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Found 4 results

  1. I recently acquired a pair of LaScalas that appear to have come from the factory with organ amplifiers. The top was screwed on, there are tone knobs (tweet/mid) and an AA crossover. Built late 79 (high 800s and they are within ten digits of sequential.) The finish at the seam is perfect (BB) and the screws are matching. These were rescued from the church rafters after 40 years and are mint, they even have a warranty card still tacked to the back. I can’t find any info on these, but I can’t see anyone breaking the top off of these and returning with a perfect seam….
  2. OK. Here is a serial number on a K-Horn: 17U432 I am guessing these were manufactured in 1980. What does the 17 stand for and what does the 432 stand for? The odd thing is the top section is NOT a Klipsch product, but has Klipsch Horns and Crossover. The paper sticker is gone, except for what is under a piece of wood screwed to the back. Under the serial number is "USA" and under USA is "RC". This is stamped next to the access door. Was it normal to sell just bottom cabinets for K-horns? I posted a picture.
  3. Hi, Great forum, I've had answers to all of my questions except one. And that is, where can I find walnut edge banding that will look like the body veneer and will actually match? I bought some walnut from Lee Valley (sight unseen - online) and it looks almost grey/black in color, nothing like the original. These are Klipschorns from 1976 with the Walnut Oiled finish. I'm rebuilding/restoring them for a good friend of mine. These have been in storage since the early 80's and have not been used much. Thanks to this forum, I have the parts needed from Bobby Crites to rebuild the crossovers. Looking at them in the picture, they do look awful. Again from Crites, I have replaced the squawker diaphragms and bought the the new LS-25 tweeters and have replacement grille fabric as well. The speakers structurally are fine, no damage other than to the bottom of a couple of the side grille panels - I think that's typical for moving a big, heavy speaker with the side grilles in place. But, as I'm replacing the fabric anyways I can build new ones using the old as a template - that's easily done. The bottom toe rails need to be replaced, lots of impact damage to them. I have them removed, and by making a new toe rail a bit higher, say 4", I can cover virtually all the damage done to the speaker bottom sections. I don't plan on making any significant modifications other than what's already been mentioned. I do plan on installing a decent speaker connection insert to the bass bins that will allow a cable to run from that to the crossover. At the crossover, I plan on installing a better than decent set of banana jack/plugs for the incoming speaker wire. Once that's completed (parts are on the way) I'll post some pictures of the results. All of the edge banding has been removed as there was a lot of damage. For sections that were not, I removed them anyways so that once completed all of the edge banding will match. And that brings me to the original question. Does anybody have a source for edge banding that will more or less match the original Walnut Oiled finish? For the new toe rails I would need to either find a walnut plank that matches the speakers or veneer something like red oak to match the edge banding. I'm in North Bay, Ontario and plan on having the speakers in the house before winter. I've been running with electrostatic speakers since the early 80's, and am looking forward to trying the Klipschorns in their place. The picture labelled Stereo 1 is my current and only system. I would need to build the corners for the Klipschorns, as you can see with a log home there aren't many options. Any comments or suggestions would be most welcome. Stephen
  4. I have a pair of 1980's Klipschorns in Walnut finish for sale. They are consecutively numbered and in pretty good shape. All side panels are intact and there are very few dings or scratches. There is one minor scratch on the near the top front of one speaker. All mounting hardware is intact. The model and serial numbers can be seen in the photos. They were my Father's and he purchased them in CA from a dealer in San Jose, I think in 1980. It severely pains me to sell them, but I do not have a room with corners that they will fit in. Plus my Wife says we have no room to store them and she "likes those little mini speakers like everyone else has!" Now you can see the battle I am fighting!? As most fans of these realize, shipping them is no easy task. I am located in the Myrtle Beach, SC area. I will bring them to any buyer in South Carolina. If the situation is right I would meet a buyer somewhere within 250 miles of here. If you wanted them shipped I will get them to a crating and shipping company of your choice, but the buyer would have to pay all costs. $3500 Cash or Paypal I can e-mail higher resolution pictures if these are to low-res.
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