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  1. On 8/1/2021 at 2:09 PM, MeloManiac said:

    Over the years, there have been many occasions when I discovered new(to me) recordings, pieces, compositions like that. On the very moment, they triggered a wow-reaction and then I would wait until the presenter would give the details so I could buy the CD or listen to it again

    Same here, plus the one or other mentioned good recording here on this forum.

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  2. Welcome to the Forum!

    Is it really the woofer that´s bad? The KG 5.2 & 4.2 both have passive radiators in the lower place, in which case You can´t swap, the one in the 5.2 being bigger than the 4.2.

    Woofers are different parts as well, while the dimensions are the same, the woofer from the 4.2 might sound strange in a 5.2 cabinet.

    Take a look at the specs:




    How about looking for a spare on ebay? Or You can post in the garage section, maybe a member has a spare lying around.

  3. 2 minutes ago, nmorris43 said:

    Its curled and warped pretty badly.

    I thought so, bummer... I must mention, i don´t own any Epics. What i would do is, take a really sharp blade and a steel ruler and cut away the vinyl as close to the edge as i could. Then i would tape of the original boundary between the upper verneer and where the vinyl used to be and fill the gap with several layers of laquer paint. Maybe even on both cabinets to make it look similar.

    I hope You get what i´m trying to say...

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  4. 7 hours ago, Jeff Shell said:

    noticed a 12 inch woofer coming out the back has no magnet no wires running to it??

    Welcome to the Forum!

    What You found is what is called a "passive radiator", it enhances the bass-performance of the original KG4. It has no wires attached to it, that is normal, it runs without power.

  5. 3 hours ago, trongnguyen said:

    Tôi nghĩ rằng kg 5.5 có độ nhạy 98db/m . Nhưng nếu bạn nâng cấp bộ phân tần lên tời bậc 2 hay bậc 3 điều đó sẽ làm giảm độ nhạy của nó , bạn có nghĩ vậy không ?

    Google Translate:

    "I think kg 5.5 has a sensitivity of 98db/m . But if you upgrade the crossover to a 2nd or 3rd order winch that will reduce its sensitivity, don't you think?"



    Welcome to this Forum! Please, try to post in English. We are international here and English is the lingua franca. By doing so You will get more reactions to your posts.

  6. 7 hours ago, dtel said:

    I was 18, I didn't realize you were that young. :emotion-21: Glad to see everyone around here is not old. :lol:


    I only got to see them twice, wish it was more. They say the band will keep going, but to me it will not be the same. RIP

    Recent Wiki:

    Gibbons confirmed that the band would continue with Francis, per Hill's wishes. According to Gibbons, "Dusty emphatically grabbed my arm and said, 'Give Elwood the bottom end, and take it to the Top.' He meant it, amigo. He really did."

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  7. I read about someone having his Heresys sideways but don´t remember the thread. A quick search found this:


    On 2/5/2013 at 11:14 PM, moray james said:

    I run my H3 up on 22 inch high stands and if I turn them sideway they have to be raised a lot to keep the centre of the mid horn at ear level but they do sound great that way.

    Last post, this thread:

    Maybe @moray james could tell You more about his listening experience?


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  8. IMG_20210725_150713.thumb.jpg.72d4cea5522c1ba01e33a64d93231e35.jpg


    First i wanted to anchor it by simply having the rods push onto the floor and ceiling, but found the rods to be too flexible still.




    Had to use four of these wall-ankers as well. Not the nicest sollution optically, maybe i will come back later and change this for something less obstrusive.

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