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WORST subwoofer out there:


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Yeah, I read your stupid reply.

At least I'm not locked up in a Mental Institution.

I'm Free Forrest, And your NOT!


I'll think about ya Tommorow when I'm out in the FREE world!

PC time is over, out of the Dayroom and back to your padded cell.

No go on, move move, we wouldn't want to lose our Priviledges now, would we?!

Your great Forrest, you actually start another page to insult me! LOL!

(PS: You better go check your CD's, never can be too carefull, ya know!)

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Mike our good ole pal Forrest is now solitary in chains at the Little Rock Bill C maximum security mental institution.

To ease his pains the nurse lets good ole Hump online and lets him type with his toes!

This explains why he is so agressive and suspicious of all Klipsch BB members.

Oh and Kenratboy

Mayo on everything,yes look at Seb's homepage.He a mayo

carpet and stuffs mayo in his Paradigm PS2200M sub.


TheEAR(s) Now theears

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Originally posted by Schmidty:

I can get it for 40% off.

Now THAT'S interesting! Can I ask how? Where?


I have a friend that works for Klipsch. I got my KLF-30's for $500 and my RC-3 II for $100. Pretty good deal.

If interested I am selling a pair os SA-1's on Ebay right now.




My first setup

Fronts----KLF 30's

Center----RC-3 II

Receiver--JVC RX-9010V


Sub-------RSW 12 soon!

TV--Panasonic tau 32 HDTV

DVD------XBOX, Sad I know

Not to bad for my bedroom

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I hate mayo.

And my carpet, according to my mom, is "haute laine" from Madagascar (she lived there young) goats.

Hope it satisfies your curiosity TheEar!



http://members.fortunecity.com/sebdavid - go laugh at my crappy website/equipment

http://www.dvdprofiler.com/mc.asp?alias=Sebdavid - go laugh at my puny little DVD collection

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Man have you got me pegged, Boa! Yes, I was there... but so long ago when I lived in Europe and I still had relatives living in Southern Rhodesia... which was my jumping off place. It was a poor but beautiful relatively backward place in those days. As you may have guessed, I am somewhat of a "free spirit" and my attraction was the proliferation of species found no were else in the world.

I understand the intervening years and governments have been very hard on the people and many of the species I encountered are now extinct. Interesting you should mention Mexico and Madagascar since they are rivals in some high-end spice production.

You might try a quick trip to Belize to get the feel of the Madagascar that used to be... and, I understand, is trying to re-emerge. The last friend I had that went there said that it turned out to be a dangerous place for tourists... but that, too, is old info.

If you value your ears, I'd check it out VERY carefully... despite the ravages of nature forced by socialist bred poverty... there is still a lot of our disappearing world to be found in Madagascar.

Bon voyage... and do I have dibs on the Velo? cwm4.gif HornEd

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thank you horned! knew i could count on u.

i think i would go to belize 1st & get the lowdown. actually went to belize vicariously thru that fox show "temptation island". seems to be the way for most of my travels these days. cwm14.gif

but have some entertainment hear anyways. cwm35.gif

the velo is still breakin in. think it got a good workout lately caus somehow the output knob was moved from 3.5 to 6. thought that bass was a lil too much. cwm5.gif

still don't know how that happened. can the sub output

actually turn it's own output knob? maybeit's tryin to tell me something. cwm5.gif


My Home Systems Page

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