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breaking in period?


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i always have. seems that speakers start to sound better after being played a while, whether you are listening to the breaking in or not. Ask a Heresy owner. Some at first can not stand teh sound, but after they have been playing a while they love the sound coming from the Heresy's.

I like to think of it as stretching before a foot race to get maximum performance, instead of cramping out halfway through.

does'nt hurt to do it anyways Smile.gif



SoundWise Tech Support

I am an amateur, if it is professional;

ProMedia help you want email Amy or call her @ 1-888-554-5665 or for an RA# 800-554-7724 ext 5

Klipsch Home Audio help you want, email support@klipsch.com or call @ 1-800-KLIPSCH

RA# Fax Number=317-860-9140 / Parts Department Fax Number=317-860-9150s>

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