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  1. Mine actually has a MonsterCable decal on the rear panel
  2. I've owned a pair of early production RF-7 loudspeakers for over twenty years. These are the ones internally wired with Monster Cable Z-Series. Have also seen models called Mk1, RF-7ii 5th generation, RF-7iii, Classic, Original, Reissue, Limited Edition, etc. Is there a detailed timeline of all RF-7 versions?
  3. Owners manual says www.klipsch.com/register
  4. Owners manual says www.klipsch.com/register
  5. The thread title is FOAM PLACEMENTS IN RF-7'S by rugerdog. The Klipsch employee replied that this diagram is correct, and is what I followed.
  6. Im unfamiliar with Heresy line, let alone early production. I'll follow up when seller provides more info. Ask is $800/BuffaloNY if anyone wants to grab them.
  7. Local FB seller has a pair of Heresy H1 for sale. This is only photo posted, I requested more. Will this pair need total rebuild, and be more problems than they're worth?
  8. Use the search function and there is a hand drawn illustration in on of the threads. Cant recall which one. But pic is better than words. Mine came with foam partially blocking lower ports. When I originally moved them, did it incorrectly due to lack of info at the time.
  9. 20yo topic being revisited! Didnt even remember posting it until after searching for RF-7 foam insert. Try to keep this short, but I'm in a state of shock. When I made the original post, there weren't many RF-7 inquiries to the community being recently introduced. My pair are early manufacture with Monster Cable Z-SeriesĀ® wiring & Cherry wood cabinets. Serial #'s 119/122. Since 2002, there's been many posts asking the same question about placement of the interior acoustic foam. One has a Klipsch engineer replying with the correct factory placement. Mine were 180 degrees offset, so only the 2 sides of the lower cabinet & bottom were covered. I just now repositioned the foam to factory spec. And Im blown away by the result! The sad part is 2 decades of not hearing my speakers perform to their potential. The exact moment realizing this was listening to Cheryl Crow's self titled album, the track Everyday Is A Winding Road. Having played this dozens of times before, I was speechless at the new sound coming from my beloved Klipsch. The imaging and soundstaging were so defined that upon closing my eyes, I could accurately hear where each musician was standing (Tchad Blake engineer of mixing). Previous listening sessions had lacked that attention to detail. My system is elderly, NAD C216THX 125w & C160pre, NAD CD545BEE, and 10' set of locally manufactured JPSLabs UltraConductor Bi-Wire cables. Recently added Klipsch Reference R-120SW sub that I'm still experimenting with placement and isolation. I'll wrap this up by saying its amazing how much difference the foam placement effects the sound, that it almost seems like I got a new set of speakers.
  10. Do reissue RF-7's still have Monster Cable Z-Wire internal wiring in them?
  11. Stephen, you are most probably correct that the entire freq from 20-20000 is being put through the Pre-Out #2 jacks. But doesnt the RSW-15 subwoofer have its own internal electronics to only "listen" to the sub-bass freqs? In other words, doesnt it only reproduce the sounds that it is meant to, and ignores the mid and high frequency signals?
  12. Anybody ever play around with this foam padding? Adding more, removing it entirely, trying different materials? What about gluing it into the cabinets as opposed to being just layed inside the bottom? Inquiring ears want to hear.....
  13. Local dealer has an RSW-15 for sale. Question is if I can hook it up correctly to my preamplifier. I am using an NAD C-160 preamplifier. On the rear, it has 2 sets of RCA jacks. One set goes directly to the amplifier. The other set is currently unused and is listed in the owners manual as being used for Bi-Amping with another amplifier. Nothing is mentioned about hooking a subwoofer to it. It also has a bias dial to adjust both amplifier channels to be equal when using the bi-amping option. Will I be able to connect an RSW-15 subwoofer directly to this spare output?
  14. Just found a sheet of foam packing "sponge" inside the cabinets of my RF-7 speakers. Seems kinda low-tech for a reference quality loudspeaker. But I am never one to second guess the engineers. Can anyone explain the purpose behind stuffing this material into the cabinets? It actually was blocking the lower of the 2 bass ports. And it is easily removed. Is this stuff "tuneable" by adding more or removing it totally? What will it change on the speakers sound?
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