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my search is over............klipsch kg4


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hi all, have been a hifi addict for 20 yrs or so and have had hi end gear,cheap gear and everything in between.

spent lots of hours and money in shops and ebay of course but was never really satisfied until a cpl of days ago.

let me tell you i have had most speakers that get a mention in all the magazines and my last pair were the beautiful

EB ACOUSTICS EB1 fantastic speaker for the size and would highly recommend as i think this would be the best bookshelf

speaker that you could get for the price!

anyway as i'm always searching for something better or different, i thought i'd sell these and if i don't find anything i like more

i'll just get another pair!

the reason i mention the EB1's is i put these on ebay and got a great offer from a guy that had a few pairs of speakers for sale.

one set of klipsch kg-4's was amongst these.

i thought the price was high for some garage sale looking speakers(covers on) @ $690 au dollars

so i thought i'd look at some reviews and couldn't believe the hype!

after a cpl of weeks he lowered the price $490 au and i thought i just gotta have a listen before someone else gets in.

went around had a cuppa[C] and he had these hooked up to a nice tube amp and we had a listen.....wow!

love em straight away, that soothing bottom end and detail from the horns[A].....i thought once i get them home and set them up with my cheaper gear

i wonder how these will sound?

will they are just the best things i've heard in a very long time....under $500 au dollars.....these sound like speakers worth thousands.

i've listened to all types of music including my sons death metal[:@]......now he's a fan!

bob marley live!....acdc loud!....talking heads!....beatles on vinyl, pink floyds mellow sound is just awesome on these.....

i would say i am glad i searched for 20 yrs for the sound i was looking for and after listening to so many great brands of speaker i know these are'nt

perfect but they're perfect for me.[:D]


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thanks!.....alot of people seem to use pioneer receivers yet haven't heard any talk of the PIONEER A-400 with these?

now i have the speakers and i have a cdp that i love.....mmmmm! (rotel rcd965bx)

just try a few amps and see how this goes [^o)]..........

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i would say i am glad i searched for 20 yrs for the sound i was looking for and after listening to so many great brands of speaker i know these are'nt

perfect but they're perfect for me.Big Smile

Until you hear another pair of Klipsch...[:|]

Welcome to the forums!

Where are you located in Oz? We have some other members from down under, seems to be a growing population.


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Awesome story! I had a pair of KG 2.5's before, and they are what put me onto Klipsch in the firstplace. I found them sitting on the bottom shelf of one of the local pawn shops, covered in dust still. I bought them after only demo'ing them on a little JVC HT receiver they had in the shop. Brought them home, cleaned them, used wood oil to recondition the veneer, and connected them to a 1978 Marantz Model 2252 stereo receiver. I decided to play Brian Setzer's "Dirty Boogie" CD on them, and when I listened to his version of "Sleepwalk" and then later, "Hollywood Nocturne", the hairs on my neck and forearms stood on end. Klipsch horns were designed to recreate Gibson Les Paul's and brass instruments...I'm sure of it!

I recently gave them to my neighbour downstairs as a present (with one of the tweeters damaged previously being damaged by a clipping Kenwood power amp I had them connected to and listening to Van Halen at a hearing-loss volume), and got into the Refference III RB-25 HT setup, which sounds a lot similar to the old KG's.


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...i did wonder how much better can these speakers get?

That's a question better left unasked unless you're willing to spend the rest of your life trolling garage sales and internet forums. What started with a pair of KG4s has, for me, now grown to a collection of 8 pairs of Klipsch speakers - all built before 1990. Each is terrific in its own right. For the time being, just enjoy the ones you have.

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good advice doug!

i'll concentrate on the rest of my system first....you know what it's like, change one thing

in your system and then everything else has to change....[:'(]

hi davis!.......pretty awesome speakers for rock compared to alot of speakers i've

had in the past,i really thought b&w 602 s2 was the best speaker i had come across for awhile

except when listening to live music when the tweeter gets to bright and the volume has to go down.

these on the other hand sound so realistic with live and acoustic stuff!

these speakers have the (((((VIBE))))) i've been longing for....last time i heard speakers like this were the old b&w dm6

which have that mellow bass but very hard to find a decent pair and are huge!!

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Yes, the KG4s really are an audio bargain, especially for what they sell for used. I bought a pair a couple of years ago. The guy I bought them from had them powered by an inexpensive tube integrated and man what a sound. I've used them as a third/fourth system in a study room an had them powered by one of those older Luxman receivers and the sould was still quite good -- more than once they interrupted my studying.

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