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  1. I think I might be using the wrong outputs on the tv. I went off the Composit AV L & R outputs which are RCA. I found the tv manual online and it also has 3.5mm audio output. So, I think I need a cable with RCA on one end and a 3.5 on the other.
  2. Speakers are here(hear), but I have a problem. The tv is an older Vizio smart tv and the receiver is a Sony STR-DH190. I have them hooked up using the audio out from tv, to audio in on the receiver using an RCA cable(s). I can't get the receiver to hear the TV. I have gone through the settings on the tv and changed all the relative sound parameters, but I must be missing something.
  3. Right, to me it seems like that would work against the bass. In all fairness, I have never had the pleasure of hearing a pair of Khorns. Kinda pointless now that too many power tools and shooting has done its thing to my ears and on top of that, the Tinnitus is like a chorus of Cicadas 24/7.....
  4. When he was grabbing the torx bit with a pair of pliers, I thought I was going to scream out loud. He bought a pair of $14,000 speakers but does not own a bit ratchet, or adapter for a regular ratchet, a torx socket, or a driver handle for most of the screws that were not under the edge of the cabinet?? Holeey crap....
  5. I think I'm going this route, and keep looking for a KLF-C7. If/when I can find one I can use the RP-160M's for my basement or my shop.
  6. Just wondering, would it be blasphemy to even think about mixing in the new with the old?.....a R-52C http://centerspeakerzone.com/klipsch-r-52c-review/ bottom of the barrel....or a better freq response: https://www.crutchfield.com/p_714500C2E/Klipsch-Reference-Premiere-RP-500C-II-Ebony.html
  7. Thanks for the detailed info, I'll see if I can't run a KLF-C7 down.
  8. That would be quite the trip...shipping to 37881( it's a thought)?
  9. My current receiver is a Sony 2 channel and I want to move up to a home theater type, so looking at these: https://www.crutchfield.com/p_158STDH590/Sony-STR-DH590.html?tp=179 https://www.crutchfield.com/p_022RXV385/Yamaha-RX-V385.html?tp=179 I want to buy a used Klipsch center speaker, so which one to look for? There is a KSP-C6 close-by on Fleabay, & a KLF-C7 in the garage here. I'm not sure which one would be better for my set up?
  10. Speaking of the 70's does anyone remember Sonab speakers? Back then I was a broke student, but working two jobs, so I had a little $. I was torn between a pair of Sonab's or Klipsch. While at the audio showroom, an employee dollied in a set of large Sonab's, said they were blown out during a house party and needed repair....I went with Klipsch, but have to say the sound of the Sonab's was amazing.
  11. Ordered(found it on the 'zon for $12 & change shipped)...much thanks for the info & I will update the status once I open the speaker up.
  12. Ok, I found the dust cover and it's intact🙃. I will disassemble the speaker in a few days. What kind of adhesive do I use on the dustcover, and spider if it is detached?
  13. Wait...a synapse fired(audible crack)...this was my second set of Klipsch speakers....the first set went byby in a 2003 Divorce. I gotta lay off the shrooms....;>! Ok, solid advise, I am not sure if I put that dust cap where it could ever be found again. Will check out the voice coil and look at those aftermarket and used.....thanks!
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