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Nigerian Jazz Funk Disco Blues HighLife


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Thought I would share a musical genre I've found interesting in case someone is looking for something new to listen to.

The last couple years I've been bumping into African Jazz and really liking it. The African rhythms are awesome and then you mux that with a little jazz, blues, funk, and it is an amazing combo. There have been some amazing compilations and reissues of this music on cd and high quality vinyl. The records sound so fresh they could have been recorded today.

I only have part one this two part 4 lp set but I'll get the other soon. The quality of the record is top notch and the company behind the releases seem solid. http://www.soundwayrecords.com/


I picked this double lp set the other day. It is really good as well but the Nigeria Special is getting more play.



This is very mellow more like some space age bachlor pad music but the guy playing the vibes and leading the band is very cool. Gotta have a martini in yer hand when you play this one. Also a re release and 180 gram from Worthy Records.



The next release from SoundWays that I am really wanting to get is Twins Seven Seven. They look crazy but sound incredible.



If you like groovey african rythms, jazz, funk, soul, disco, blues, highlife, and are looking for something new give one of these reissues a shot.

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That is a really cool picture, i think those goggles put their band in a whole different realm. Have you ever heard the band Habib Koite? I think you would really like them

Thank you I'll have to check him out.

Most of this stuff I've been checking out is from the 60's and 70's.

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