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3 Carver Amps 3 Klipsch Speakers Help with Wiring Options Please

Pete H

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I have been reading through many of the posts on bi amping, verticle bi amping, and bridging amps and really need some help. I have 3 Carver M200T amps and an Onkyo TX SR 805 and I thought I was going to bridge the Carvers to run as mono's to supply my RF 7's and RC 7 and let the Onkyo take care of the surrounds, but the more I read on the effects of some of the configurations, the more questions I have. My question is simple, I just need help with the answer. Given the equipment I have, what is the best way to configure the pieces to achieve the best results. I had done a simple test at one time when I only had one of the Carvers and bridged the amp to drive one of the RF 7's, while I used the Onkyo to run the other one and didn't seem to experience the horrible results that Dean G and some others had posted regarding a bridged stereo amp. That said, it was a short test and both of the speakers were running which may have just made it more difficult to hear (listening room was very small at the time too). Just looking for some help...........Thanks! BTW, I won't be offended if someone is of the opinion that I need to ditch the Carvers and go down a different path.

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When I first played with the one, the difference in the bass was noticible. How's everything on the coast? 15 years in S.C. 8 in Beaufort and missing it right now with the temp. in Ohio sitting at 30 this morning.

Same ole same ole here in coastal SC . Maybe a handfull of days below freezing and some snow every 4 years or so . No wonder there are so many Ohio transplants here :) .
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