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Found 8 results

  1. Hi Folks, I recently considered buying a single Klipschorn, and the fine members of this forum were very helpful about what I could / could not do with my wife's Honda Fit. As a service to others, I'm starting this thread to talk about cargo space and what it takes to haul some of the larger Klipsch speakers. Inquiring minds will want to know: Size of vehicle openings - trunks, hatches, doors, etc. (width x height of narrowest part) Cargo dimensions: width x length x height, free of any obstacles such as wheel wells Which Klipsch speakers will safely fit in said vehicle Tricks for angling stuff in for maximum hauling potential Where to rent / who on this board is crazy enough to help you in your local area
  2. Why on earth has Amazon moved from cardboard to those bubble wrap CD mailers??? This has been going on for quite some time. It used to be a small percentage of CD's I order would have a cracked case but I have a box full of old jewel cases that allows me to swap out cracked parts. I didn't complain because it was easier just to replace the cracked parts. But now most shippers are using bubble wrap mailers all the time and the percentage of cracked cases is getting ridiculous! The 3rd party sellers on Amazon are pretty bad about this too. It doesn't matter if the CD's are new or used they ship them in those thin flimsy bubble wrap mailers that don't protect them from much of anything. In the last two days I have received 3 separate orders of CD's and all 3 are cracked. I don't order as much vinyl but they haven't done a whole lot better protecting them. Yes, I actually received a record in a bubble wrap sleeve and I was surprised to find the record unharmed but the corners of the sleeve took some hits as if Wile E. Coyote was holding it when stepping off a cliff. I recently got a SACD from Music Direct in bubble wrap. I was surprised because they used cardboard boxes before. Sure enough, the nice SACD case was cracked and I don't have any spares so I let them know. They were very quick to send me a replacement case in a... you guessed it... a bubble wrap mailer. The case wasn't cracked thankfully but sheesh! These companies are really taking a chance with customer satisfaction by trying to save a few pennies on shipping! My encouragement to you, the CD buyer, is to not stand for even the smallest crack in your cases. Let the shipper know that they need to make it right and replace the case or give you a refund. When these bubble wrap mailers become too expensive for them because of complaints maybe they will stop the practice. Even putting a small mailer inside of a bigger mailer goes a long way to protecting the CD better. There certainly are a lot more important things going on in the world but it really bugs me seeing a brand new CD still in the shrink wrap with a big crack across the front.
  3. Shipping Moving LaScalas SUV Truck Vehicle How To Guide Sorry for the goofy title, just wanted to make this easy to search and find for the next poor person doing this. I drove my Klipsch LaScala Is up north this past Saturday. I had some nice chats with folks here and a few ok emails via CL (but lots of scammers and strange folks on CL too). But there was to be no sale in FL. When I looked at the speakers they had many minor water marks, scuffs, scratches, a few small plywood chips, etc. The pics overstate the watermarks and far under represent all other issues. Not pretty; but they sound great. The cost to ship both on a pallet, shrink wrapped, would be around $500 for a 1000 mile trip. Too much for these. So I made some car rental reservations. Please be aware that most agencies will let you drive a vehicle out of FL super cheap during much or April well into May. Beginning after Spring Break, they need to get the cars out of FL as they are more needed elsewhere by now. Other 1 way specials could be available, so check as needed. As the LS 1s are 2 x 2 x 3 ft each, approx, that is the absolute minimum space needed. About 105 lbs each. I think the LS II s are a bit larger and much heavier. I think the 2 s would be very difficult to move due to the weight. Most any pickup truck will work as will most any commercial van, like a UHaul. Just remember you need a totally secure way to hold them in place somehow and pad them. Also, put some cardboard boxes below the LS’s and carefully pad the edges and the spaces between speakers. THEY WILL MOVE !!!! Minivans that I saw at the airport rental area had some major issues. It is a big lift to get a LS into a 2nd or 3rd row seat. It would not be easy to properly secure them, especially from a sudden stop. If you can remove the seats, which could be difficult, the floor surface could be very uneven and require many boxes or towels for padding to protect the speakers. Might even need wooden boards for the purpose. Possibly a real pain. And remember, at a rental agency, you have no control over what is available to rent when you show up in most cases. Someone mentioned a Prius. I did not see one to measure, but I suspect it would be a tight fit. I rented a 2017 Nissan Rogue, ?SV. Sort of a base model I think. Only a 4 cylinder which was great – got 30+ MPG over about 1100 miles. Several other SUVs had far lower est MPGs, this saved me a lot of money on gas. Often going 80 MPH on the Interstate. Sometimes much slower, given congestion, etc. It was comfy too. I did the trip in 16 ½ hours in 1 day. Ate power bars and such for lunch and dinner. $30-/day for the rental !! The key measurement is not the rear door hatch size !!!! It is the space between the inside rear wheel well covers !!!! On all of the non tiny SUVs I went into with a tape measure, there was at least a 24 x 36 inch entry at the rear hatch. Wheel well opening: Could not find a smaller car hatchback version like a Ford ?Fiesta, etc to measure. Maybe someone can chime in here. Ford Cmax, SEL Hybrid: tight at 37” Kia Soul: 40”. But had other major issues: the rear deck is about 1 ½ inches below the entry – so getting the LS s out will be a major problem. But the bigger issue is how the hatch lock bar is positioned and will likely ding the speakers without a lot of padding. Some other SUVs were clearly larger in the Standard SUV class: Hyundai Santa Fe, etc. I did not see a Rav4 to measure. I measured so many vehicles that 2 of the RAC folks thought I was being a nut and told me to stop, as I had already found a few vehicles that would work. How to pack your LS’s. I got 6 book boxes at Home Deport plus about another 6 boxes from WM about to be dumped. I used all of them. I padded the low central hatch lock area with 2 pieces of detachable long narrow carpeting that the Rogue had over the spare tire. I placed boxes over the cargo carpet and used 1-2 layers of boxes to help move the speakers in place. A neighbor’s scrawny 16 yo kid was able to lift the LS s all over the place, but we both moved these into the Rogue. Did not even need the moving dolly !! The kid was great but had no idea what these were. It took 2 people to get these out upon arrival up north. But I think a strong guy could get them out on his own. Despite padding the pavement below the rear hatch to stop from scratching the LS s upon removing them when I arrived, my helper almost missed the boxes and towels on the ground !! If the finish on your LS s is nice, add some sheets under them to protect the finish when loading them up !! The LS behind the driver did not need extra padding here. I let a box jut out about 6 inches to the front. I did pad the roof corners so as not to damage the speaker corners nor tear a hole in the roof padding. Pieces of boxes and bath towels worked fine. There was some shifting of this speaker during the drive so I had to redo this edge corner protection every few hours. I had a few small boxes and car carpet mats between the 2 speakers. About 4-6” thick The rear speaker by the hatch had edge corner bath towel padding. I used bent up boxes to pad the wheel well areas, where there was about 1” of padding needed on each side. Again, use sheets next to your speakers here too if the finish is nice. To stop the rear speaker from sliding, some couch type firm pillows were used between the rear speaker at the door / glass for the rear hatch. These were a lifesaver. Otherwise that speaker would likely have moved too. I needed about 3 cushion pillows for the Rogue. My carry on bag fit to the base of the front speaker. My backpack fit in front of the passenger seat. My receiver fit on top of a folded up cardboard box on the passenger seat itself. There was no extra space !! Also please note that the rear seats for Rogue go flat – but at about a 10 to 15 degree angle. With the weight of the LS it did flatten out even more. However, this could be a major issue on some SUV models. That is also why you need good padding between the 2 speakers: boxes, pillows, etc. Don’t use sleeping pillows – they are too soft. Use firmer couch pillows. In brief, be sure to get a somewhat bigger vehicle for a long trip. I did not need to catnap in the SUV, and would not have been able to recline the front seat down either. Also, you need to accelerate and stop slowly with the LS s on board. This is not easy on a congested highway nor poorly laid out exit ramp. Hope this helps the next person. From NOLA with love
  4. I have a pair of LaScalas IIs at my parents house in South Florida (please see separate post regarding sale of 1994 LaScala's). If I do not sell them, it would mean driving them out of FL in a rented SUV, van, or pick up truck vs shipping them. I assume various folks here have shipped large speakers like these via one of the freight companies before. Old Dominion, Con Way, are some companies that I have heard of. Likely for palletized freight. Any suggestions regarding shipping / freighting La Scalas? Also, any potential discounts to use. Thx in advance From Nola with love
  5. Hello all, Have joined the forum recently to try and gain some knowledge about shipping speakers from the US to me here in the UK. Have messaged some members regarding their for sale posts and have done some googling of various couriers that could be used for shipping. Was just wondering if anyone on here had any experiences doing this (or any kind of overseas shipping from the US, eg. Europe, Asia etc.) And if they wouldn't mind sharing tips or knowledge. Someone informed me there is a member Kogeed based in the Ukraine who has had items shipped, I tried searching the forums for any topics that went into depth but I assume it must have been done via messages. Ideally looking for Cornwall's, but have looked into Heresy's, Forte's and Quartet's and they also seem very appealing. Any input, opinion or experience is much appreciated. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts. Thanks, Ross
  6. A few years ago I bought a par of Khorns in NY and shipped them to Australia - at more than they cost to buy. The Khorns are in the corners of a long room so now I'm looking for a single heritage speaker to fill the gap. Cornwall, Chorus II or Forte II look good candidates. The problem is most Klipsch for sale are pairs and I only need one and can't afford to ship a spare. Because of their size most speakers are also pickup only which poses a problem when I'm in Australia. So the question is, anyone have a single speaker to sell and is also willing to help me get it shipped? If I get the chance to be picky, walnut would match the Khorns.
  7. I would like to ship my Klipsch Heresy II speakers from the US to Europe as part of a recent move to Europe, but am wary of shipping them and having them show up completely damaged. Has anyone had a good experience shipping their speakers overseas, and if so, which companies can you recommend? And what kind of costs are we talking about?
  8. I recently had two custom shipping boxes made to ship some vintage ('84) Heresy speakers from ID to NC. Freight company did a great job and speakers arrived in perfect condition. Dimensions: Exterior "20x24x28 inches, Interior (foam cavity) 14Hx16Wx22L, Weight 9# per box. I will offer them free to whomever can arrange for the shipping. They cost me $40 each so I hate to just recycle them. Dan
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