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  1. If you read up on it Stryker bought after GM had drawn a line in the sand with a deadline when Koenigsegg withdrew after GM and the banks drug their feet on a deal. GM knew Stryker couldn't afford Saab but took the money anyways. GM killed Saab. And then rooked the US government for billions.

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  2. 11 hours ago, henry4841 said:

    I am using a Shiit modi as well. Good enough for me, I run with the small dogs. I was not familiar with the Fisher and did not know if SS or tube. Early SS receiver I found out. Nice

    When I first got the Heresy I was actually kind of disappointed. Then on a whim I decided to use the Fisher. man it woke them up! They sound so much better with the Fisher than the class D Topping. My Klipsch R-610f sound just fine with the Topping...in fact they sound pretty good. The Heresy just don't agree with the cheaper class D. I think if I bought a better class D they would sound better but I won't risk the money. Leaning towards Schiit Vidar but have not decided yet.

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  3. Schiit Modi 3+. Was playing through a Topping PA3s. Didn't care for that combination. Thin and hollow. Detailed but.....


    Now through my '65 Fisher 440T modified with the power section from a 500T.


    Into 1979 Heresy original configuration  with DeanG refurb'd crossovers. They changed enough w/the crossover fix I've been setting them up all over again. Well that and Shaggy (my 90 pound Shepherd) occasionally moving the right speaker when he lays down.


    This is new territory for me. Never owned a speaker that opened up the music like my Heresy.

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  4. Once you reach a certain level of quality what differs is immeasurable. It's the character and qualities of the sound. And we all hear it differently as well as like particular types of reproduction. And after all it is a reproduction and that's all it will ever be.


    I've heard my Heresy described as having a "basement floor soundstage" whatever that means. Didn't change my opinion of them. I enjoy them and that's the bottom line.

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  5. 8 hours ago, yamahaSHO said:

    I'm a Cobb Tuner for Subaru and other platforms. You don't need to build an engine for a tune. 

    Well like I said I like the OEM tune's character. An were I to change it I want stupid horsepower. So yeah I will have to build an engine.

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  6. Nah I work on everyone else's sh!t all week. I buy what I want now and leave it alone. I have the Aprilia Tuono (180MPH) and CRF450R (54HP/228lbs) for when speed is the goal. Man I've set 14 landspeed records I know fast.  I'm 64 it's time for other hobbies. I don't bounce like I used to.


    The FA20 rods become elastic at 350 lb-ft so I'd have to build an engine. The 'rex is a car for the mountain backroads around here. It's just fine as is.

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  7. Used to get some dogs made from venison. Added about 30% beef for some fat and cheddar cheese. They were about 1/4 lb each and delicious. The old man that made them passed and his kids couldn't keep up the quality so the business died too. I have no venison at this time and it's 9 months 'til hunting season here.   :(

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