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Turntable Question please...


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I have planned to get a new turntable to add to my system... I was thinking about a Technics Mk5 sl1200... but here is the issue, I want to be able to play 78's... Can anyone help me out with a MODERATELY priced TT that would accomplish both 33 and 78 rpm records?

PS... what are Half Speed reference/master records?

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Take a look here for one source. I have bought once w/o issue and the phone guy was outstanding answering questions. http://www.needledoctor.com/Online-Store?search=78+rpm

and a little info 1/2 speed: Half Speed Mastering. Half speed mastering refers to the speed of mastering the original recording onto the master lacquer, which is then used to make the masters that press each LP. Many standard LPs are mastered at standard speed, which means that the master tape moves at the same speed as the original recording session and the master lacquer moves at 33 13 rpm. In contrast, it is also possible to run each of these machines at half speed. As a result, there is twice as much time for the cutting stylus to cut every possible detail and delicate groove modulation, resulting in LPs where you can hear details and nuances on your favourite albums that you never heard before. Furthermore, mastering at half speed uses less power and as a result the cutting head amplifiers use only one fourth as much power, resulting in much greater head room, better dynamic range, frequency response and lower distortion. This is another reason why resulting audiophile LPs can sound much closer to the sound of the original recording in comparison to standard LPs.

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I guess thats what I am asking for, does anyone make a 78 speed TT? I have hundreds of these 78's that have been in my family since my Grand father. I am really want to experience these old jazz blues records

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