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2 RW-12d subs on 1 15-amp circuit?


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I am currently insulating my theater and before drywall goes up, I just want to make sure I'd be alright with two RW-12d subs on 1 15-amp circuit. For the most part, these will be the only two things on this circuit aside from some closet lights. There is another outlet on the circuit, but it's mainly there for code.

In the picture, on the front wall, the two lower boxes are where the subs will plug in and all the way to the left, you'll see the breaker box. It is a fairly short run and I didn't think these were that power hungry.

Posted Image

Any advice is appreciated. Thanks!

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I think you'd be cutting it pretty close. with 825watts peak power each, you'd be over the amount of 1800watts. As when watching movies, the sub realies on the peak or burst power not the contiunous. Maybe throw in a 20 amp???

And 12ga romex if it isn't already.

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I wouldn't put a 20 amp circuit in without running 12AWG. I may just run a second set of wires to the outlet boxes that are 12AWG so I can swap those in later if needed. After the outlets, there are only 2 lights on the circuit, so would I need to continue with 12AWG the rest of the way? My other thought was to run the 12AWG to those outlets, yet still put a 15 amp circuit and see how it goes....

I guess I can test the subs on one circuit in the house now and know for sure :)

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