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Beware the White Van


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At the risk of repeating myself:

You can't cheat an honest man.

I always say, "So your
selling stolen merchandise"

That's would be true if it was the
actual situation. The people that think they are getting something for
nothing deserve what they get..........nothing. The only reason this
scam works is because of all the dishonest people out there (the so
called victims).

Fundamentally, the 'white van' scam is no
different than the 'Nigerian 419' scam.

Would I be upset if
this had happened to one of my parents?

You bet, I would be
disappointed that they were dishonest enough to fall for it.

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Recently a white van scammer was confronted by an angry former customer at a shopping center outside Charlotte. The scamer was dumb enough to go back to a previous location where he had ripped off several not so happy customers. There was a brief car chase that ended in a crash.Dont know the details. I would bet the angry customer will be the one who gets into trouble.

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