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CD player that also plays MP3 CDs?


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Anyone have a line on an inexpensive ($150 or less) standalone CD player that also plays MP3 CDs? I'm not looking for a DVD player that will, I need it to be a CD player.

This is for a church application, not my home.

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Why not a DVD player??

Any of the Oppo models are an excellent value for the money & will play just about any disc short of BluRay. Their customer service is exemplary. I picked a 980HD up on woot.com for $99.00


Good Call Rabbit! I too was going to recommend the Oppo. It is one fantaistic deal and a fine universal player at the right price. It may need to be hooked up to a monitor for initial set up, but after that it sould be good as a CD/MP3 Player.


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I haven't seen anything lately either. What we have at church right now is an older Sony 5 disc changer with a jog wheel that everyone who is in charge of sound has gotten used to. The music we play is on 8 different discs and its now available on a single MP3 CD. There's 225 songs on the disc so we don't want something that you have to sit there and hit the "next track" button a million times back and forth to go from one song to another.

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