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  1. 6 minutes ago, RandyH000 said:

    yeah ,  you're right , per speaker 2000$  so 4k$ a pair -

    So the 800€ really are a steal – if only i had the money, and the space to put them. If, if, if....

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  2. Billy, i always wanted to ask, why was Palladium discontinued? Was it always meant to be limited? To expensive, didn´t sell the quantity as expected? It was a superb speaker-line, from what i´ve read.

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  3. 17 minutes ago, CECAA850 said:

    Son in law, his friend and I had a bourbon and beer session last night on the back patio.   Guess we got a little loud as the police showed up around 11:30.  Otto the rottie greeted them.  I wish I took a picture of their faces as he met them. Lol.  They were cool though.  I guess they didn't know what to expect as there were 3 of them.  Safety in numbers I suppose.

    So You couldn´t convert them to become Klipsch disciples?







    This stuff came in today. I noticed that my AVR gets quite warm and we´re still in cool spring here in Germany. So i want to be ready for warmer summmer days and will put these two fans on my Marantz, i just have to figure out where best to place the heat-sensor. Does anyone know how to remove what look like seperate grills on top of the newer Marantz machines?


    Ed.: Forget the question. I just noticed that these "covers" are just sheets of slotted plastic, underneath is the metal casing as ususal. What purpose could these sheets serve? – No idea...




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  5. This weeks additions to my collection:






    This is the Springsteen box i was asking about a few days ago. Listened to two discs so far, mostly stuff from the 70´s & early 80´s, solos and also with E-Street-Band. Like it very much, especially when he´s just playing the guitar and singing you get the feeling you´re sitting in his living-room.

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  6. I recently shortened my speaker-wires and now have some length left. Now i´m wondering if i should make some jumper-cables to replace the brass jumpers on the bi-amp wire terminals of my RF3s. The cable would be Audioquest Indigo. What are Your opinions and experiences, audible difference to justify this mod?

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  7. 15 minutes ago, MeloManiac said:

    That's the thrill with music, even now, I still discover old and new music.... 

    I know the feeling. Ever since i began putting my stereo system back together and even more since i get a lot of input and ideas on this forum.

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