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  1. 57 minutes ago, Rolox said:

    Oh well, Heritage Klipsch are rare in our countries so no matter how much you paid, it was a smart move in my opinion 😉 congrats on you purchase! 

    Amen to that! There´ s a pair of Heresys on german ebay kleinanzeigen today, nothing special, stacked one on the other on the pictures, on bare outsides stone flooring (so much for the veneer then...), seller is asking 1500€! Can´ t remember seeing Chorus here....

  2. 31 minutes ago, Islander said:


    Is it pretty tricky to cue up songs with the transparent vinyl?

    Seen with a little angle from the side, you can still make out the grooves, so, no problem.

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  3. 4 hours ago, sputnik said:

    “Swastika Girls” still sounds amazing nearly 50 years later.  

    Fripp also produced and appeared on the Roches’ first album.  One of my favorites.



    Nice 701. A Dual 701 or 721 would probably somehow fit into my collection. But I' m still busy with maintenance of my 1218.

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  4. I´m good, some work tomorrow, but then i want to wash some of the used vinyl that I got my hands on lately. Then there will be a long weekend, four day<, that i want to use and get some work done on the Heresys.

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  5. My Girlfriend likes to pick up all kinds of music at the library. Sometimes little gems turn up. This will be an album I´ ll definitely buy in the  future:



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  6. 7 hours ago, JohnJ said:

    So just keep the dust outta there before you slide that record in and it's all good (in my mind)!

    That´s just it, JohnJ. I bought these used, and while the LPs themselves are ok, the sleves, outer and inner, are really used and i´m notr sure what has accumulated in the inner sleve in 40 years. So I´ll put the LP inside a new inner sleve and keep the old one as well. 😉

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