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  1. So did you ever figure this out, as I am having the exact same issue?
  2. Seriously, a 198.50$ for one speaker in 1973? Now that has to of had some great quality to it for that price back then. Today conversation would be over 1300$ each Curious to see how they still sound
  3. Great information, but has left me to more questions about the Pro La Scala I just got I am trying to find the history behind the ones I got, but according to the information, there should be a letter within the serial number, unless I am reading it wrong? I have attached a pic of the back panel of one of the speakers I just got, the serial number is 1050 and the other speaker is 1052 The previous owner said her husband bought them in the late 70's Can you let me know if this is correct?
  4. OK so a few things I picked up the speakers today and OMG they weigh a ton, thank god I had help I DJ'd for 25 years and had similar speakers that sure did not weigh this much(or I'm just older and weaker 😉 ) So late friends wife told me that he had bought these brand new back in the late 70's which would make sense as this video I found on youtube looks like the same but could not see the serial number clearly. I am now just waiting for my sonos amp which from what I have read and told, it will be more than adequate to power these speakers as they are very efficient meaning don't need a big amp to get good sound out of these. Also the good thing about hooking up to sonos, I can limit volume as have kids who like to push the boundaries of my speakers when I am not home. Let you all know how it sounds once setup Thanks
  5. Tres bien merci I speak better than I can write though. So I ordered a sonos amp and will place these in my basement game room - I have 30 day return on amp from Amazon in case does not sound good with them I will try to get these setup for SB this weekend. I've been doing a lot of research and found that these are Industrial La Scala which have K43 heavy duty woofer quote from another post I found "BG type which is black fiberglass mat with al trim (the most highly prized type)." I look forward to having these in my game room and since I have industrial style look they will blend in I hope.
  6. So I have a question I have a pair of Klipsch RP8060FAB as my fronts for my surround sound system Is it worth it to swap out with these with Pro La Scala ? Or should I use those as dance speakers in game room and maybe power them with Sonos Amp as I have many sonos products
  7. Thanks for the replies I've seen some online (kijiji) going between 2500-3500 CDN$ brand new 17000 CDN$ 😮 Funny the one asking 3500 is in very bad condition I am not very familiar with the Pro La Scala, what can anyone tell me about the ones I have and how old they are. I have a Marantz amp, but not sure it would do these LSI justice. I already have big 11.2 set-up with Klipsch surround speakers and SVS subs and only place I could put these would be in a game room, but would need an amp and from what I read these work better with subs and not sure the wife would like more speakers in the house 😶 Anyways I promised my friend that I would keep them rather than sell them for cheap as there is sentimental feeling behind them. If I were to keep them, what would be my best set-up for them (amp? sub?) I live just outside western tip Montreal, Quebec Canada Thanks
  8. Hi there New to here and have a question My friends husband passed away a couple years ago and she wants to give me a pair of Klipsch Pro La Scala Type L-S-BG I don't really need them and was wondering what a fair price would be for this pair in good condition serial #'s 1050 & 1052 Thanks
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