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  1. my first guess would be that they have low sensitivity. this is a total guess, not too versed in car audio, when i was into it, looks made more difference than performance, but i was only a teenager also. i think if you put a high sensitivity speaker in a car, you would pick up all kinds of noise from the primary coil, alternator/generator, and other "not so clean" power sources in your car. so you put in a less sensitive speak, and ram a bunch more watts into it to get the same result. makes sense in my head...but again, it is a guess.
  2. ugh that would have made me sick if i had missed my svs delivery, i stood by the door waiting for the truck to come (after tracking the box from svs to the local distribution point about once an hour) well at least now you can spend a solid amount of time with this beast. let the clothes flapping begin
  3. ah ha! that makes sense, thanks drpyro and co1, didn't see the forest through the trees. on my laptop, i can switch to monitor 2 and adjust the res from 640x480 up to 1920x1080. not sure how that would look but sounds like fun. one problem, i quit the job with the boss w/projector. he said he wanted the pj back, i said to shove it up his ha just kidding, but i did leave that job. i may end up trying out the dlp infocus x1...just to test drive it and try out a lower $$ unit, but right now the epson powerlite 10 home pj has got me thinking. it is a new pj release and looks like a great deal...just can't find much info on it yet. yall heard anything on it?
  4. i always am a day late to see the tom-foolery that avman's unattended computer gets into....as bad as it is, i still wish i could have read it no offense avman, i just love tom-foolery. and grits with butter
  5. tlbor, i have to agree w/orange peel. svs has such a clean sound to it that i would first try the pb2. another thought is that if you use more than one sub, depending on you room and sub phase control, you could actually reduce your db's buy one of the sub cancelling out (out of phase) with the other. if you go with both, take spl readings with the svs, then both and see if you are losing anything at you listening position...i didn't let my nasty filthy rotten old subs even mingle with my svs...i already was disgracing my klipsch's by having such trash hooked up, but it was all i had... writing the old subs names here is like speaking the black tongue of mordor... bad, evil.....(shudder)
  6. smilin, when i got my sweaty hands on a spl meter, i downloaded the free tone generator that frankie talked about, read the threads how to get readings, and then took frankie's great excel file and pumped my numbers in. i tweaked my freq's a little different--as seen in the attached graph. i basically measured the entire spectrum of sound from my mains and sub. trust me, it is fun at first but after doing that a few times...well i will just say that is a lot of freqs to record. anyway, i took bunches of readings (level it to 75dB at 1000Hz) so i could better see my room response. i figured that in some of my readings that were way high (peak) or low (null) could possibly be just an odd freq that produced a spike in the graph. so my graph will not be smooth like others but i can see true trends (in other words, i can really see if a single freq is bad or if it is the whole range. my response turned out very well as stated by tom from svs. he said if i applied typical smoothing that my response is pretty flat (except the fact i like my low end louder than usual) good luck w/the graphing, and my advice is not to be overly critical of it's results...you can move your spl meter over just a foot or two and get a completely different response. in fact, if you stand at the tip of my coffee table, at 55Hz there is almost no audible sound...move over a foot and it is deafening...just a weird spot where the waves cancel out. let your ear (not the ear, unless readily available) be the final judge
  7. i found my dvd player outputs 480i/480p through the component jacks. i can't find the output from my laptop's cdrw/dvd player...i looked in the system spec sheet and online. anyone know how to find that out? back to reading...
  8. dave, that was great. i have a better grip on output/input. that also cleared up the progressive/interlaced issue...am i right in saying that high def is totally seperate from the prog/interlace? i believe that high def just means that there is a higher number of lines res. so less scaling occurs--which means a more detailed picture. the advice about dvd outputs and htpc has begun a new journey of searching for me...i remember that when running the epson, the image was a little soft...didn't think of hooking up a htpc to it. so off i go in search of my dvd/laptop/desktop output values... thanks again!!
  9. hey thanks guys, this has been a wealth of knowledge that i am going to start researching... right now, i am leaning to a 16x9 lcd. i have read good stuff about the sony hg10?? (the one avman mentioned) and kinda like the higher resolution, almost to the point of willing to shell out the extra bucks to get more lines of resolution. right now in this house, i would sit about 15ft from the screen. i ran an epson presentation type projector that was around $2500 (way bright ) just for fun when i had it from my boss and i noticed the screen door about 6ft away, but during the movie, never noticed it. i just know i loved that 96" diagonal star wars 2, once you get one in home, you will never turn back...that was my mistake so here is a question, i am going to only run a dvd player to it via component wires. my dvd player has progressive scan on it but i have never used it as it is currently hooked up to a base model tube tv. is this right-to use progressive scan, you need a high def tv/projector? or just one that has a higher resolution to support it like the sony h10? or is that all one in the same...still an unclear part for me. thanks again for a great response!
  10. whew, smilin, if you are at all like me, once you get that monster hooked up, your going to push it with some great ht scene...a huge grin will cross your face...but then comes a nervous tremor in your smile because you have never felt frequencies this low and that loud. it is a mixture of pure pleasure and bodily concern. i can't describe it very well, but it is a new feeling that your body has never felt before...concerning is the best way to describe it. mine hit me when i realized the lights were flickering because the filaments in the lightbulbs were vibrating once again, your welcome for the advice, but trust me, everyone is waiting for you to hook that thing up and try to communicate in words what you have gotten yourself into...it's going to move some serious air (and pictures, trinkets, clocks, etc.) you may want to spend your time now putting felt pads under everthing that isn't over 5 lbs i have all the rattles gone except at 33Hz, the lattice work in between the window panes vibrates so much it slaps the glass on each side...haven't figured that one out yet
  11. smilin, woo-hoo i saw on your other thread that you just placed an order for the B4-Plus. man, i am excited about your buy. i have yet to hear from someone who has gotten one and hear/feel how it sounds. i know how excited i was when i bought my cylinder from svs...i can't even imagine how i would have been if i ordered that beast (B4). keep us updated when you get this monster...i wish i could hear it but the next best thing for me is to hear your experience. until then, i will live vicariously through you... i think i am going to go sob softly for a while ...oh, what kind of amp are you going to drive it with?
  12. i feel like a broken record on this but.... the absolute best thing you can do is email svs customer support (tom is who you get) tell him what you want the subs for (music, ht, etc) and give him a description of your room. he will give you his recommendation on what will be best for your room and your wallet. i wrote him fully wanting to get a more expensive sub, and he wrote back suggesting a cheaper sub...it all had to do with my room size. i now see what he did, the more expesive sub would have fit the bill, but it would have been overkill (i wouldn't have used it's full power) so drop a line to him and get his take on it too - besides they are the ones who design and test 'em. for being an online guy, i trust tom more than i trust my own brother
  13. lancestorm thanks, i have been looking on avsforum, just a ton of info there and it was late...overwhelmed me. i feel more at home here (if that makes sense) anyway, this projector is going to be 100% dvd -- not casual watching or p2 playing here. it will be in a room that is only dark at night, when we rent dvd's. i hadn't explored the crt projectors at all. the only one i have ever seen up close was a used college projector that was the size of a small pony...i am sure they are smaller now, so i may explore that option now. i am crt dumb so can't ask to many questions yet...the only fp experience i have is the time i hooked up a presentation epson (i think) 1200 lumen fp an threw a 96" diagonal on my wall (no screen, just textured plaster!) and i was in love. let me ask this, on crt's i hear the bad side is they need a lot of attention...is that in tweeking the lens/focus/color? are they on a slow decline of pic quality so that you keep adjusting them? thanks, off to do some reading.
  14. just browsing the front projector sites and wanted to hear some thoughts. i am looking for a sub 2000 dollar front projector and the infocus x1 caught my eye. at around 900 dollars it is very nice in price, but oh the arguements over dsp vs lcd and contrast etc have driven me nuts. i am just looking for a 100 inch diagonal picture that is nice and makes me feel like i am at the movies. i don't need the perfect picture, just looking for a great picture without rainbows, etc. thoughts on this? it is late here and my "oh i'll just surf the net for a couple of minutes" has turned into a post 1am addiction. now i am worried that something as cheap as the x1 will not be enough... thanks for the input!!! oh extra points for telling me why bulbs are so expensive
  15. moon, i will do what you have done in our next house, so i was just wondering, do you get these accoustic problems because the room is virtually empty (minus seats) and enclosed? i always just imagined packing in the sound/heat insulation between the studs, not hanging drywall, and just hanging heavy curtains all around... so am i in for the same situation one day? ---------------- On 11/2/2003 10:24:38 PM m00n wrote: These DIY broadband traps are working VERY effectivly. All the bass buildup that I had in the back corners are now gone... ---------------- i think bleach and water (1:8 ratio) is good for cleaning bass buildup too (couldn't resist)
  16. mike, i know, i wish i had the room for 5 lascalas. i bet that was going to be some setup for you. i think i would have gone to that storage site everyday after work and whispered sweet nothings to those crates. good luck in selling these, i feel bad that you can't set them as you originally planned...would have been nice...
  17. is mike selling these out of a... WHITE VAN ?? hmmmm
  18. waf = wife acceptance factor if it is high, it's an easy buy if it is low, you'll be feeling the woe
  19. yep, just have to make it back to service...wifey was sick today so i stayed home and watched after her... sorry, but it will be another week...i'll get the pics then
  20. the krell master ref subwoofer... deliver all 494 lbs to me, never open it and resell it by january... laughing my way to the svs website to buy a B4-Plus, and enjoying the fact i pulled a fast on on santa... oh wait, i know where santa gets "her" money... my plan foiled again... so i guess it would be the B4 Plus in red mahogany....sigh
  21. indeed this will be tricky as i am married...lol william, i know they are not the khorn, lascala, or belles. my first guess was the heresy. it has the shape to match but i am at a loss for judging dimensions an such a long distance. they have a stained finish on the sides, perhaps oak? the grills are black cloth and the klipsch logo is mounted on the bottom of the grill. all the pics of heresy speakers i have seen show it as a top mounted copper colored plate with the pwk symbol on it...this is different. it is klipsch in white letters...big letters as i can clearly make them out from the seating area, and no pwk emblem. again a picture will help but will have to wait till sunday to post. i have looked all over the klipsch website and then did a google search on klipsch, heresy, forte, etc to see pics...none match so far. hmmmm...
  22. Here is the deal, in my church, they use 5 klipsch speakers mounted to the ceilings as loudspeakers. i have searched pics and can't seem to come up with the model of these speakers. i don't think anyone there is a big klipsch fan and would know the model type...and i am hesitant to just ask as i am fairly new. i also can't just tote the old videocam in to service and snap some pics either. i might sneak in my pda that has a camera in it and get some, but the resolution will be low. so does anyone know a good site that has pics and names on it? the grill klipsch emblem is unique and i have yet to see a pic with one like this on it, so until i get the pic up, maybe a site can help. thanks
  23. trey, i love your edits, i trudged through this thread just for those...i can't help but laugh...
  24. unless you know a seller, prepare to pay around 4 time as much as the dealer paid for it...that aside, just as your looking, pick out a certified diamond (usually international gemmological information) that is very high in clarity (vvs 1 or 2) then look at similiar one that is the next grade (vs 1 or 2) i wouldn't suggest going lower because below these ratings, you start to see the diamonds occlusions/flaws. there is a big price hike when you step up to the vvs, and to the eye, you usually can't tell the difference. (note-all diamonds are different and the grading of one may not exactly match others of the same scale) your wife isn't going to show off her ring with any magnifiers or scopes, so go with what you see. as far as color, i would stick around near colorless or better. again, one that is higher rated may look worse than a lower rating in a different store or light. always ask to escort you out of the store with the ring and view it under other lighting (other than their ideal lights). once you narrow it down, then move to the microscope (not loop). look for black specks, fractures, cloudiness, or facet imperfections. with mine, i was able to find a stone that was 1.02 carat with no occlusions, fractures, clouds or specks. the only flaws are in the facets/cuts. around the girdle of the stone, there are 3 elongated facets. they are only visable under the scope, but help me identify the stone after repairs and cleanings. to the eye, it is a perfect stone and out shines/sparkles most other stone that i see...and trust me, it is all a comparison game once she starts wearing it...an unsaid status symbol of love that when compared to lesser stones, she will be happy with whatever you give her, but as she sees other girls' rings, you want her to be proud of what you gave her and never talk down about it. i can't count the times i have heard others compliment her on her ring and tell them how much nicer it is than theirs...sure you will be out-gunned by some, but those that do usually can be borderline ridiculous (look fake b/c of size) so take your time, and really work the salesperson, avoid new sales people and work with managers. they are the ones that can cut deals and when you start saying things like - i want to do business w/you but i can beat that price by going to a competitor..how can you make this better for me? just put the thought that you may take this big commission away from them and give it to a competitor. hope that helps, good luck
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