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  1. 1 hour ago, Shakeydeal said:



    The Grand Ole Opry is not just about country. I saw Old Crow Medicine Show there a few years ago and I'd never call them "country".

    I would. What would you call them?



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  2. I have a WiiM mini. It allows me to use my iPhone to control Spotify through it. It also allows the same with other providers. I'm not quite as particular about the nuances of sound...well due to decades of guns/racing motorcycles and really loud concerts I question my ability to tell the difference not to mention my wallet's shortcomings.


    The above runs through my Schiit Modi3+/Fisher 440T/Heresy I and Klipsch KG SW sub.


    .....and then there is my room...

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  3. 29 minutes ago, OO1 said:

      dont touch the crossover , dont update the capacitors ,   , the HF of those speakers is gonna sound  very bright  but that's the way they were designed for crystal clear vocals    ,and  the bass is  more mellow , the sound  is old school  70's ,  


    That's a pretty good description of my '79 Heresy.


    Oh and nice score micklipsch

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  4. Anyone know if these are usable under a motorcycle helmet? I detest sound systems on motorcycles but wouldn't mind access to some tunes occasionally. Well that and I pay too much for the phone service so I'm going to test that whole unlimited thing.   :D

  5. I rarely sell things. I keep them until they're worn out and no one wants them. I take a lot of time when I purchase so I get what I want. Took me almost two years to find my Heresy. And they're not going anywhere. Might sell the Topping PA3s not sure yet.

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