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  1. 3 minutes ago, billybob said:

    Have seen vidalia eaten like an apple... good stuff.


    The idea was hopefully, they would grow back, lol. Thanks!



    Nah they are cleared away by specialized operatives. With the exception of infants where they disappear without a trace w/o aid.



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  2. Regarding hallucinogens...if you're not in the right frame of mind it will be one of the worst decisions you'll ever make. I'm old and haven't indulged in decades but I've extensive experience with them. Not to mention like everything else technology has left it's mark on recreational drug usage. Tread lightly and be informed.

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  3. 14 hours ago, Invidiosulus said:

    That’s what it feels like once the shimmervision™️ goes away.

    Man did you jinx me? Got to work and experienced a mild one. Full on visuals but pain was easy enough to deal with. An industrial strength Naproxen took the edge off. Man I wish they'd have stayed away. I went for oh maybe 7-8 years w/o one. And then about 5 years ago they came back. I haven't experienced any of those dark room no noise and try to sleep it off monsters in 20+ years. But it was nice to have forgotten about them for awhile.

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  4. Thinking about restoring my '91 Tag Heuer 695.706 KA. Still wearable but the bracelet is loose and it could use....nah it needs a service. Paint's chipped and the crown is worn down.


    Also looking for a new (maybe used) addition as it's been a long time since I bought a watch. Considering a Seiko Spring drive if I can convince myself to part with the $$$$.


    Now that I think about it my daily Orange Monster Gen1 could use a service too.


    I just put the Tag on. Feels positively dainty compared to The Monster. :D

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  5. I've taken my H1 apart maybe 7-8 rimes with no issues. Don't know if there is a big difference between 1 and 2. Just resist the temptation to over tighten the screws. Snug them up...that is stop just as resistance begins to ramp up fast. That's the best way I can think of to describe when to cease. I'm a mechanic/machinist so exceeded the force required for material removal once or twice. Doesn't hurt to clean threads prior to reassembly both sides.

  6. 28 minutes ago, Islander said:


    What, my speakers?  If you go to my profile you can see the left one, along with the Hi-Fi Fairy, who's dusting the K402 horn.  Since then, I made much better-looking bases for the horns.  The bases are 4"/10 cm tall, 24" wide, and 25" deep, and finished in black.  Nothing fancy, but they look good enough for my purposes.  I'm planning to post a picture of the system sometime, but there always seems to be something more important right at the moment, so I don't have any great pix of the full kit.

    Yes your speaker. Thanks.


    Check yer inbox.

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