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K1 Amp cutting in and out


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Does anyone know why the amps cut in and out at low volumes. They are being used in a home theater setup. When movies and or music are being played low they start going on and off

Is a fix avaiable ? I like the amps and would like to keep them



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Just guessing here but I'd be looking at source or pre first. Distorted signal maybe?

Have you tried switching out amps or pre? I'd be looking for something besides the amps.

Just guessing but I'd be switching out a few things before I blamed the K amps. That's a weird problem I haven't seen before out of an amp. And to have two of them act up...... They're a very stable amplifier.


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Crown can modify them for you to remove the 'sleep' circuit. The factory configuration is to shut off at low power levels, idle.

Yep, I'd agree that's probably the 'problem'. Kind of annoying, isn't it?

Here's a question for the brain trust.... would this help?

Turn the knobs on the K1's down to maybe 4-7 clicks and use more power from the preamp.

What I'm wondering is.... what circuit is causing this. Is it a circuit that says "if I don't see "X" volts coming in, I'm shutting down" or does it say "If I'm not sending "X" volts OUT (to the speakers), I'm shutting down"

Seems to me those are two different concerns... if it's on the input side, maybe attenuating the amp and using more preamp juice would help (while at same time, not blasting you out). If however, it is predicated on the output side, then I'd see little way around it unless it can be bypassed.


I don't recall mine having done this in a while so I don't know if maybe my idea of turning down the gain knobs on my K2's while increasing the input of my Peach has helped.... or maybe if I've just gone deaf and now listen to Connie Chung at 105 db's without realizing it [:o]

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