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Found 9 results

  1. Hey all - Just had a newborn and considering going to in-walls to free up some space in the room and hopefully have some money left over from the sale. Would hate to see this stuff go, but we don't get to use the media room much, right now.Considering selling my Klipsch system. Purchased in 2014 and in great condition. Never over, or under, driven. Originally powered by a Denon x2200w then Denon x4300h and now an Outlaw 7125 amp.Available (a la carte):2 x RF-7 II - $750 each1 x RC‑64 II - $5502 x RS‑62 II - $250 each2 x RS-41 II - $100 eachAll together = $2600 ($150 off)Only have original boxes for the RS-41’s, so can’t ship the RF-7s or the center. Located outside of Wash. DC (Leesburg, VA - 20175).Attached are a few pictures of the speakers in our room. Also listed on AVSForum: http://www.avsforum.com/forum/209-audio-gear/2931458-testing-waters-klipsch-reference-7-0-setup-rf-7-ii-rc-64-ii-rs-62-ii-rs-41ii.html#post55081452
  2. SOLD!---FOR SALE: RC-64 CENTER CHANNEL SPEAKER BLACK SATIN---CHICAGO AREA------NO SHIPPING!---VERY GOOD CONDITION---$450----SOLD! LINK: http://chicago.craigslist.org/nwc/ele/6297263406.html
  3. I'm going to break this thread into four sections, the 5.0 setup, RF-83 vs Khorns, the RS-62's, and bi-amp. I am of the opinion that passive bi-amping works but the sound differences are minute. I intend to bi-amp the RF-83's with the Marantz expecting to confirm that theory. +++ I picked up a nice RF-83 package last week for a good price. RF-83, RC-64, and RS-62. Power is by the Marantz SR-6011. Thank you @jwc. I've got Khorns, CF-4's and some other nice speakers, but the WAF for the giant speakers is very low. The RF-83's are much higher on the WAF scale. After having the Khorns in the living room in a 3.1 to 5.1 configuration I didn't know if I could take less good sounding speakers. The RF-83's probably suffer technically, but in terms of pure fun the RF-83's with their mid-slam is proving to be "good enough" and they are much nicer looking in the living room.
  4. Hello All, Wanted to see if anybody is currently running this setup. I just purchased a pair of RF-7's which I love. However, they are cherry and it would appear that finding a cherry RC-7 may be a challenge. Also have been chewing on the idea of buying a cherry RC-64II, but wanted to get some opinions on here first. Yes - I am aware that your front 3 should always match. I do also know, though, that sometimes a later generation of a speaker is not all that different than its predecessor. - Any opinions on what the RF-7's and RC-64 II sound like together? - Does anyone happen to know if the cherry veneer on the RC-64 II matches the veneer on the RF-7's? Hard to tell in photos whether there is a considerable difference in color. Any insight would be appreciated, thanks!
  5. I ran across a craigslist ad listing a bunch of gear for what seemed to be a low price and part of it was a Klipsch center channel. I wanted the denon avr he had so I didn't even ask about the center just figured it was lower end and I'd give it to a friend but to my surprise I walked into this guys apartment and it was an RC-64. My joy was short lived however when his three year old literally started pushing on the woofers with me standing their trying to buy it. It's really rough obviously but sounds like everything at least works. Hoping someone sees the potential in it or maybe wants it for some project. $200. I'm in Minneapolis/St Paul suburb, prefer local pickup.
  6. Testing Waters: Klipsch Ref. Surround + Dual HSU subs - SF Bay Area Hello all, My wife and I are moving cross country and the cost to move and protect our system is unfortunately pretty insane. Looking to see if anyone is interested in the setup before we pay to move it. Klipsch RF-7ii x 2 - black Klipsch RC-64ii - black Klipsch RS-62ii x 2 - black HSU VTF-3 MK5 x 2 (< 7 months old - purchased in January) All speakers are in good to excellent condition. Original owner of everything. Non-smoking home. Never overdriven, etc. Would be looking for local pickup only; with our move and getting the house ready I don't have time to pack the speakers, too. Original packaging not included; never had a place to store big empty boxes. Looking for $3800 for everything. Located in Morgan Hill, CA, but could travel to San Jose/Mountain View/Sunnyvale if necessary.
  7. Hello all. So I recently bought the RC-64 and have come to a point where I need to make another configuration decision while re-architecting my center channel space; eg, hole still open for upgrade. So, the RC-64 has a 99dB sensitivity which provides 117dB@64watt or 120dB@128watt. My receiver has 110watt/channel(7ch) enough to power the center speaker to put out 117-120dB range. My receiver is capable of bi-wiring the front speakers, using front and rear-surrounds, but it does not say about the center. Since I'm using a dedicated 50watt amp for my front La Scalas, can I still use the freed front left and right channels to power/bi-wire my center? Thoughts and suggestion is much appreciated. Thanks! jav
  8. Scrappydue

    photo 1

    back at home just in time for xmas
  9. Scrappydue

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    another shot. need to get out the good camera one day
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