95! Should be here next weekend.
  10. Got not much money, that´s why I collect used LPs (mostly) 😆: This one, I never get tired of.
  11. I present an obscure young fellow with a definite knack for the lenses.
  12. AndreG.

    The Other Discs

    Nothing on the Wiki. She does sample here an there. I saw some forums where guys rant about it, I don't give it much credit though. Plagiarism is taken very seriously in Japanese industry.
  13. AndreG.

    The Other Discs

    Something for fans of Yoko Kanno:
  14. OST to one of my other all time fav movies:
  15. 80´s japanese avantgarde electronic music. Found it in a store while shuffeling through some LPs. Not bad, a little Bowie here, a little Sakamoto there, was his debut album: Masami Tsuchiya - Rice Music
  16. Another I got last weekend:
  17. One of Terrence Hills best movies - ever, it´s one of my favourites!
  18. This one' s at the top of my want list.
  19. Didn´t realise yesterday that this was a new LP until the store owner brought sealed copy from the back. Less than thirty years old at the time and already had that rotten voice. I love the athmosphere of this live one. Can´t wait to hear this on my Heresies, still waiting for those tweeters... This month, I hope...
  20. Yoiur definition of a "Disc-Changer"? 😄
  21. Next up: Renaissance, no gloomy thoughts:
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