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  1. Is there a simpler explanation out there? LOL...Tried to understand it. Thanks for posting though. Take Care
  2. It is amazing that the PL let's you do this.
  3. How do you compare the Fezz to Unison Research? Any insight? Thanks
  4. Yeah, the price is a big thing to count into the equation obviously. If I were to buy a PL, it would be the EVO 400 Integrated. If Unison Research, it would be the Triode 25. It is about $2000 cheaper than the EVO 400 and some people claim it is more musical, tubey, etc. So hard to decide isn't it. Anyways, Again, all the best with it.
  5. The Titania is a beautiful looking amp. Man!
  6. Fezz is so interesting to me. Polish made. Kind of like a big family with commitment to a good product. Also, priced reasonably. I think this is something to look at OP. Cheers
  7. Welcome! I am relatively new too and this site is great. Still researching my first tube amp purchase and kind of waiting for COVID to go on it's way. I was really looking hard at the McIntosh MA252 integrated and then for some reason, the more I read, the more I really think PrimaLuna is a good choice and put it on the list along with one other. Not sure if you know about Unison Research but they supposedly make very nice equipment and it is put together in Italy. The Triode 25 is one I am really thinking hard about getting. That or the PL EVO 300/400. Good Luck!
  8. I watch a lot of Steve's reviews and shows but I really try to be careful when he supports something, especially the items that are relatively cheap and new to the market or not known by many. I wonder in the back of my head if he gets paid for that or if he gets a percentage of increased sales from the time he posted the review until so and so a time. I want to like and respect him but I don't totally trust him. Maybe I am wrong.
  9. Hi Fido, I honestly did not know that you could do that. I love music and am beginning to understand more about audiophile stuff but yeah, thanks for that. Take Care
  10. I feel the same about tweaking bad recordings with something like tone controls. Question for you. If you can't do that with the PL, could you add a SUB to it to help with bad recordings? I use my sub to compensate for harshness etc. when playing records that I probably got quality pricing pressings of when I had no money. Hey wait, I still have no money. LOL. Seriously, a SUB really helps me. I only use it maybe 10% of the time but when I do it really changes a bad recording into a listenable one.
  11. Did you wind up getting the Simply Italy or the Triode 25? Curious. Thanks
  12. Every time I see a Primaluna Amp for sale I wonder why. If I had one, I am pretty sure I wouldn't sell it. I get some need money but if you are trying to "upgrade" I am not sure how it would be done by selling it.
  13. Man, that is sweet. Congratulations! It is something to look at. That's for sure! Take Care
  14. That is where my mind is too Fido. 8 tubes .... only 4 more 😉 Just keep away from the NOS and you will do fine money wise lol. Cheers
  15. What is the difference between the 300 and 400 as far as sound quality? Can't decide and wonder if the extra $1500 is worth it.
  16. Looking at all these posts and trying not to mislead you. I think it comes down to what you listen to. Me, I listen to a variety of music that the Simply Italy would shine with but my speakers have a 91db efficiency rating and I am not sure that would work with the SI. Your Klipsch are around the same so, that might just be an issue depending on the music you listen to. I like my bass though and have to listen to Sabbath the odd time 😉 That would push me towards the Triode. It's a tough decision and the reviews of the SI are just fantastic from forums I have been on. The first watt matters and all that. Make sure you let us know what you choose! And, good luck.
  17. Wow, two nice pieces you are choosing between. I don't know your speakers so I won't comment on that. I just came here to say wow, two nice pieces ..... lol. I have the Triode on my list. I was also looking at the Simply Italy. Might still but not sure that my PSB Imagine T2 Towers would match up well. Good Luck
  18. I really like Unison Research amps. Looking at PrimaLuna and your amp and the Triode 25. Really sharp and look like they are built with love lol.
  19. I think I saw a picture with the 150's and the cage. I believe the guy added some sort of "spacers" at the bottom of the "feet". Anyways, I am glad you got the energy spurt to install the new tubes. I feel the same way Brother. Covid has us in a state of malaise.
  20. Amazing! i think that’s a great idea. Take your time and get a feel for what the sound is before you switch it up. Seems like everyone has that same excitement about the PL. Take Care
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