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Found 5 results

  1. I like my modified Chorus 1's so much, I recently picked up a mint set of Quartets (Chorus's little brother) so I can set up a music room for my Dad. The rear passive radiators are both perfect, but I was worried they wouldn't stay that way forever... After alot of thinking, here's my "fix" : Ordered a set of metal car audio subwoofer grills from Amazon. 2 packs of small neodymium disc magnets from Ace Hardware. A pair of knockoff (IE:fake) Klipsch pie logos from ebay I think they look awesome, I even like em better than before! The cool thing is the magnets are just stuck to the passive frames & the grills are then stuck to the magnets. They grills came with a piece of rubber/trim which helps them not grab the magnet too tight for easy removal (neodymium magnets are CRAZY strong) The Quartet's have a 12" passive & I checked specs on quite a few grills before I found a pair that were just right & fit the factory cutout EXACTLY. They really look like they were made that way 😃. The same concept would work for Forte's & Chorus II's if you used 15" grills.
  2. I'm looking for someone that has one of these laying around taking up space. I bought an SW10 for $20, decent condition, needed amp work, but he put his thumb through the passive bringing it out of his house for the sale. Doh! (Thus, the $20, he originally had it at $60) I know I can fix the old one with silicone, but if someone has one they are looking to get rid of at a decent price, let me know,. Thanks. I'm in the Chicago suburbs.
  3. Currently we are running a pair of La Scala IIs combined with a pair of Tuba HTLPs (big thanks goes to @jason str) The LSIIs are bi-amped, time aligned and EQed flat (with the enormous appreciated help of @Chris A) Two years ago I did a DIY project with a pair of 18 "JBL 2242 drivers (specs) which didn't work out very well. The major problem was that I didn't realize the JBLs are bass drivers, and actually not usable for sub applications in a bass reflex cab, where they have problems to keep up with the high efficiency of Klipsch speakers. Also, at that time, I didn't have the proper DSP and amplification. Now I have a Xilica XP 4080, with 2 unused outputs, and a spare QSC DCA series amp. The JBL 2242s are on a shelf in our basement in their original packaging, and I want to put them to use. Klipsch made the KP 480 a number of years ago, a bass cab loaded with an active 18" and a passive 15". They were to go with the industrial La Scalas. So I came with the idea of building a pair of bass cabs in the style of the KP 480, each loaded with a JBL 2242 and a Dayton Audio 18" passive radiator (specs) The bass cabs should have the same footprint as our LSIIs, so the bass cabs can be put under each LSII. Height should be minimum so that the top cab of the LSII is not raised too high. This will give a net internal volume of around 5,8 cu ft. The PR can fire backwards into a corner. I will let the bass cab handle the 40 - 120 Hz region, below 40 Hz can be done with our Tubas. Great idea or a definite no go? Thanks in advance for sharing your thoughts with me!
  4. Hello, I was wondering if anyone on the forums would happen to have a pair of KD 13 passive radiators 12" for sale or happen to know where i could get a pair for under $130? , PM me or reply bellow, the help is greatly appreciated thanks.
  5. pulled these out of my original forte's and was wondering if they are worth anything at all? if so could you guys let me know what they might bring. thanks! the white/silver stuff is duck tape that the previous owner used to make a hilarious fix.
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