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  1. Hello all, I have the Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 THX system like this (amber Klipsch THX badges and power pad incorporated into one of the smaller satellite speakers). These speakers have produced fantastic quality sound, I have loved this system on my PC. It has apparently just lost power (while in use), the green light on the speaker power pad is no longer illuminated. The sound literally just cut out while they were in use, no electrical smells or any weird sounds, it was as if they were simply unplugged. I have always had them on 24/7/365, hooked into my PC. I've owned them for maybe 1.5 years, so not that old. I've done the typically trouble shooting - unplugged/plugged back in, restarted my PC, checked the Windows 10 "manage audio devices/sound" looked to see if the speakers bar was being colorized up/down as audio is played. All to no avail. There's no static/buzzing sound when I plug them into my PC, or that static/buzzing sound when you touch your finger tip on the plug end that goes into your PC. They appear to be completely dead. I plugged in an older set of speakers into my PC and those work fine, so obviously seems to be something with the Klipsch speakers. Does anyone have any tips as to how to trouble shoot this on the Klipsch speakers? It seems like perhaps a fuse has blown? I've opened up the subwoofer and taken some photos of the electronics (imgur.com gallery) It all looks very clean inside, I don't see any signs of any connection being burned or damaged and there was no electrical burning smell when it went out. Can anyone identify where the fuse is on this? I'd like to see about replacing that as the speaker system seems to be power dead. I'm obviously no electronics expert and only know enough to get myself electrocuted. I don't have any electronics troubleshooting equipment, either.
  2. I was listening to music at a moderately low volume when I noticed one of my speakers cabinets faded and is dull/flat sounding now. I switched the speaker wires and the problem stayed with the speaker cabinet. Could it be a bad crossover? If you got this far, thank you for taking your time to read this, hopefully you can help me out, I'm dumb when it comes to electronics for the most part. P/N 09000231111 KG4 OAK OIL S/N 66126 W/O 12864
  3. AUDIO EXAMPLE: https://voca.ro/1o0w1sLFWEQf Every now and then, the satellite speakers (Bluetooth) will start making this high pitched chirping or popping noise. I linked a recording of the noise above. This is a mild example. It often gets much louder and more frequent, and usually lasts for a minute until it goes away on its own. I may edit this post with another example in the future. We haven’t been able to figure out what’s causing this - any ideas about how to to fix this? It happens no matter what input: HDMI, Apple TV, Normal TV, etc., and seems to happen randomly. It’s incredibly annoying and painfully loud when at its worst. Any thoughts are appreciated.
  4. I have a pair of R-15 pm speakers that hum wth any line or phono input. I returned a pair to the manufacturer and the new ones are doing the same thing. I just moved to a new place and am wondering if it could be the old wiring in the house? I plugged up smaller, cheaper speakers to my turntable and didn't have the issue. It's just my Klipsch speakers. Any suggestions?
  5. Hello! I own a ProMedia 2.1 set of speakers (bluetooth version). I bought them used out of warranty (my bad). After about one year of light usage one channel died and soon after the other one too. Now my only choices are to repair it or throw it away. I own an oscilloscope and a soldering iron so I would like to attempt a repair. However I am not an electronics engineer, so reverse-engineering the board without schematics is above my pay-grade. But if I had the schematics I feel I could do it. The schematics linked in this thread is for an older model: http://www.thompdale.com/bash_amplifier/New_2-1/New_2-1_bash_amp.htm Does anyone know where to find the schematics of the new Bluetooth version? I am attaching a picture of the sub-woofer board: https://photos.app.goo.gl/Tt6Ym6hESnwWdVo68
  6. Hello fellow Klipsch fans. Recently there was a nasty power surge in my area and, unluckily, my receiver happened to be plugged straight into the outlet the day it happened. Since then, whenever a sound hits a certain pitch, there's this harsh crackly noise. I thought it may have been the content I was playing, but I've tested other disks/media and it persisted (so long as it was the right pitch or tone). Then I considered it was my receiver, so I tried an older one, but it wasn't that either. It looks like it's my speakers. I haven't tested (or noticed anything wrong with) the sides or rears yet. But my two fronts (RF 7II) and center (RC-64II) have the issue. It seems to be coming from the tweeter and I haven't noticed anything else wrong with the speakers but this. I recorded the problem and the wav should be listenable here. In the clip (there's a piece of paper being torn in the scene, ignore that) the harsh clipping/crackling noise is evident multiple times throughout. It's even more pronounced on my normal receiver (x6400h), maybe because it drives more power to the speakers. I love these speakers. They're the life of my entertainment. Is there anything I can do to fix them? Or any sort of troubleshooting I can do to determine if they are fixable? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  7. I am told by Klipsch that one channel is out on my R20-B subwoofer, resulting in diminished bass response. Klipsch does not repair and two of their authorized repair centers do not have parts as this model is no longer manufactured. "Sorry." 'Click.' Sucks to be me. Ugh!! Do I have a two year old boat anchor? Some background. At some point, there began a popping sound from the woofer when changing channels or inputs, when there was before. My thought was that something muted when this action occurred. An original called Klipsch was responded with, this is not a fault of the speaker. My cable provider denied any connection to their service and this popping anomaly. Again, I assumed some muting what's happening on the cable provider audio side. So, I learned to live with it, turning my volume down when changing channels or inputs. Ultimately I began to notice loss in bottom. Another call to Klipsch revealed you could be a circuitry problem and this issue was not unheard-of by the tech who serviced me, stating that the circuitry problem could have resulted in blowing out one channel in the subwoofer. Anyone? Bueller? Bueller??
  8. My sw-450 is not working. I need the fuse replacement housing and fuse. And the schematic for the sub. Please help me!!!
  9. Hi! I tried Google searching this issue with Klipsch soundbars specifically, but the threads on these forums that I found don't seem to really help. I'm going to provide as much information here as I can: I've been experiencing some very slight audio desynchronization between my Klipsch RSB-3 soundbar and Samsung NU7100 4K TV for the past several weeks (I purchased the soundbar on sale at Best Buy during Black Friday). Usually it isn't that noticeable of a problem as it's by a frame or two, but I have been experiencing it more frequently and with more alarming desynchronization in the last week or so. It seems to have gotten way worse since this past weekend; my Internet was going to shit and experienced lots of issues, which shouldn't impact the soundbar sync (I don't think), but just an observation. The soundbar is connected to my TV via digital optical cable. I tried removing the power and digital optical cables from the soundbar and TV and plugging them in, which resulted in no change. I tried powering off and on the soundbar and whatever app I was watching. Then I tried adjusting the "Audio Delay" setting in my TV's settings and did not really find a solution there, either. Unfortunately I don't believe my TV has any sort of sync option and the soundbar does not show up as a device in the TV settings, so I'm completely lost on what to try now. It seems like all of my system software (at least on my TV) is up to date, too. Maybe importantly, when I attempted to turn the audio back to the TV speaker audio, it also kind of seemed like the audio sync was off.. can't say this with 100% certainty though. To clarify, this has only really become a recent issue. For the most part the audio sync between the soundbar and TV has been acceptable until recently. If anyone needs any further information on any of my settings or devices or anything, please let me know. I'm hoping that I won't have to send the device in or return it for a new one. Thank you for any assistance!
  10. Hi, I bought an R-112SW last August and it's been working great. After a while, the auto power-on function stopped working. My A/V receiver is Yamaha RX-A2040 and I haven't changed any settings. I settled for 'always-on' but now even when I put the switch to 'ON', it randomly shuts off and won't power back on unless I pull the power plug, wait a couple of seconds and connect the plug again. Without pulling the power plug, the power switch has no effect. It behaves like a crashed computer or something that needs a cold power reboot. I have two subwoofers connected to the receiver and the other one (Yamaha SW-315) works just fine. At first I thought something might be goingg wrong when the power-saving function kicks in (I know that's not supposed to work in the always-on mode), but it went dead while I was watching a bass-rich action movie today. Sometimes it works just fine for hours, other times it shuts off in half an hour. Any thoughts?
  11. The more experienced guys may not have a lot of interest in this, but up until a year and a half ago I thought that I was experienced. I did the attached video because I've seen postings here on issues that have been encountered with the auto setup. I doubt that I will ever use an Auto setup program again. The experience I encountered with this system setup convinced me that I can do better manually. The system was professionally installed and they screwed up. The pros evaluated the room and again they advised poorly. The room had issues. I had to keep the wife's decorating in mind. And I made some mistakes along the way. All have now been corrected and the system sounds great. it took a while to get hear but it was a very interesting learning experience. I also would like to thank the guys on the forum who helped steer me to the RP-450C, it turned out to be a great Center Speaker. the System: Vizio 70" 4K UHD TV Fisher MT-273 Turntable with Ortofon M-10 cartridge Yamaha RX-A860 Receiver Front L&R Speakers: Klipsch Heresy I - complete rebuilds Front Effects: Martin-Logan Edge in-wall speakers Center: Klipsch RP-450C SW: Parts Express Titanic #300 10" Here's the video on how I went through the system and below it is an audio demo
  12. Hello all, I recently installed a 5.1 setup of the HD reference wireless series. While the sound is awesome, I am having some intermittent issues: 1)Occasionally one of the speakers loses connection, usually after coming back to the home theatre and powering on everything after being away for a while. The wireless hub OSD shows "uncommon setup detected" and then when I look one of the 6 speakers is disconnected. It always reconnects properly if I go through the setup process again, but it is annoying to have to do that so often. Is this a known issue. I have firmware v 1.5.12 which according to the site is the newest, released in 5/2016. 2)I am using optical audio out of my Sony Bravia XBRX930D series TV (2016), and have 3 sources I frequently use - DirecTV, the internal apps package for streaming with the TV (android TV/Netflix/amazon, etc), and a Playstation 4 Pro (2016 model). My TV is able to identify and pass through bitstream audio up to 5.1 for DD and DTS, and was able to do this with my old audio receiver. Sometimes, I notice the DD or DTS light not coming on on the HD wireless Hub, even though I know the source is outputting one of these formats, and the TV identifies the format properly. As a result I usually hear inferior sound or the surround channels are silent. It usually takes a few resets, or switching sources, of the hub, the TV, the PS4, etc. but I cant seem to find a reason why sometimes the audio source is not identified properly. Admittedly this may also be an issue with my TV but was wondering if anyone on the forums has experienced this issue with this TV. 3)I am trying to program my universal DirecTV remote to control the volume/mute on the HD wireless hub. I found an article on the Klipsch site stating there are 2 codes that work with my model (Remote RC65X/66X), however neither of them seem to work. Has anyone had luck controlling the HD wireless hub from those DirecTV remotes, and which codes were necessary to program to do that? Thank you Sincerely, Peter
  13. Hello everyone, I have a R-10B sound bar that does not turn on. I have tried draining the power supply by having the switch on while having the power sour unplugged from the wall. I was wondering if anyone has a service manual for the power supply or anything at all that would help with this issue? Thanks in advance for any help!
  14. Hello all. I just got my set of R-15 PM speakers to set up with my U-turn Turntable. Everything looks great but I'm having some trouble with the speakers. I'm not sure if it's because I'm a newbie or not but I can't seem to change the source on the speakers. The color on the front is purple and will not change. It won't change using the button on the back of the speakers and it won't change using the remote. Heck, the speakers don't respond to anything I hit on the remote. And it's not the batteries because I tried another set and used those ones in another remote and it worked fine. So is it me or do I have a faulty set of speakers? Thank everyone. -D
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