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Klipsch KA1000 ultra II amp is humming


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I'm assuming you mean humming, because if I ever have an amp that's humbling me I usually try and show it who's boss.

Amp humming can be the result of a ground loop. Try and plug it in a different outlet and see if it helps. Sometimes moving cords around can help too.

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a hum from the amplifier (and not going through the speakers) is a mechanical hum.

I've heard his when a transformer wasn't quite right, or aging. depending on he problem, tightening to the chassis could help. I've wondered if there is a way to damp the vibration in a helpful way, but since they sometimes get hot, tha's a problem.

Klipsch tech support would be a good opion. It may just need to be sent in for service, but they can advise you approriately on that.

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It could be the bolt holding the torridial transformer (the big round doughnut thingie in the middle). That's what I've been told- mine hums too so I should do this fix. MAKE SURE TO UNPLUG and don't touch any connections, particularly the ends of any big capacitors.

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