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Found 6 results

  1. Hello everybody I am new to this forum and please forgive me if I get to the point with the first post straight away. I have tried to find the correct place to ask the following questions and I hope I am not entirely wrong. I own a Hi-Fi system that consists of the following parts: - Two loudspeakers: Klipsch Klipschorn AK-3, made 1985 - Record player: Micro Seiki 1500, made between 1981 and 84 - Tonearm: SME 3012-RG Limited Edition, 24 carat gold, made between 1981 and 84 (without box) --- Cartridge: Ortofon Super OM 10 (old) - 2nd tonearm: Dynavector DV 507 --- Cartridge: Van Den Hull DDT - Amplifier: Denon PMA 725R - Speaker cable: Original Monster Cable (high resolution speaker cable with Durallex insulation) - CD player: Denon UCD-F10 Now I want to sell the whole thing (doesn't have to get out as a set). The reasons, well, on the one hand are of a very private nature (it has to do with a death in my family and corresponding emotions), on the other hand I have had a tinnitus since a sudden hearing loss, which clouds the hearing experience. And for these reasons it would be nice if someone owns the system and enjoys it more than I can. I'm stuck at the point at which I want to define the prices. I can only find vague information. I don't have a clue, especially with the speakers. (The SME tonearm probably moves around 5K in Euros or 6K in USD , the Dynavector tonearm around 3K in Euros or 3.5K in USD, the Micro Seiki turntable apparently at 5K in Euros or 6K in USD.) Maybe one of you may help me with her / his expertise? What can I demand for the two AK-3? (Am I still in line with the prices for the other devices?) Did I fail to see something? I am extremely grateful for any help. I'm from Switzerland, Europe, btw. Best regards.
  2. Hello, I am a new member and this is my first post. I have the chance to get some Special Edition Cornwall III’s from a friend. He paid $2000 for them, but the veneer needs some work. The original owner had movers that did an awful job and some of the corners and edges are beat up. Other than that, the speakers look awesome and he has allowed me to bring them home to work on them and have a chance to listen. A few questions I have: -at that price, are they worth it if I can fix them up to look close to original? -what are good methods to fill in the veneer gashes and cracks? I plan to use clamps to push the bowed veneer back in and then wood glue/saw dust to fill in the gaps or match with colored wood putty. I’ve also heard Shellac sticks are an option but can be expensive if I buy the kit to match. I have ave three amp options to work with - Marantz 2230, Elekit TU-8200 (upgraded), and a Bob Latino VTA-120.
  3. Hello, This is my first time writing a post on this forum. I am an avid Klipscher and owns two Klipsch earphones right now. I am looking to buy X6i because it has superb ratings and affordable price (compared to other X series). I have conducted some researches and found out that Amazon has X6i listed at a much cheaper price, $69 (authorized sale by Beach Camera, the link is here), meanwhile, the official Klipsch website has it listed at $179. That is a $110 difference, which is huge. But my instinct is telling me that there's gotta be a catch because the official price is $179. So, may I ask what the difference (like quality, warranty, etc.) is between the products sold on Klipsch and the products sold on Amazon by authorized sellers and why it's so much cheaper? Thank you very much.
  4. Hi there, I am not savvy in the least when it comes to technology. Despite this, my dad has put me in charge of finding a new home for his 03 Harman kardon avr7200. Is there anyone out there you think that is just dying to get their hands on one of these big boys? Ok, they don't have to be dying for it, but any sort of interest you think? it's in great working order as far as I know. This is based on the fact that My dad's pink Floyd albums sound awesome with it. No original packaging or remotes that I know of and no manual. He's got a drawer in the garage full of cords, not sure if including any of these would increase the value enough to be worth the effort. I'm wanting to price this unit at a fair and attractive price (i.e. Id really love to sell it quickly). Because it's heavy and fragile do you think I should only list it locally? I'm in San Diego. Lots of emberassingly bonehead questions that I could really use some help and advice with. Thank you so much! Crista
  5. I have been approached to buy a pair of Klipsch Cornwall's from the 70's. They do not appear to have any veneer, or be unfinished. I have no experience with vintage speakers and I would like to make sure I'm not getting ripped off. Guy is asking $700 for the pair. Any advice for a newbie who really wants a pair of old-school speakers?
  6. rcs

    RB 5 for sale

    I've got to sell my RB 5 bookshelf speakers. Paid $800 in early 2000s. Cherry wood. Great shape--not used much. How much are they worth? Anybody interested (suburban Philadelphia)?
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