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  1. Resurrection time!

    I've decided to get a TT as well. I'll go down vintage road and will have a look at a Dual 1218 on Tuesday. " Ready to set up for audition", we'll see how that goes. I already made up my mind to rip the whole thing apart and do a revision. There's a german forum ( dual-board.de ) i signed up to with lots of help. If there's interest, i can post about progress, once i get to details. The 1218 seems to be an upper-level player for beginners these days, for me anyway. Really wanted a Thorens but was too slow (again) to get a reasonably priced TD 160 (200€). The Dual will be 55€, and i will have to work on it, but once it works it might be more fun than just plug and play.

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  2. On 10/29/2021 at 9:22 PM, wuzzzer said:

    Just wanted to comment that my THTs have been impressing me more and more every time I listen to them.  Listening to music, watching movies, they handle everything that's thrown at them without breaking a sweat.

    I don't even have any EQ applied.  I just placed them in my room 19" from the wall behind them and gave them a go.  Eventually I'll get a minidsp and all that jazz but I'm just enjoying getting used to them for now.


    Those subs make the Heresys look like they are really just bookshelves...

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  3. I was misleading, I wasn´t talking about myself. To expect a forum member in the US to help me out here in Europe would be a little much to expect...

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  4. IMG_20211021_121006.thumb.jpg.cdfcc1ee713db4966ce8ed44060f6752.jpg

    These speaker relais in my Yamaha give me some trouble lately, i have to push the appropriate speaker select button a few times to make the left speaker work on the A channel and for the right one on the B channel. I already gave the buttons a spray of contact-cleaner. Do you think it might be feasible to drill a little hole in them to get some de-oxifier inside?

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  5. 15 hours ago, mopardave said:

    .2 watts in standby and 2.7 watts in network stand by.  It is said in the manual that if HDMI pass thru is turned on, to keep the unit unplugged when not using.  Not sure what HDMI pass thru is or if it should be turned on or off.    Looks like this thing is going to be a large learning curve for sure.

    HDMI pass thru means that a signal, from your DVD for example, will go to your TV, even if the receiver is turned off. This only works if both, TV and DVD player are hooked up to the receiver. But with my receiver, it only works if it is in stand by.

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  6. IMG_20211017_112738.thumb.jpg.eea52266391f0467188aeb261770636e.jpg


    My girlfriend came back from Japan yesterday and brought this back for me:




    This is special interest really IMO. But Ifukubes life was very interesting and so is his music. A studied forester, he made his hobby his lifes blood. In the west he is mainly known for the music he composed for most of the old Godzilla movies.



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  7. On 10/15/2021 at 4:36 AM, Marvel said:

    I was away from this for a few days... glad you got something affordable and also works great for you.


    So... this is what I have in our party room ( was a 2 car garage when the house was built). First owner made it the family room and it's about 21 x 20 with 10 foot ceiling. At the moment I'm powering with a Crown D-45, at 35wpc. Very clean, tight bass, and can play louder than you would want to.





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  8. When I read about it, i couldn´t resist and ordered:






    Re-recording of the 1982 movie OST, two discs, just over two hours of music. About a third of the tracks were unreleased before.

    This is a much clearer recording, compared to my 1987 muffeled original. Details are different, for example:


    • On the old recording the drums are prominent.

    • Some tracks are played a little slower (my impression).

    • Makos (Iwamoto Makoto) opening is missing in this recording.


    Now i´m looking for this to make my collection complete:



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  9. 12 hours ago, Emile said:

    OK; my all time favorite (after Beethoven's 9th). All Along the Watchtower. Might be wrong but think it is the song played by most (reputable) musicians :) Here's a couple of versions ... of course "Jimi" is first :) 








    I can add another version. From the BSG OST SE3:



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  10. I own a SR6008. Here the tone controls are hidden inside the audio menue, but Audyssey must be activated for them to be accessible, if i remember correctly. And no, mine does not get noticably warm in standby... Maybe a dust related problem? I´d do a rudimentary set-up and see if everything works, maybe clean it inside.

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  11. 6 minutes ago, Coytee said:





    I'm confused.  Perhaps you can clarify.


    You are looking for Khorns.  "Got" Khorns, now looking.


    So, are you still looking for them or did you get them quickly as could be inferred by your second comment?


    I don't have any, I'm just trying to get you to clearly state your situation.

    me too...

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