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new interna in 30years old Klipschhorn


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Hi Klipschhorn-Fans,

I am the proud owner of a 30 years old Klipschhorn (K-C-BR) and I really appreciate that awesome piece of engeneering art.

But now I am planing to renew the internal cabeling and the parts of the network parts, but I don't know exactly what kind of parts I have to buy for the network board... is there a schema for downloading available?

Is it also possible to buy new tweeters in Europe?

Thanks in advance and kind regards from Germany (yeah, there are also big fans)..


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You may want to check the archives here for a schematic of the crossover. Schematics have been posted for several Klipsch crossovers. Don't know whether what you need has been posted.

Assuming the tweeter is a K-77, which should be right for the vintage Klipschorn you have, the only option for a new tweeter is going to be buying a replacement from Klipsch or find a new old stock one somewhere. The original K-77 was the Electovoice T35A. EV has not built them for many years. Replacement diaphrams are available directly from Klipsch and should also be available through Klipsch dealers, repair shops or EV pro sound dealers in Europe. Used K-77s and T35As show up on eBay frequently. Some have been offered by European sellers. New old stock K-77-Ms have shown up in the past, but I don't think recently.

Good luck with your project!

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The K-77-M, Al's crossovers and damping your metal horns are about all of the "upgrades" that you might need. Beyond those, changing the squawker horn and driver is considered radical surgery, but possible.

The K-77-M is a newer T-35A with a rectangular ceramic magnet and smoother, more extended highs (above 12,000 Hz). It can truely be considered an upgrade. I almost forgot! Klipsch has produced "Z" brackets to flush mount the tweeter with the front of the cabinet. They're cheap and not too hard to install.

Which woofer do you have? There is a possibility the newest K-33-E might be an improvement, but you'll have to contact Klipsch to confirm that. E-mail Trey Cannon at trey.cannon@klipsch.com.


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Hello Andreas,

yes, German Klipsch fans exist and they even frequent this boardBiggrin.gif.

When it comes to 'new' tweeters I got the following message some time ago when I considered getting myself a pair of La Scalas:

Sehr geehrter Herr Schlaegel,

der Treiber T35A ist nicht mehr lieferbar. Wir können nur noch

Ersatzdiaphragmas liefern:

Teilenummer: 450013, Ihr Preis: DM 68,26 + MWSt.+Versand+Nachnahme.

Ihre Bestellung richten Sie an:

TELEX / EVI Audio GmbH


Hirschberger Ring 45

94315 Straubing

Tel.: 09421/706-257

Fax: 09421/706-350

Mit freundlichen Grüßen

Josef Stadler


Service Department


I don't know about the K-77_M, but usually the people on this board are really very well informed, so this might be an option for future improvement (though I don't miss anything when it comes to my K-77Smile.gif)

When it comes to Al Klappenberger's crossover I can only say: GO FOT IT! I know it's not exactly cheap, but worth every single penny.Smash.gif

BTW: Which amp are you using and how did you discover these marvelous speakers?



Khorns, tubes and a suitable room: Welcome to aural paradise!


1973 Khorns with ALK crossovers

REL Stadium II sub

Cayin 743 D integrated tube amp

McIntosh MR 77

McIntosh MCD 7007

Thorens 520S

SME 3012-R

Ortofon SPU Classic GM E

Cyrus aEQ 7 phono stage with PSX-R power supply

Alternative system:

Quad ESL 63

McIntosh MC 2105

McIntosh C29

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