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  1. 4 minutes ago, MicroMara said:

    That´s still their best ..the SL 1000 R , but over $ 16 K 🤑...without cartridges 😂



    Certainly looks very well made, but I doubt You could hear the difference to your rig, George...

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  2. PXL_20231022_150931464.thumb.jpg.9af358dc3a9c38ab946c8367f99037c1.jpg


    With the new cables and hooked to the Kenwood. I have to say: That amp and the speakers were made for each other – sounding saweet!!

    And a good one for a test-run, Devins latest live album. The only thing I gripe about is, that it´s too short. Two LPs, three songs per side max, run-outs are huge, I´m sure the concert was longer. Well, they picked the best there was. 


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  3. Today an addition to my vintage-system arrived:




    A KT-7550. I couldn´t test it, power-switch is stuck in the off-position. Apart from that it´s very clean, both from the outside and inside. I´ll send it to a technician tomorrow. He´ll refurbish it and he will also modify it 

    to make it compatible with DAB+ standard.  


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  4. Hello fellow Community-Lifers,


    I am going to have a K 1005-K woofer out of a KG 4.5 soon, just a single one. It is in perfect working order. Since I didn´t find any for sale on Ebay for reference, what would be a reasonable price to ask for it?

    Thanks for Your input.


  5. 39 minutes ago, JohnJ said:

    Hello @AndreG. Like the improvement you've made here! Make sure you let us know how they sound now. Know that you won't use the flowery language that some of the "professional" reviewers use!


    Sounding better by the minute! First thing was I had forgotten that I had inverted the plugs of the speaker-cables when I first hooked them up, they sounded strange then. Now that I switched the new woofer for the old Visaton one I noticed that the stereo-image was wrong... As I said, I had forgotten about the cables. Back then I thought I had hooked that cable up the wrong way at my receiver, now I know that the previous owner wired the woofer wrong. That was part of the reason some of the acoustic information got lost... Now everything is as it should be, woofer wired correctly, cable wired correctly at the terminal-cup. Sound is much more coherent now. I will continue to use this combo K 1005-K and new woofer until the new unit has run in. 


    George: As for why he picked the Visaton? My guess is, he just chose the cheapest option with the right diameter. Also, he didn´t know which specs the K 1005-K has, like I didn´t. I was lucky enough to have had a lucky search on Ebay to find my source.


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  6. Hi Randy. My question is not as obviously answered as You might think. For us here in Europe it´s much harder to get used spares for Kipsches than in the States or Canada. So, while not cheap, my source is a viable way to keep these speakers pumping, but it´s not OEM. Let´s hear Travis´ opinion about that. 

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  7. 4 minutes ago, Peter P. said:

    I would replace the Klipsch OEM woofer with another of the one you purchased, then they would match both


    Ups, forgot to mention that – I did get a pair, precisely for the reason You stated Peter, thanks! 

    I´ll come back on Your idea with those rings, if I decide that the original veneer is good enough. 


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