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  1. Yup, I experienced the same exact thing when I tried using a First Watt SIT-3 amplifier. I ran XLR from Xilica XP4080 to RCA on the First Watt. Monoprice 104784 3' Premier Series XLR Female to RCA Male 16AWG Cable https://www.monoprice.com/product?p_id=4785 I confirmed that this is a 3 conductor cable. Signal + goes to center pin on the RCA and the - and shield are soldered together on the RCA outer conductor. I experimented desoldering the shield and leaving it floating on the RCA end and it didn't make a difference. Whine was still present. I only heard the whine from the Jubilee HF stock compression driver left and right. Not noticeable form the LF cabinets. I disconnected everything in my setup and traced the noise to the Xilica. Unplugged everything. I didn't plug in any inputs into the Xilica. I plugged in the First Watt SIT3 and connected the left speaker cable. Turned amp on. Silent. I plugged in the Xilica and connected the Monoprice XLR to RCA cable. Silent Turned on the Xilica and when the internal relay turns on after a few seconds I hear the high pitched whine. Is it possible that this is an issue with the Xilica? Should I contact them? The date code on my Xilica is from December 2020. Curious if the original poster and I have issues with our units. Or is this just an inherent issue with using XLR to RCA with high sensitivity drivers? I didn't hear the noise when I previously used the Crown D75a or a pair of Amp Camp monoblocks which both had balanced inputs. I'm Debating now if I want to experiment with the Jensen transformers or sell this amp and look into other amps that offer balanced inputs. Also considering other amps with balanced inputs; Cyrus Stereo 200, First Watt J2, Benchmark AHB2.
  2. I'm interested in purchasing the Amp Camp ACA monoblocks in custom built chassis' with Walnut Faceplates. Will send you a PM.
  3. Has anyone tried inputting AES into an Xilica XD-4080 crossover? Seems like the message I posted above on Friday slipped through the cracks. I’m new to the forum and had to be approved by a mod as it was my first post.
  4. I listen to 100% digital sources. I have a Parasound P6 playing middle man before the Xilica DSP in my system. Digital source (Roon) - converted to analog (Parasound P6) - converted to digital by the Xilica internally for processing - finally back to analog to Jubilees I noticed that the XD-4080 offers a AES/EBU I/O. Could I get something like a PI2AES to go digital from a Raspberry Pi into the XD-4080? I'd dial in the overall gain on the XD4080, and make fine adjustment within Roon. https://www.pi2design.com/store/p19/PI2AES_-_PRO_AUDIO_SHIELD.html If it worked it would end up with: Digital source (Roon) - Digital PI2AES straight into the Xilica XD4080 - final Analog conversion to Jubilees Do you think using AES into the XD-4080 have any improvement on sound? Am I being OCD trying to reduce the extra digital to analog conversion in my current setup?
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