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Found 10 results

  1. Hello all, this is my first post to the forum. I recently acquired my first set of quality stereo speakers … in an unusual form factor: klipsch heresy wedge monitors , HIE crossovers. All original. 3743 and 3745 k-42-EV k-55-M k-77-M I got them for a deal , one works great… the other worked great for a moment… it started cutting out at lower volumes , and distorting at higher . At first I thought it could be failing caps , but I’ve read some good feedback on removing the zener diodes from circuit. I’ll be trying that today unless I am advised not to here . i am so eager to get these going , I’m sure the information is out there but I thought I’d make this post and see if one of you more knowledgeable people could point me in the right direction and get this going faster than I could researching between jobs. if I could retain the original caps by removing the zener diodes from circuit that would be ideal. If not I’ll probably recap both speakers and sell the original caps that test in spec. Yes I know it will eventually need to be recapped but they are expensive , especially for the HIE one. additionally - I want to use these for home stereo use mostly, so the boxes should go. Yes it is sad separating these drivers from their original cases … but to any of the offended I’ll say this : there’s nothing more fitting for these than an act of heresy. i am 24 and pretty tight w money so I’ll probably use a cheaper wood just to get them going and rehaul the project again in later years . i see some talk about converting HIE crossovers to AA style . If anyone could speak to the advantages of this - it is unclear to me as of now. I can’t have opinions about what style I prefer since I haven’t heard them. And I am still learning about what a “super heresy” is. Since I’ll be building new boxes for these , anything is possible . I’ll definitely need to implement some more low end eventually , whether that be the traditional separate sub, port, or something more innovative. I’ll be selling the wedge monitor boxes , if I could do this to fund the materials for building new boxes that would be great… I don’t have much room for storage . If anyone wanted to give any thoughts of what the boxes are worth , or the speakers as a whole , I can’t find much price references within recent years . Inflation moves fast these days . anyways , I’m normally hesitant to jump into forums but this one seems great from what I’ve seen . Excited to be here hope you have a great day.
  2. Hello, I have recently become the owner of a pair of black spatter paint Heresy speakers that were purchased in the 1970's (I think) by an old acquaintance who now lives in Norway. Like me, he was a guitar player, and he bought 3 black Heresy speakers from a stereo dealer on Long Island near Roslyn. He used 2 of them for his PA system, and the third was his monitor. He ended up giving them to my very good friend, and guitar builder, John Monteleone, who has had them stored in his shop attic since forever, and recently he asked if I'd like to have them. I brought a Sony STR-7045 over, and hooked them up where they sat. They about blew me out of the attic when I put on VH Hot For Teacher, but I digress........ I would like to know, via whatever pictures and driver codes I can provide, more specifics about the model. You'll see that one of them had a very clear M1 stamped on the back edge, but other than that I've seen nothing aside from the driver & crossover codes. Herewith......I'll try the stamp letter/number first: And so there's the start of my project. I do have a decent wood shop, so I've started removing the spatter paint, but there's a lot of filling & sanding to do before I unroll the 4' x 8' sheet of rift sawn white oak that they'll be covered in. The clever contraption that was installed in the bottom for speaker-pole mounting has left a few holes to fill as well, and then there'll be angled risers to make, but it's a start. I like the way these speakers sound, especially because they're no-nonsense, in your face, and pretty efficient. I've spent thousands of hours in recording studios, and my favorite speakers were always the JBL 4311 and Urei monitors. Nothing subtle about them. Thank you for any information you can provide me with, and I look forward to being a member here! best regards, Howard Emerson
  3. I recently was gifted a mismatched pair of slant monitors. Cabinets are very solid. Handles are mismatched. Both terminal plates are missing. Both k77s have bad coils. One k55 has push terminals, one has soldered. One k55 coil is bad. HIE x-overs look physically ok. Both k42 (kp?) woofers are in good shape though. SIGH! My gifts are usually like this. My main setup has Heresy IIs and I love them. My question is what the heck to do with the components or rebuild the whole. I have built hundreds of enclosures and passive crossover networks in my career as an audio technician so I am not afraid of a project. From what I understand the woofers roll off pretty high. So maybe new ported enclosure? Bass bin like lascala? What do you think guys?
  4. Hello Klipsch Audio Community, I run a small independent music venue that hosts electroacoustic performances as well as club nights. Our house sound system is comprised of 4 La Scala speakers with 8 matching bass cabinets in a quadraphonic array. I have been running this system on budget (yorkville) amplifiers which have sounded great thus far, but I have recently decided to upgrade the amplifier to really get the room sounding as good as possible. The space is a second floor wood warehouse and the ceiling and walls have all been insulated with sound proofing material – the room sounds fantastic however I know that the amps are my current bottle-neck for making it sound even better. So my question to the community is what amplifiers would be ideal in this situation, considering the speakers are used somewhat industrially (typically around 100 dBa). I'm especially intrigued by by switching to tube amps, however I don't necessarily care for legacy brands such as McIntosh where I feel like name adds a premium onto the cost... Or maybe I'm wrong? (Please ignore speakers in centre of room)
  5. Hi guys..just signed up...total newbie to the forum. May not be posting this in right place? Newbie to forum...but i do own a set of Cornwall 1 with Fastlane wood horn upgrade to mid, and rebuilt crossovers - plus a set of SpeakerLab K-Horn clones with rebuilt xovers. Have had Cwall 3 in the past. Im in Alberta,. Canada...and have a chance to trade some gear for a set of La Scala that I believe to be what I know as "industrial" models...havent seen them yet, no photos. These apparently are 2 piece, but not sure if top piece is a rectangular box or wedge shape? Dont know what finish, but definately have metal edging. I am assuming has all original drivers, but will need to verify. Present owner has modded the bottom of base cabinet to open into an additional box for more bass, but says he has the original wooden base pieces to return to stock. Am trying to get a grip on what value? Up here a set of home model La Scala seem to be going for $1500 - 2500 depends on how old and what finish. I missed a nice set for $1200 that had ALK crossovers and I think Bob Crites tweeter upgrade. Poor weenie Canadian dollars...so take off 1/3 for US perspective. I know very little about the Industrial line, like is that even what people call them? Good info would be helpful and interesting. I understand the woofer is a different model (K43?)- with higher power handling, but perhaps with not quite as good a hi fi sound as the home models? It would help me to know what they are worth. And how easy would be to sell? I get the feeling that home models would be easier to sell and worth more? I keep talking sell...as not sure have a space to use them...maybe, maybe not. Have same issue with my SpeakerLab K-Horns...not using them as no space right now. So resale is something i need to know. My limited understanding is that....the 2 piece are worth more than a 1 piece (and easier to move), and the wedge top is worth more than the rectangular top, and the metal trim is worth more than no metal, and that there is some model with a fiberglass or pebble type finish (not regular paint) which is worth the most (when combined with metal edges?) Help please!!
  6. Hey all, I received these klipsch lascala cabinets for free. Unfortunately they didn't come with speakers installed and it's not worth it for me to store them and fix them up. If you're anywhere around Central Florida you're welcome to pick them up. Otherwise I'll have to toss them to make space in the garage.
  7. I am obviously new the the Klipsch Audio Community. Hate to sell my beloved CP-1s and will only let them go to a good home. They are such dynamic , efficient and hard hitting speakers! Unfortunately the wife is demanding I downsize. I am using a Bryston 14B-SST amp to power them(the amp does not need to break a sweat at all). They are in great, near mint shape! Please feel free to ask questions. They are basically oversized, overbuilt Cornwalls. Located in Lincoln, NE. Here is some info about them, I searched long and hard for these rather rare Klipsch. I am asking $3300 or I would consider a trade for smaller Klipsch, Integrated Amp, etc. I am not advertising them anywhere else at this time. KLIPSCH C.P.1 is a Pro-Cornwall Speaker. C.P.1 stands for "Cornwall Pro-Series 1" Construction Quality The Klipsch CP.1 is constructed of high quality 7-ply void free birch, coated with a textured black lacquer, For exceptional durability and appearance. Handles are placed near the balance points of the speaker allowing easy movement and carrying. A heavy-duty cloth grille with metal is provided for protection of the woofer cone. They are rated at 200 watts RMS per speaker, Instead of 100 watts of a regular Cornwall. They are rated at 108 dB/1 watt efficient at 1 meter SPL. To a maximum output 123. db SPL. Frequency range of 30Hz to 15Hz +/- 4dB Crossover frequency range 400Hz and 6kHz. Nominal Impedance: 8 ohms. 3-Way CROSSOVER NETWORK: Fuse Protected. Driver Information: K-75-K tweeter driver.. K-57-K midrange driver.. K-44-E woofer driver..
  8. Located in Miami, Florida 33177 Selling locally my pair of Klipsch professional KP-250 ii speakers with white grills. Speaker cabinets were originally white, but stripped down to raw birch. I was using these in my apartment, but found another pair of Heresys to take their place. Everything is, as I got them except for the cabinets are now raw birch. There are 2 small holes on the side left and 1 of the back of each cabinet. Factory pole setting on bottom, composed for 4 bolts in a 4x4 pattern. Grills are factory white. All drivers are Klipsch professional. Crossovers KP 2.5 D Looking for $SOLD cash for the pair. Thanks for reading
  9. Fellow Klipsch comrades, I am happy to share that I got a pair of LaScala Industrial this weekend. These are my first and while I love my current set up of Forte II's, in the limited garage listening time, the LSi's (in my opinion) definitely have better detail to the sound and the dynamics are quite impressive. They are the single piece and in pretty good shape -- no damage to the doghouse and the drivers are all within specs. I will be entering them in to a rehab program and once completed they will be placed in the living room to displace my Forte II. I want to share and give special recognition to Matthews and JimJimbo, both of these guys are BEYOND awesome. Both of these guys provided some great advice and I wouldn't have felt the same level of confidence in getting the LSi's if it hadn't been for these guys. Thanks a million!!! So the plan for rehab is as follows: Paint a fresh couple of coats of duratex Buy some Crites tweeters Buy new caps to refresh the AL-3's. Buy some aluminum trim All told, i think I anticipate spending about $275 to get where I want to be. Any additional thoughts or suggestions are welcomed. And yes, I'll be documenting the rehab process... -Alex
  10. Selling a pair of rare black Klipsch HIP-2 speakers in black textured finish. Excellent condition with just a few minor handling marks. Comes from a pet-free, smoke-free home. Asking $700 + shipping or local pickup in Dallas TX. Specs I found online FREQUENCY RESPONSE: 60Hz - 20kHz±4dB (-10dB @ 55Hz) @ 3 meters, 1/2 space anechoic SENSITIVITY: 102dB @ 2.83V, 1 meter, 1/2 space anechoic POWER HANDLING: 250 watts (38.7V) MAX CONTINUOUS OUTPUT: 125dB COVERAGE ANGLE: 90° Horizontal x 60° Vertical DIRECTIVITY INDEX: 8dB ±2dB NOMINAL IMPEDANCE: 8 ohms, 6 ohms minimum @ 8kHz TRANSDUCERS: One K-792-KP compression driver One KP-66-E titanium compression driver One 12" K-42-KP woofer CROSSOVER FREQUENCY: 700Hz and 6kHz INPUT CONNECTIONS: Red/black five-way binding posts DIMENSIONS: 21.8" (55.4cm) x 15.875" (40.5cm) x 13.25" (33.6cm) WEIGHT: 49 lbs. (22.3kg)
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