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max. room width


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'dog is correct. Since the K-horns fire into the room at 45 degrees, the distance between them should be distance you sit back from the wall between them, pluss or minus a little. That puts you in the sweet spot.


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My recollection from when I owned my Klipschorns and my reading of various Klipsch literature is a follows:

1. Klipsch preferred that the speakers be placed on the long wall, and that the distance from the front wall to back wall be about 62% of the length of the front wall. In other words, if the front wall was 20 feet long, the distance to the rear wall would ideally be about 12.4 feet.

2. I do not remember ever seeing a spec for maximum distance apart for Klipschorns.

3. Center fill was never a problem as long as I sat no closer than directly on axis with center of the speakers. And my speakers were about 24 feet apart. However, directly on axis, the image would shift with very small head movements. So I actually preferred to sit a bit farther back, having the axis of the speakers crossing in front of me.

4. PWK always seemed to prefer a center speaker.

I hope this helps.


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Soundog, John & Kevin:

Thanks guys. That tells me what I needed to know.

The reason I asked is that I have just about decided

to get a pair of Klipschorns ( new if possible, used

if I must ). Just about everyone I talk to tells me

that if I do, I will have a huge hole in the middle

unless I hookup a center channel. By the way, if the

Heritage series is no longer in production, they do not

mention that, and they ARE still advertising them on

their website as though they were STILL being made???

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"Just about everyone I talk to tells me

that if I do, I will have a huge hole in the middle

unless I hookup a center channel.


I don't know where they get that notion. As noted above one member ran his spaced 24' apart and had no imaging problem.

Buy 'em and love 'em. If after using them for a while you feel a need to put in a centre speaker fine but I suspect you will not see any need.


It is meet to recall that the Great Green Heron rarely flies upside down in the moonlight - (Foo Ling ca.1900)

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