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  1. F7, F8 and SIT-3 are my favorites…
  2. I’m running my CW IV with either a Line Magnetic LM845ia SET amp (tube) or a First Watt F7 (solid state). Both are awesome amps but in my setup, the F7 does better at low volume (up to 85dB).
  3. Close… Not mining geologist but mining engineer.
  4. Make sure you leave with the accoustic panels,!
  5. Thanks! I much appreciate the info! I’ll check that out.
  6. I had Forte III in my listening room that have the exact same width. Soundstage and imaging were very good.
  7. What are the cylinders on the room walls? Some kind of absorbers/diffusers? Can you give more details? It looks like someting I could integrate in my living room.
  8. Nice room! I totally agree with your assessment of speaker placement being the first in line for room acoustic. Sadly it’s also the one we have the less flexibility. For a typical room size that is. You have zero constraints on that front in your room!
  9. Looking at this, that would still put the logo in front of the horn itself but probably not very consequential. Mines were located much lower. It very possible the logos fell down during transportation and were poorly repositionned by the dealer. It’s a long way to Australia…
  10. I love the Electa Amator III. They are not a neutral speaker though so I’d say it’s probably not every one’s cup of tea. I ended up preferring these over the Guarneri Tradition.
  11. These are Foilflex cables. Relatively unknown outside Australia. I simply fell in love with these. These cables are extrmely dynamic and “psychedelic” in the sense that these are really good at doing the 3D thing. Not overly cheap but not into crazy price range territory either. Their intervonnects are also excellent. They also manufacture the Curious Cable range of USB and ethernet cables. Foilflex web site Curious Cable web site
  12. The beauty of an encyclopedia is you just need to display it in order to look clever!
  13. The Forte are actually excellent in near field. The imaging will drop a bit but the soundstage will be as big as a whale.
  14. I would not saw flawless. I was using the Forte in a way these were not really designed to be used. The main issue was the proximity to the side walls. Despite this the was an awesome setup that did put a huge smile on my face for two years. I recently had a change over and got a Pass Labs INT60 and a pair of Sonus Faber Electa Amator III. And this setup is mindblowing. The smaller size of the Sonus Faber integrates better in the room. This is my holographic setup for studio albums while my Cornwall IV are for my live, kick in the guts setup.
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