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Found 6 results

  1. Hi Guys I am planning a new home contruction with the liberty to have a dedicated room for my 2 channel setup (Forte IIIs). I am planning a basement of size (36x54 feet) Planning to reserve around 25x15x10 for the room. I would like to know your suggestions on how should the room be designed, starting with the size first. Is there anything like ideal room size in terms of LxBxH?. Do I defenitely need acoustic treatment for 2 channel system? Also, on the rack built in the wall or free standing racks, what would be a good option. If you could suggest something or post some pics of yours dedicated rooms, that would be great. Thanks a lot. Vivek
  2. Looking for ideas for a 2 channel setup. I was using rf63's. Loved them but they finally got moved to the home theater. Current receiver is a 1970s monster receiver with a internet radio head. I have been looking for rf 63's or 83's but they are hard to come by. Any ideas for a 2 channel replacement. Used in a game room. And played loud some times.
  3. Big hello to all you KlipschManiacs out there, I've finally gotten my main 2 Channel system narrowed down and ready to really dial in. Currently the main system consists of Forte II's backed up with two REL T3 subwoofers to tackle and tighten the bottom end. They are driven by a Pass Aleph 30 (30 WPC) solid state amplifier connected with Soniquil speaker cables by Raven Audio and a Soniquil power cable to the amplifier section (plug #6) of an Audioquest Powerquest 2. For volume and switching duties I'm running a Classe' Audio Four Preamplifier to feed the Pass amp connected by Mogami Gold XLR's, connected to the Powerquest with a Cardas Cross power cable. For source components i have a Thorens TD 209, using Audioquest Evergreen RCA's (planning to upgrade) and Audioquest Saturn Ground Goody's, to connect to a Parks Audio Puffin, in turn connected to the preamp with Audioquest Evergreen RCA's (another soon to be upgraded interconnect). The Thorens is provided power by the powerquest and the Puffin is fed power by Furman Equipment For a CD/SACD source i'm awaiting an OPPO BDP-93 from another forum member (I'M STOKED, as i missed out on the Oppo offerings of the last 10-15 years). And finally, to the main point of this post, for a streaming source I utilize an Audioengine B1 Bluetooth Reciever/DAC connected to the preamp with Morrow Audio MA2 RCA Interconnects plugged into Furman gear for EMI/RFI filtration and clean power. The resolution and quality that the Audioengine gives me from Amazon Music HD and Ultra HD is nothing short of incredible. If you are not using a lossless audio provider for streaming music, like Amazon HD or Tidal, even for a mid-fi set up like mine you are doing yourself a great disservice. The quality is jaw dropping compared to streaming using any regular service. To that end I would like to know what streaming recievers and DACS you guys have experience with, and if there are any truly HIFI audiophile bluetooth receivers that are decently priced, (not looking to spend 1500$ 10,000$ 280,000$ like some audiophile gear can be) so looking in the 50$-800$ range. Also maybe a separate DAC that could take my AE B1 to the next level? Does anyone have any experience with the IFI Zen Blue? What about the Bludento BLT-HD? Is there an obvious unit that everyone here already uses and I'm just late to the party and need to be "enlightened"? Being able to pull from such a massive library like amazon music is an incredible convenience and while it won't replace my buying/collecting vinyl and cd's it is quite the way to demo music and access music with ease. Welcome to the 21st Century audiophiles! Also any thoughts/upgrade advice/suggestions on my system set up would be nice. My secondary system is Klipsch KLF-30's on a Yaqin MC13S (40WPC tube integrated) that i am currently gathering source components for. Thanks Guys! Rooster-
  4. Asking $995 with Free Shipping. The original Aleph sold for $3,000 and is out of production. Modified from the original design by Nelson Pass, this is the best sounding amplifier I've ever owned for Horn Based Speakers like Klipsch. Being a Single Ended Class A design, it will easily drive Khorns, LaScalas, Cornwalls, Heresy's, Chorus, and Forte speakers to ear splitting levels without clipping. It has double the output devices of the original (easy to do with MOSFETS). It's EXTREMELY revealing from top to bottom. Deep, tight bass, and Crystalline/delicate high end, but incredible midrange detail especially on female vocals like Diana Krall's. The original design was rated at 30 Watts per channel, this one is 40 Watts per channel because of double the output transistors and lower source impedance. It's front end impedance easily accommodates a Tube Pre-Amp for those who like tube sound. This is the closest you will get to tubes with SS. PM me here or eMail claudej1@aol.com. For serious buyers, I'll provide my phone number if you want to have a conversation about it.
  5. OK, here's another question from a technically challenged Klipsch listener. My setup is strictly 2 channel and is only used for CD and FM radio listening. I currently have Heresy 3 speakers powered by a Sony STR DH130 receiver. What kind of a difference in audio quality would be realized by switching to a NAD C 316BEE integrated amp. My listening area is extremely small (10 by 8) and I'm aware that I'd have to forego the radio at least temporarily.
  6. So after a year in the Klipsch family I made what I am considering an upgrade. I finally came across a pair of Cornwalls that were both, in really nice condition and at what I thought was a fair, perhaps even, a good deal. The only downside would be that they are II's from 86. From my understanding the build quality on the II's internal networks were a bit less than the I's. That said however thus far I am Really happy with them! I cant get over how well they image, with the right material they are halographic. I am currently running them with a adcom gfa 2535 at 60w per side and a emotiva umc-1. The room is a good size 15' x 21' speakers are placed on the short wall about 9' apart from center to center. listening position is at about 14'. Anyway I wanted to see if anyone had thoughts or opinions on a couple of things...... 1st) I am getting a slight buzz from the tweeters when the amp is on with no signal. Is this a dirty pot? Just what to expect with cornwalls? Cornwalls and ss amps? 2nd) I am planning to replace the crossovers any thoughts on either the crites or ALK crossovers are welcomed. I've read that the crites are replacements where as the ALK's are upgrades. Anyone with experience getting inside a pair of II's with any tips or words of wisdom please share. 3rd) i am also planning to replace the tweeter diaphrams with new titanium ones from crites. Have any of you done this? Impressions? and how difficult was the operation? Any tips? Overall I am really really happy with these speakers I am anxious to see what they are really capable of.
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