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Adding Quintet III fronts to F-3 floorstands


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I just bought a pair of your
F-3's to add to my system. Im currently satisfied with my entire setup.
Here's there the rundown: Pioneer VSX-1018TXH-K receiver, 910w. PS3
80(GB). Im running a 6.1, Klipsch sub-12,, F-3's C-2, C-1 (C-1 as back
surround center), and Quintet III. The Quintet III was the existing
system. The C-1 was the front center, and using the Quintet III center
speaker as the back surround center. I bought the F-3 's so I obviously
had 2 Quintet III surrounds laying around. I noticed the bi-wiring
capabilities on the back panel of the F-3's, so i added the 2 surround
Quintet III speakers to the F-3's. Then i bought the C-2 to upgrade the
C-1... My question is, does it matter how i plug in the Quintet III
fronts to the F-3's? there is a speaker connection for lo, and hi input.

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Im getting sound outof the F-3's and the QuintetIII fronts.

You probably are, but any way that I can think of how you have them hooked up is presenting an ohm load to your receiver that it was not designed to handle. I don't really understand why you'd want the Quintets running along with your other speakers. They'd get drowned out in a hurry.

If your receiver has dual front main speaker outputs (A + B) you could hook the Quintets up to the B channel although my above statement about them getting drowned out in a hurry would still apply.

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