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  1. @MicroMara Got this one today. The cover's a bit battered, but the LP is fine:
  2. This was Vinyl I absolutely had to buy new! Till All are One!
  3. Wasn't that a stereo rack anyway? Looks about right to carry a small system, no?
  4. Basically You just copy and paste YouTube links of the songs You like and post them here. Idealy one writes something like why you like that song ect. and that' s about it.
  5. Have Yo tried to contact Klipsch customer service? Maybe they can help, if You find that you can't replace the bolt, that is...
  6. But it' s OK by me. Got it for 5€ over at the Dual Forum.
  7. Rarely played, You mean, maybe. If you look up the LP on Discogs, no, you can get for a few euros.
  8. It's a DV7001. I got it because it can be DVD region-fee unlocked by just entering a code via remote control, no chipping or flashing needed. As a bonus it plays SACDs as well.
  9. Another stack of used LPs arrived this weekend. Was looking forward to this one (It was/ still is a bit controversial.)
  10. Putting our Euro-Cents to some practical use: Next comes black paint coat, both sides.
  11. I would like to see him in concert, whenever that will be in these times... I like the stories he´s telling in many of his songs.
  12. Bought a bunch of old records lately, the Springsteen LP being one of them. I guess this warrants getting a "Knosti" LP washer next. I think "dirt" accounts for some of he "distortion" here.
  13. Should have read the notes on the cover... These are outtakes and tracks that didn't make it onto "Born to Run", so it's all kind of rough.
  14. I know that he was a sound-engineer, for Pink Floyd and others....
  15. Is it the TT, is it the LP? Getting some distortion here and there...
  16. Order via Internet and save yourself the hassle...
  17. The only thing that emediately comes to mind is Ikea: https://www.ikea.com/de/de/p/kallax-regal-weiss-80275887/
  18. Didn' t You yourself say you wouldn' t need a third? 😇
  19. AndreG.


    Would those be "Super Heresys" in their own right?
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